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  1. Weapons enchanted and returned, Maldibren/Mithrian. Thank you!
  2. Hammer enchanted and returned, Maldibren/Mithrian. Enjoy.
  3. Orders filled and items sent. Thank you!
  4. Items sent, Adamant/Adamand. Thank you!
  5. @Adamant[16:19:00] You can not mail that far. If you are on Epic you'll need to swing back to SFI to get your items. If you are on NFI, there's no inter-cluster trade between North and South Freedom.
  6. Items sent, polarbear. Thank you!
  7. Rope tool sent, Soleil. Thank you.
  8. Items sent, Belacane. Thank you.
  9. Pickaxe enchanted and returned, grinnil35/mousepad. Thank you!
  10. Anvil enchanted and returned, Aeryck. Enjoy.
  11. Tools sent, Kragg/Draxxle. Thank you.
  12. Items sent, MrCak/Dredsol. Thank you!