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  1. Update: Absolutely nothing has changed from the other day when I made the post, but everything seems to be working as intended. So I am forced to conclude that it was either on the side of the server host or my own local ISP, I'm just glad that I can return to the islands.
  2. I am having the same issue as Gollum here with one exception; Clearing the cash in the Java Control Panel doesn't fix the issue. This is happening on a laptop and a Desktop both running Win8.1 . I'm including a copy of the Exception in both tabs.
  3. Hungry Recipes

    Ah, Arium; you bring up a valid point. While I can't be certain that I didn't to anything of the sort I was kind of running about like a mad man for a while. So it is entirely possible that I did. And yes this would explain it, Thank you for reminding me of this.
  4. Hungry Recipes

    Due to the extreme rarity of the items involved, I'm forced to request that the GM's test this for verification. I've been holding onto a Supreme recipe for a while now, just to determine what to do with it. As with most "Rare or better" items I leave them on my person for the duration of the day, at the end of which I transfer them to an alt. for safe keeping. .. While in my inventory, I keep them in a separate group. Earlier today, while dredging, I was oh so fortunate enough to pull up a Supreme dirt. I promptly did with it what I do with all rare items. I tossed it into the group in my inv. and carried on. This makes the second supreme item that I've seen not belonging to another player, and not an hour prior to making this summary I found that it was not where I had put it. In fact it was not in my inventory at all. I had put it in the group with the supreme recipe and then it was gone but the recipe wasn't. My only conclusion is that the recipe ate the dirt. If the GM's would test this that would be great, until then I'm afraid that "Da Wife" is sending us more and more hungry pieces of paper marked "Recipe" only to nibble on out blocky toes in our sleep. The only recourse is to make a new grouping just for things made of paper. Sincerely; Twigg
  5. I have that update for you. Sadly short of building a new computer or buying a new laptop, I'm not going to get it work on this one. However it works just fine on the wife's computer and she has to sleep some time, right? As far as the upcoming changes are concerned, and understanding they are artistically based, I would like to make some, albeit obvious, suggestions. Graphical: The new crop tiles are currently being shown as grass. With the inclusion of Bees; the various flower types would be nice. Stone mine doors seem to be missing and are not recognized when importing from the in game deed plan. Models: (just a observation of models that I either could not find in the listings or are missing.) The Ornate fountain Bee hives (would be nice, but how could you predict the appearance) I only saw two of the four Colossi available, Vynora and Fo. Still an excellent resource, thank you for all your hard work on this.
  6. Perhaps this should be in the model and sound reports; but I'm putting it here instead. Some goblin or perhaps troll employed by the goblins has broken into my estate, on our deed, and stolen the textures for the Marble Planters sitting on the front patio. While I have no proof of goblin or troll involvement, the denizens of the yard have never shown any interest in eating textures before, and I would think that those on the wagon would be far tastier then a marble planter. Here is the evidence I have; Thank you for your time and consideration ~Twigg~
  7. Sadly not, but in truth I have not attempted to fix it yet either. I am going to give it some time before I attempt to tackle it as it is frustrating me to no end currently. I will update you when I do.
  8. Alright, think that about sums it up. Thank you very much for the prompt response. ~Twigg~
  9. Perhaps it's Win10; as I like to blame most things on now days, or something else entirely. Either way after downloading, extracting, then running the program I am met with a bright red bordered window of error. After closing said window I find that not only is the program unresponsive, it also refuses to close on it's own and requires the assistance of Task Manager. The following is the error report, if anyone can tell me what all this means or how to get the program to 'behave properly' I would appreciate it. Thank you. ~Twigg~
  10. It also pertains to renaming items.. As far as I have found it effects everything that requires the 'Send' button at anypoint. Please put it back the way it was.
  11. On the community map; X9-y17 Ingame map:e-13 See you when you get here.
  12. Sent to Wulfgar; [05:29:08] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  13. The Royal Oak Port; located on Deliverance, has the following items for sell. For the quickest responce, contact Twigg in game. Village location : On the community map; X9-y17 Ingame map:e-13 *Bulk items are sold at 1s/thousand(1k). Boats: Cherry Small Sail boat with anchor, lock and Ship Transporter -- 75c Cherry Corbita with anchor, lock and Ship transporter -- 1s 1k planks 2k dirt 1k ribbons ** List will be updated as things are sold and added. ***Delivery fees may apply to sell.