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  1. Settlement name: Fyrgenstig Landing Location (x,y): X14, Y44 (on the small peninsula which is in the bottom-right corner of the cell) Note: There is also a publicly accessible mailbox on my settlement. Image of specific location
  2. Thank you again for your impressively quick delivery. The dirt you provided will go a long way towards the goal my deed was founded for, and you will always be welcome in it. Just as Fyrgenstig Landing will show a steady path into the Southwind Basin, may the lamp show your path to be steady, too. Of course, I'm not saying you absolutely have to place it in your deed forever or something- it's totally fine to sell it, if you'd rather ^-^ Oh, and sorry if that was a bit overly dramatic- sometimes I just see the opportunity for a metaphor and can't resist =P
  3. I have a few odds and ends I'd like to sell (specifically, what I mentioned in the title). I can't travel, so the sleep powder and spyglass are pick-up only. Sleep Powder: 75 copper each or best offer; 7 in stock 70.00 QL Spyglass: 3 silver or best offer Yellow Potions: 5 copper each; 25 in stock
  4. I'm looking to buy up to 4k dirt for 4s (the price is negotiable, considering any seller would likely be in for a bit of traveling). I'm located at s12 of release (that small spec of a peninsula at the mountain side) and can't really pick up. Feel free to message me on here, in game, or make a post here if you're interested ^-^ Edit: seller found; guess this thread can be locked or deleted. Thanks!
  5. Are you able to deliver to s12 on Release?
  6. Well, glancing at the servers right now, it seems the Epic cluster hold a total population of 77 while PvE (even excluding that of chaos) has 405 (which is a bit over five times that o.o). Then again, I guess you brought up the four servers for a reason. Come to think of it, maybe the thread or two I'm remembering were driven by feelings similar to those behind this thread? It almost feels like there's a fun point in that... Whatever the case, as prevalent as the opinion is that PvP needs incentive to draw players, I guess I should apologize for sounding a bit too certain ^^;
  7. Okay, granted, I've never played a PvP server and might've gotten a little carried away with that theory. But I guess one thread title I've heard sums up the theory rather well - "PvP is dying (at least, Epic is)". While Chaos may have a stable community of regulars, it's a bit of a PvP enclave in a primarily PvE cluster. Granted, plenty of Chaos players likely go back and forth to enjoy both PvP and PvE, but it feels like this outlook is still cause for alarm with some. Then again, while many take PvP and PvE to be as distinct as the words "competitive" and "co-operative", the developers may just see PvE to be Wurm with the PvP mechanics disabled (though I certainly hope not; otherwise the conflict behind this thread is liable to erupt forth as an all out civil war o.o).
  8. OH YEAH, WELL YOUR A BIG FRIGGIN BU-- I mean, I guess I haven't personally seen it myself either, but I've certainly heard concerns. When I used to frequent the suggestions forum, I remember seeing dozens of threads whose titles were an outcry that PvP, Epic or whatever were dying. And looking at the server statistics on the launcher, Freedom is seemingly the most populated server cluster, yet it's also the newest (and the only PvE-focused cluster).
  9. This is the single most valid question I've seen asked. But again, try to understand that interest in PvP is widely believed to be dying out. Rolf, the game's creator, is allegedly a major PvP'er himself. Rather than being so bitter and cynical, just try to understand PvP is getting such special attention because, of all the glitches, imbalances and faults of this game, the declining interest in PvP is seen to be the most critical. Maybe it feels like this just affirms your feelings that more aggressively competitive players are getting the majority of the content, but I imagine when, PvE doesn't have the majority of the community's interest, more co-operative equivalents to what's currently PvP-exclusive will be released.
  10. Is there really need for such a negative tone? Sure, Wurm has bugs, but that's hardly a secret, and the developers are working on it. If you feel more attention need be paid, take it to the rants section (if this forum has one); don't condemn someone else's topic. Actually, I meant rather than "Let's Play" videos, more humorous things. You know, something someone might show to someone who hasn't played Wurm just because it's funny =P For a quick, cheap example, a commercial advertising "rare" dirt.
