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  1. Items sent, Ksss. Thank you for your business!
  2. All orders filled. Thank you, and enjoy!
  3. Ilija: Two of the items you ordered were not in stock at BOTD75, but I sent along versions we did have at BOTD74 and BOTD76; I hope that's acceptable. DarthBane: I can do a run of enchanting spindles, but given the random nature of channeling there's not a good chance that a specimen will come out at exactly the power you want. I could send you the first one to come out in, say, the 70-75 range. We already have a big pile of sickles, so I don't think I'm willing to enchant more of those right now. Otherwise, all orders filled and items sent. Thank you!
  4. Order filled and items sent, LaRue. Thank you!
  5. Sickle sent, Macgruber/Macgrubes. Sorry for the delay--I applied a discount as an apology. Thank you!
  6. Clay in your mailbox, Thompson. Enjoy!
  7. Metal brush sent, Chapechifte. Thank you!
  8. Items sent, Millzy. The shovel was already improved, so no charge there (and enjoy the extra QL). Thank you!
  9. Sorry for the delay, Faldor/Cevanne. Items sent; enjoy!
  10. Items waiting in your mail, Macgruber/Macgrubes. Thank you!
  11. Items improved and sent, Meowadee/Maladee. Thank you.
  12. Items improved (where applicable--the mallet didn't need it) and sent, Meowadee/Maladee. Thank you!
  13. Scythe sent, Philippelp. Thank you!
  14. Pwnin/Ckczk: After refusing to roll between 79 and 95 for a while, I figured LT90 BOTD89 was good enough and sent it your way, but charged you as though it was two prefabs at 89 power. Thank you for your business.
  15. Pelt and whetstone sent, Pwnin/Ckczk. What power casts do you want on the maul?
  16. Clay sent, Hawkinson/Azraiel. Thank you.
  17. Frivolous: All items sent. Enjoy! Hawkinson: Which character should I send to? "Unknown recipient 'Hawkinson'."