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  1. Tools sent, Daash. Thank you.
  2. Rake sent, Zethreal. Thank you!
  3. Saw sent, paratamizer/saigonangel. Thank you!
  4. Fullmetal/Metalx: The character Metalx is currently either on Epic or the Northern Freedom Isles. If on Epic, let me know when it's ported back over and I'll send the items along. If on NFI, I will not be able to fulfill the order as items do not transfer between clusters.
  5. Items sent, Dathius. The BOTD96 rake was unavailable, so I sent along the next-best rake, at BOTD94. If that is unacceptable, just return it. Thank you!
  6. Stone chisel sent, Arka. Thank you.
  7. Grooming brush sent, Rotgut. Thank you!
  8. Tools sent, CCWu/Lyramis. Thank you!
  9. Grooming brush sent, Mavrent. Thank you!
  10. Grooming brush sent, Rotgut. Enjoy.
  11. Trowel sent, Cista. Thank you.
  12. Orders filled and items sent. Thank you!
  13. Shovel sent, MissWilc/Wilca. Enjoy!