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  1. ill be there when i can
  2. we will definitely head out and try again later.
  3. unsuccessful to many of them also ran into the troll king so we kinda left. we kill about six befre stopping most in wolf cove though
  4. one old down at wolfs cove working our way twards you
  5. uniques

    how can i find out what unique monsters are still out there
  6. me and some town mates may stop by and take care of them
  7. New Dublin arena

    yeah hold gladiatorial combat chariot fights and team combat and we are exploring our other options
  8. well we finished ours so feel free to stop by and take a look still working on rules so post any idea you have for them and we will be doing chariot fights and team fights.
  9. i can definitely see this starting to come together, so im going to start drafting up some rules to post up and get opinions on them.
  10. I think dudeguy quit Was last active a month ago well, i guess its up to new dublin and any other towns that want to host an arena
  11. [table][tr] [td]FO[/td] [td]Follower[/td] [td]New Dublin[/td] [td]16x30y[/td] [td]UTC/GMT -7 hours[/td] [td]/tell ramkkard[/td] [td]on at weird hours[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]Mag[/td] [td]Follower[/td] [td]New Dublin[/td] [td]16x30y[/td] [td]No UTC/GMT offset[/td] [td]/tell syanide[/td] [td]on at weird hours[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]Mag[/td] [td]Follower[/td] [td]New Dublin[/td] [td]16x30y[/td] [td]No UTC/GMT offset[/td] [td]/tell Comradeboris[/td] [td]on at weird hours[/td] [/tr][/table]
  12. Actually us at New Dublin right of traders bay are about half way done with ours and i just noticed this post. when were done if you still need help with yours ill help and maybe a gladiatorial circuit?
  13. Is that supposed to be in the water? I think the right coordinates for New Dublin are y:29 x:16 where the tar symbol is NW from it. Yeah sorry about that, and actually we are on both sides of the tar pit
  14. New Dublin x:15 y:30 we take the top half of to square (also have people to convert for Mag and Fo with altars) don't now if you need that info also a well, soon a fountain just reread your post