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  1. Enchanted water sent, Ayes. Thank you!
  2. Devandownload/Herbalmentat: I forgot about the 12% discount from your order size until it was time to mail the pelt, so I just sent that along for free. Sorry for any inconvenience. All items sent. Thank you for your business.
  3. Items sent, MrCak. Thank you.
  4. Water sent, Gregor. Thank you!
  5. All orders filled and sent. Thank you for your business.
  6. Orders filled and items sent, Simju/Matzelo. Thank you.
  7. Simju: as I am a Paaweelr priest, I cannot cast COC. My available weapon enchants are Nimbleness, Blessings of the Dark, and Life Transfer; if you'd like any of those, I can certainly help you. Thank you for your interest.
  8. Items sent, kristof/Pandylynn. Thank you!
  9. All orders filled and items sent. If I missed anyone, let me know. Thank you!
  10. Grindstone (and previous orders) sent, Ksss. Sorry for the delay, and thank you for your business. Since I'm posting here anyway, here's our most recent stock update: 2018-05-05: Added steel picks, iron rakes, and iron scythes.
  11. Ksss: the bucket came out BOTD84, but since it was so close and you asked for 70-80 I just charged you as if it was 80. Orders filled and items sent. Thank you!
  12. Items made and sent, Fossil. Enjoy!
  13. Small anvil sent, Mrpryor. Enjoy.
  14. Orders filled and items sent. Ksss and Sunti: we already had prefab BOTD70 and BOTD90 iron lumps, so I sent those along at prefab prices. Ksss: make sure any container is empty when you drag that enchanted water into it, or it'll be lost. Thank you!
  15. Hatchet sent, kristof/Beastwolf. Thank you!