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  1. Pelt sent, Rocklobstar. Thank you for your business.
  2. Butchering knife sent, Tonrae. Thank you!
  3. Sickle improved and sent, Vanyel. Enjoy.
  4. Requested items sent, Blacksteel. Thank you.
  5. All orders filled. Thank you for your business.
  6. All orders filled and sent. Thank you!
  7. Items sent, Cenotaph. Thank you.
  8. Rocklobstar: Orders filled and sent. Enjoy! Szai: Mallet improved and mailed, but the rope tool will require the touch of our fine carpenter, likely in the next 24 hours. Thanks for your patience.
  9. Orders filled and items sent. Thank you!
  10. All orders filled and sent. Thank you for your business.
  11. Tools improved and mailed, Rocklobstar. Thank you!
  12. Saw improved and sent, Szai. Thank you.
  13. Rocklobstar: Thank you, I appreciate the praise. Chapechifte: Trowel sent. Enjoy!
  14. Trowels & stone chisel improved and sent. Thank you!
  15. Rake sent, JakeRivers. Thank you.
  16. Sickle improved and sent, Zahl. Thank you!
  17. All orders have been filled. Thank you.
  18. Trowel and butchering knife sent. Thank you!
  19. New_Tracer and Midguar: Items sent. Thank you.
  20. Pickaxe sent, VenerableDog/Dogukakugi. Thank you!