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  1. Hi there, Thanks for reporting this! I'll do some testing of my own and make note of it. -Vy
  2. Hi there, Can you tell me what version you're running? As the above poster asked, can you post server and client logs? Thanks. -Vy
  3. Hi there, Can you tell me what version you're running, and as the above poster asked, if you've got any errors in your client console? Are you running any mods at all? Thanks. -Vy
  4. Hi, Frankthetank, Was this ever sorted out? If not, check your wurm.log.(#) files for errors and post them here, in a PM or email to vyolette@wurmonline.com. Thanks! Happy gaming! --Vyolette
  5. Hi, whatthef. I'm interested to see what your console log has to say, you can post it here, in a PM, or email it to me directly at vyolette@wurmonline.com and we'll try to get you sorted. Thanks! Happy gaming! --Vyolette
  6. Hi! I'll be noting this in a bug report, can you give as much detail as possible, including the version you're running? Thank you. Happy gaming! --Vyolette
  7. Hi, Majestycaleb! If you would, could you report your findings to me? You can email them to me directly at vyolette@wurmonline.com, alternatively you can post a PM. A console log and version number would also be much appreciated. Thank you! Happy gaming! --Vyolette
  8. Thank you for the report. I'll be looking into this and adding it to our current bug queue. Happy Wurming! --Vy
  9. Hi, there! Can you tell me what version you're running?
  10. Hi! Have you tried validating your WU files? You can do this by right clicking on the game in your library, properties, local files, 'verify integrity of game cache' button. I'm also interested in the console log, please. Thanks! --Vyolette
  11. Please describe the error message (if any, if not, then the situation; for instance, is the server run by you or the friend? What exactly is happening when you try to run the game?), along with your log files and I'll be happy to try to help. Thanks! --vyolette
  12. I have added this (and many others!) to the 'official' bug list, so here's hoping it'll be sorted soon, and with ease! Thanks to all that reported this. --Vyolette
  13. Can you post me a list of current mods you have, both client and server side? Thanks!
  14. Oops! I completely overlooked the 'Online' vs 'Unlimited' words, and thought you were saying it said 'of' instead of 'off'. My apologies, Nukacola, thanks for the report!
  15. Hi! I've looked at your screenshot and am just letting you know that the phrase is, in fact, grammatically correct. Thanks! --Vyolette