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  1. Semperfiswife/Semperfi: [10:55:28] You can not mail that far. If the character is currently on Epic, they'll need to cross back to Freedom before I can mail to them. If the character is on the new Freedom cluster, there's no way to get any items to you.
  2. Tools sent, Stinboi. Thank you!
  3. Tools sent, Stinboi. Thank you!
  4. Shovel sent, MrJay/Tpikol. Enjoy.
  5. Tools sent, Melketh. Thank you.
  6. Orders filled and items sent. Thank you!
  7. Sickle enchanted and returned, SirJadyn. Enjoy!
  8. Spacy: If you'd like items enchanted, just label them with your name and what you'd like put on them and mail them to Asheram.
  9. Carving knife sent, Jollibee/Killgod. Enjoy!
  10. Knife sent, Carrancas/Bento. Thank you for the kind words, Atheline. Enjoy your chopper.
  11. Hatchet sent, Syirian. Thank you!
  12. Lifewarden: staff enchanted and sent. Thank you! Bittereinder: my pre-enchanted stock is linked in the OP.
  13. Jollibee/Killgod: items sent. Thank you! Doric: it seems that BOTD97 saw was not available; I must have forgotten to update the listing after selling it. Kolder: the BOTD88 grooming brush had been sold just prior to your requesting it, but I sent a BOTD87 brush instead.