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  1. +1 I realy likte the idea of a master key. It would solve the key chaos problem and add some additional use to locksmithing. Lets say for every 10 LS levels you can create a combination with one more key (like a master key from two keys at 20ls, ..., from 5 keys at 50ls and so on). Masterkeys themself should not be combinable to not overstretch the good idea.
  2. Let me alter your post a bit. I find theres no reason to change the system as it is right now. The only theoretical problem that i see is that the servers have to handle thousands of non-rare picks. But other than that i realy cant see why creating new items is bad and imping stuff to rare is ok. I myself have used both systems (spamming and imping) to earn a couple coins in the begining. They worked good for me and i find it totaly ok if other new or broke players take advantage of them.
  3. WTF is this Some kind of wurm NSA?
  4. A propper food buff system is long overdue and it should not only focus on juices. I find it would be suitable to implement a furthergoing nutrition system on some kind of vitamine basis and stat bonuses. By mostly eating meat one should get lets say up to 3 bonus points in body strengths (if constantly eating high ql meat products over a period of time), lemons could provide bonus for a mind stat (and how about shrooms for soul depth? ). The bonuses should be balanced in the sense that they are not only cosmetic on the on the one side and not gamechanging on the other. This would enrich wurm mechanics and motivate the farmers, gatherers and treehuggers to only focus on wemp, cotton and garlic.
  5. Your are doing it wrong. It must be: "Sadly I live on an island so I'm afraid you won't have much to troll. Just please dont expand my island by dumping a few thousand dirt."
  6. Plz dont let this thread become as boring as the chaos one by leaving out the GIFs.
  7. My 5 ct: I dont know who are the good and who the bad on chaos, but considering the blatant act of griefing i'm realy wondering how this guy is still has a community holding to him. Chaos crew, do it as the freedomers did; ban him from your ally / kingdom / guild / whatever and kos him forever. If not for obvious justice reasons then do it to not longer ashame the other players of your group. You know its the only right thing to do.
  8. Oooh, my old char is killing pplz. Im so proud of him *wipes away a tear*
  9. You can smelt the ores into lumps. Makes storing much easier.
  10. Umm, whats up with Graystar, the fallen Vyn priest with alc habbit?
  11. Na, she is clearly droping dirt from her inv raising the corner.
  12. Location: Inde, J24 (good hunting area) Size: 11x11 Upkeep: 1s (26 days left) Trader income in the past month 1-3s/month The deed comes with a PoK-Char for managing the trader Starting bid: 1s Increase: 1s Buyout: 20s