  11. First off, let's step away from words like "we" and "you". Don't presume to speak for the PvP community, and don't address anyone until you've read their post in full (if you had read mine, you might've picked up that I'm not enthusiastic about getting HOTA statues for myself). Again, read my post in full. I never suggested there was some sort of "conspiracy" behind HOTA statues. In fact, I explained why I believed they were PvP-exclusive in hopes of convincing the topic poster otherwise. I honestly feel there's nothing wrong with the system. Again, you're probably better off not using words like "we" and "you". Do that too hastily- and it honestly looks like you just saw the last paragraph in my post and instantly started typing out this rant- and you're going to wind up making wrongful accusations. Let me tell you what's damaging the game's community- headstrong, loudmouth individuals like you who charge into topics like this, guns blazing and presumptuously pass themselves off as the voice of the PvP community, reinforcing the negative image PvE'ers have of PvP and perpetuating the dwindling interest in PvP content.
  12. Ah, right, sorry ^^; Guess I'm kind of prone to misreading things. You know, when I mentioned Youtube, what came to mind was Runescapes video making scene. I'd call it a "Machinima" scene, but that would imply it was just a bunch of "Let's Play" videos. Really, it was a variety of comedy-type videos. I don't know how viable this is for a game like Wurm (being first person and all), but maybe a fun community event that might get this game some exposure would be a video competition? Because of Code Club's stance on real world item trading, actual in-game rewards could be offered.
  13. I can't say the idea of advertising doesn't have me a little nervous. Please don't kill me for mentioning this game, but, in its prime, Runescape had a sizable playerbase despite (or, possibly, because of) its ethic of not advertising; from what I heard, it spread by word of mouth. Maybe that's what needs to happen here? While the playerbase is arguably smaller than that of most MMORPG's, it looks to be loyal and spirited. Who's to say the developers need to get involved? I imagine they'd welcome making facebook pages, youtube videos and even informal "guilds" made in the spirit of promoting their game. That being said, I guess advertising won't send Wurm's ethics tumbling downhill =P
  14. It's a courtesy from the designers of Wurm. You can likely tell players who just aren't interested in PvP (whether because they dislike harming other players for personal gain, feel they have inadequate skills/levels or actually aren't interested in risk) would still like to have those statues as a decoration. By making things like HOTA statues, challenge mode rewards and even drops from uniques freely exchangeable, players who can't (or won't) participate in these events aren't completely denied access to these items. The way I see it, HOTA statues are (nigh literally) trophies for the winners of PvP events. It makes plenty of sense similar "trophies" could be crafted through a recipe demanding enough to warrant a trophy. However, the only reason HOTA statues were added was to encourage people to try PvP content. There's a running fear that interest in PvP is dying. HOTA statues were added under the apparent assumption that PvP was lacking incentive, while the Challenge cluster seems to entertain the idea that people don't like risk (though, if you ask me, maybe there needs to be a little PR between the PvP and PvE playerbases?). One last thing- there's a certain fraction of the PvP community that's been driving me (and, from what I've heard, players on both the PvE AND PvP ends of the community) positively insane. Every time someone suggests content currently only available as a PvP reward be made available on PvE servers as well, someone inevitably shows up and either insists the content doesn't make sense in a PvE context with the condescending implication that the poster (or, often enough, the the PvE community in full) just wants it because it "looks cool" or spouts out that "risk = reward" mantra with a snobby tone. The reality is, HOTA statues are exclusively available from PvP content ONLY to encourage players to try PvP; to bridge the PvE and PvP ends of the playerbase. By looking down on PvE'ers and boasting about the rewards available to you (seemingly thinking it's because you're "special snowflakes"), you're working against this.
  15. Well, the thread author did explain tests had been conducted (though not by him). Additionally, he put this up for discussion before posting a suggestion (from what I can make of his second post). I imagine I would be frustrated in that scenario, given it would come across as envy of hard-earned progress. However, the two scenarios don't look exactly alike. And either way, self control is a virtue, and not lashing out unless it would prevent something believably harmful good guideline to live by (inb4 "OMG caerbear lulz"). That all being said, I don't mean to come across as though I'm grabbing for the last word or something, but I can't help but feel someone's on the verge of jumping in to say "OMG quit fighting and let the thread die" or a moderator might say we've hijacked the topic, so it might be best to drop it. That, and while I get your point that people need to think carefully before they say anything about game-changing nerfs/buffs and understand your thinking is that the natural backlash tends to teach that lesson, our takes on the thinking behind this thread and what warrants a scolding tone aren't the same.