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  1. I believe we've now caught up with every order. Thank you all for your business.
  2. Khalija, Sageruby, and Zahl: Sent. Thank you. KryoKitten: Your rope tool should be done tonight. Thanks for your patience!
  3. Cenotaph: Sent! Khalija, Kryokitten: Our carpenter is on vacation but should be back to work on your rope tools in the next day or two. Szai: Shovel and sickle improved and sent. The sickle is a weaponsmithing item, but you pasted the blacksmithing price, so improving it was slightly more expensive. If the extra cost is unacceptable, feel free to return it. Thank you. Zahl: I'm afraid that bashing timers are fixed at 30 seconds, no amount of WOA or BOTD will speed them up. If you would like an unenchanted maul to bash with, we can do that.
  4. Nice timing. Sent, Jonydowy. Thank you!
  5. Knife improved and sent, Szai. Enjoy!
  6. Always glad to see a satisfied customer, Oriss. Your praise is much appreciated. Izunundara: Items sent. Thank you!
  7. Both items sent, Midguar. Thank you.
  8. File improved and sent, Szai. Thanks!
  9. Zentil: There was an error in the listing, so we put together a fresh 80QL hatchet with an 87+ cast for you and sent it along for the original price. Enjoy.
  10. Azgardia and Midguar: Items sent. Thank you. Mathob: I'm sorry, but we don't offer WOA enchants. We do have a wide range of BOTD-enchanted shovels & chisels all laid out in the OP, as well as rates for improving and custom enchanting.
  11. Szai: since shovels are blacksmithing and not weaponsmithing, the cost for that 90QL improve was 1s and not 1s 50c. All requests filled and items sent. Thank you!
  12. Hedgeknight and Oriss: All items sent. Thank you!
  13. Hedgeknight: Our carpenter will finish work on your spindle sometime today. Zahl: There was a hiccup with your small anvil, but one with a higher cast was sent along for the price of an 89. Saviina: All items sent. Thank you!
  14. Hammer sent, Randnar. Thank you.
  15. Carving knife improved and sent, Zahl. Sorry for the delay, our smith was offserver. Thank you!
  16. Saw improved and sent, Zahl. Thank you, and enjoy.
  17. Rope tool sent, picotto. Thank you for your business.
  18. Your things have been sent, Trivinlar. Thank you.
  19. Your rope tool should be in your mailbox, Cenotaph. Thank you!
  20. Your stone chisel is finished and has been sent, Jashton. Enjoy.
  21. Trowel improved and sent to you, Jashton. Thank you for your business.
  22. Your rope tool has been improved and mailed COD to you, Harth. Thank you!
  23. Your order came in just as our smith was logging on, Jashton. Enjoy.
  24. Your rug has been sent, Cag. Thank you!