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  1. Its plague mask skin for february. https://imgur.com/RQqlUmq I can't insert jpgs into topic, sorry.
  2. You can just wait till they die, and you still have that one guard to help you 😅
  3. Skillgain, love it, but where's palms.
  4. Is it possible that old monthly skins will be available once again?
  5. Does any arrow stick out? Cause I dont think so
  6. DAAAMN, fencejumper u make me cry
  7. Take my plank master, special price for you
  8. Yeah, we can't have anything like modded skyrim here, this game is like 40 years old. Thing is what @dioskirameans by new graphic, I'm very into this but what I mean is just textures, this game is looking good with 200% scaling, shadows, reflections etc. Textures could make BIG difference.
  9. Yeah... 🤣 At least give us chance to make "texture packs" like In unlimited, we could upload textures for game devs to check it, then game devs will approve or not. I made texture pack for unlimited two years ago but I dont want to play unlimited cause its lame so I leave it but gosh it was looking so dope I bet you can still find pictures here on forum. Edit: Modern render is good, but I'm struggling with textures a bit, even with this iconic ones
  10. Yoo, so one day I said on gl chat it'll be awesome to make the ingame wiki work like in game browser, so it will always open as wurmpedia but you simply can change the website. I'm not into wurm VR, won't play it anyway but I like the idea with watching something In wurm, and yes I have 2and monitor, but it'll be better with in game browser for sure.
  11. Well im not imtrested too, but if it'll be a thing I'll buy VR equipment
  12. +1 thata great Its just adding existing mob, with maybe higher CR? And white texture.