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  1. Bump! Last few hours on some might nice enchanted rares
  2. Auction ended! Congratulations winners
  3. [11:10:47] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Thanks for the order! Your rake should arrive shortly. Enjoy!
  4. Bump for filled orders and new items!
  5. Why not try BotD? It's the equivalent to a combined WoA + CoC, point for point. 85 BOTD = 85 WoA + 85 CoC
  6. Pelt Sold, please close
  7. Bump - let me know if you don't see a tool type you need! BOTD is great on rugs (COC effect only, no WOA), metal lumps, sickles, etc. We also do phenomenal Web Armor casts for those who love hunting.
  8. Bump. If you don't see a tool type listed that you're looking for, feel free to ask if we can make you one!
  9. Bump. Plenty of good tools with great BotD casts remaining.
  10. 2020/01/16: Updated the ad to list new and current stock with current prices. 2020/01/17: More grooming brushes. 2020/01/19: Added forks, knives, and spoons. 2020/01/24: Added shovels. 2020/02/08: Added steel carving knives and large anvils. 2020/02/09: Added steel pickaxes. 2020/02/18: Added lumps, strings of cloth, whetstones, sickles. 2020/03/31: Added mallets and metal brushes. 2020/04/11: Added rakes, scythes, and trowels. 2020/08/22: Added files and iron picks. 2020/09/05: Added spindles. 2020/10/29: Added clay shapers, grooming brushes, hatchets, and saws. 2020/11/01: Added pickaxes, saws, sickles, small anvils, stone chisels.
  11. Blessings of the Dark, or BOTD, is a medium-to-high favor enchantment that functions as an equivalent cast of both Wind of Ages and Circle of Cunning. For example, a BOTD99 mallet would reduce an improvement timer to 6 seconds, while giving as much skill as ~12 seconds, exactly like WOA99 and COC99. All items are provided AS IS and their QL does not factor into pricing, but the tools are generally maintained around QL20. Being a priest-focused shop, the majority of these tools are around creation quality and have only had enchanting work done on them. Should the item's QL be factored into its price, it will be listed alongside enchant power. To save space, our current stock is listed offsite in a raw text file. If you don’t see a tool with the right enchant power on it for you, feel free to ask, and we can likely enchant an item of equal or greater value for you. Pre-enchanted Stock is listed here: Custom Enchanting Custom enchanting is when you ask us to enchant an item of yours (e.g. a rare pickaxe that you provide) to a specified minimum cast power. If the final enchant winds up being higher than what you request, such as getting 90 when you asked for 80, you only pay for the power that you initially requested. 75+ BOTD/LT/ED/Venom: 20c 80+ BOTD/LT/ED/Venom: 30c 85+ BOTD/LT/ED/Venom: 40c 90+ BOTD/LT/ED/Venom: 80c 95+ BOTD/LT/ED/Venom: 1s 20c Aura of Shared Pain and Web Armour are available as well, for half the prices listed above. Bloodthirst enchants are available, for the low price of FREE. Just pay the 2c total mailing cost to send and receive the item, and I'll "seed" BT on any weapon you want. Bulk Purchase Discount If you order five items, the cost of your order is reduced by 10%. This increases by a further 2% per item, maxing out the discount at 20%. Bulk purchase discounts are only for prefab items out of our stock, not custom enchanting. Contact We can be PMed directly on the forums or ingame, character name of Asheram. If Asheram is offline, you can try Noizhead or Melody.