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  1. Chisel sent and order filled, AlexeySt. Thank you for your business.
  2. Grooming brush sent, Rotgut. Thank you!
  3. Items sent. Thank you for your business.
  4. Grooming brush sent, Rotgut. Thank you!
  5. Hi Annyil. The BOTD100 knife is QL26, and the BOTD102 knife is QL19. If either of these are satisfactory, let me know and I'll send along whichever you prefer.
  6. Items improved and sent, Polarbear. Enjoy!
  7. Pick improved and sent, Polarbear. Thank you!
  8. Since my prior reply has this post bumped to the top anyway, I'm posting again to note that I've changed the prefab stock listing to offsite raw text that I can more easily edit in the future.
  9. Rotgut: that grooming brush was erroneously listed and not in stock, so I enchanted a new one of equal or better value and sent it to you for the listed price. Thanks for your business.
  10. Pick enchanted and sent to you, Lockdown/Birdmansback. Enjoy!
  11. Cooking knife sent, Argush. Thank you.
  12. Shovel improved and sent, Laby. Thank you!
  13. Lockdown/Birdmansback: You can mail them straight to Asheram.
  14. Items sent, Richaun. Thank you!
  15. Your tools were accidentally improved too high, Valiantnorth, but of course we only charged for QL80. Items sent. Enjoy!
  16. Grooming brush sent, Rotgut. I applied a discount since there was a delay. Thank you.
  17. All items sent, Bradcub. Thank you!
  18. Items sent, GorgonKain. Thank you!