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  1. Orders filled and items sent. Thank you!
  2. Shovel sent, MissWilc/Wilca. Enjoy!
  3. Items sent, Enigmatic. Thank you!
  4. Items sent, Catrlee/Zacharia. Thank you!
  5. Items sent, Ismira/Enderman. The BOTD94 whetstone wasn't available, so I substituded in a 93. Thank you!
  6. Items sent, Catrlee/Zacharia. Thank you!
  7. Grooming brush sent, Catrlee/Zacharia. Enjoy!
  8. Catrlee/Zacharia: The BOTD105 grooming brush was unavailable; the highest we still have in stock is BOTD97 for 1s 1c. Otherwise, all items sent. Thank you!
  9. Grooming brush sent, TheOmega/Omegaseph. Thank you.
  10. Items sent, MotoPrime. The BOTD87 grooming brush was listed in error, so I sent an 86 along instead. If that's not satisfactory, feel free to return it. Thank you!
  11. Orders filled and items sent. Thank you!
  12. Semperfiswife/Semperfi: [10:55:28] You can not mail that far. If the character is currently on Epic, they'll need to cross back to Freedom before I can mail to them. If the character is on the new Freedom cluster, there's no way to get any items to you.