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  1. Xanadu Map vC

    To Axiom in F9 please add taggs: Mailbox, Sermons, Recruiting
  2. As the titles states, looking for a gathering oriented account with very high mining and woodcutting. Please PM to discuss.
  3. Tarkie was very helpful, and fast. Great prices. Will definitely be back to buy more in the future.
  4. Looking for a Longsword with high Nimbleness, Life Transfer, Mindstealer, and circle of cunning enchants landed on it. Pm or message me ingame, thanks.
  5. Was playing this morning up until 12:55pm EST today without issue. Got back around 5:00pm EST, launched wurm, hit play, on the connecting to server message AVG flags a warning about a Blackhole exploit. The session continues to launch, and it doesn't appear to hinder game play. Thought someone should know, See error message below Below: