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  1. Oops. Apologies for not noticing your edit, but nevertheless I hope you enjoy the chisel.
  2. Chisel on its way to you, Sageruby. Thank you!
  3. Order filled, dadd. Thank you for your business.
  4. Iron lump sent, Malokai. Thank you!
  5. Iron lump sent, Revelation. Thank you.
  6. Pickaxe improved and sent, NeeNee. Enjoy!
  7. Lump on its way to you, Caroligan. Thank you.
  8. Chisel sent, takalaka/Takaluah. Thank you!
  9. All orders filled. Thank you for your business!
  10. Pelt and whetstone sent, Rocklobstar. Thank you!
  11. Tools sent, draggedout/Orago. Thank you.
  12. Traveler777: Custom enchanting is currently unavailable, but we'll be happy to enchant that anvil for you once it is. I'll drop you a forum PM and let you know when. McGarnicle/Griphyth: Items sent. Thank you!
  13. Shovel sent, arakiel. Thank you for your business.
  14. Bumping for new stock and to state that the OP has finally been updated to fit the new forums. There may be some wrinkles left to iron out, but we're back to a more compact look.