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  1. awl, 31 ql, 78 coc, 50 c mallet, pinewood, 46 ql, 72 coc, 50 c shovel, iron, 6 ql, 72 coc, 60 c hatchet, steel, 3 ql, 81 coc, 1 s chisel, 8 ql, 84 coc, 1 s butchering knife, 28 ql, 72 coc, 50 c axe, 29 ql, 70 coc, 50 c hammer, 50 ql, 84 coc, 1 s hatchet, steel, 3 ql, 83 coc, 1 s pickaxe, iron, 63 ql, 59 woa, 59 coc, 1 s Should be a total of 7.6s before mailling prices. Please mail all to Vetem You're the best, Smilingcat!
  2. Worse case scenario I get to keep a rare large cart and have it rot in my warehouse. I'd rather get at least a little cash on it than have it take up space.
  3. Found it in a abandoned mine at 80+ dmg. Have no use for it.
  4. Auctioning 83.8QL Rare Large Cart on Deliverance. Cannot deliver anywhere off-server as I don't have the boat to load it. Living at 17R on the ingame map incase you want to pickup. Also cannot change ownership. Starting bid: 10s Increments: 50c Buyout: 23s No Snipe Protection
  5. tl;dr: Played ~1.8 years of Epic. Played a month and a few weeks of PvE Freedom on Deli. Here to stay. I am new to Freedom, coming from the Epic servers. I knew lots of people lived on Xanadu, but I didn't mind. It seems like the kingdom chat would just get spammed with 5 times the usual amount of players anyway. I had lived on Independence for a month or so with Dairuka, learning to be patient, and not to worry about raiders or other kingdoms popping local tabs. I quickly got bored and moved back to Epic, only to find that my village had been abandoned on Mol-Rehan so I packed up, sailed to Serenity once again, and found a fantastic group of players (Paradoxxx, Bradley, Heinrichtheboss, Kyrrui). We got bored with Jenn-Kellon's inaction and enmity for us every time we killed a fellow kingdom player. So we all realized we missed the mycelium and Blacklight land of Affliction. We worked on a deed but heard that Affliction was going to reset within a month or two so we decided that Wurm just wasn't for us anymore. I stayed on Affliction but joined another group. After a while, we got bored and decided to start anew on Chaos. Lived with Jenn-Kellon (Stayed with Gog, if you're reading this, I'm super sorry I took a 2 month break without warning, then stole your boat), but got bored, again, of the lack of PvP and meaning... Took a 2 month break and thought I was done with Wurm for good... Heard about Storm and the Challenge server... Honestly thought it was a terrible idea that would split Wurm's PvP player-base even more... So I made a character anyway. Couldn't hurt. Played for a day and a half as BL. Got to 60 blacksmithing in a few hours, felt cheated and never logged on again... I had an epiphany: If I am to keep playing this ever growing, ever expanding game, I had to do what I wanted most, my last chance to find a decent living where I'll do everything I've wanted to do... So I created a character on Deliverance (Vetem: Albanian for Alone lol not that I'm Albanian, just like making characters' names in a foreign language). I scouted out some places to live, found a TON of abandoned settlements. Found Shark Lake, with a guard tower nearby, a few caves with iron pre-discovered, and set up a home. I have since deeded and found a loyal companion, Valion, to form an alliance with. We don't have many villagers yet and are constantly told or asked 'Why come to Deli? It's one of the "dead" servers.' but I won't give up hope. I love this island so far. Filled with nice and ambitious people Didn't plan on typing this much, just sorta venting and sharing my thoughts too.
  6. Saw most supreme auctions going for 4+ days. Never auctioned anything so I wanted to test it out.
  7. Auctioning an Unfinished, pickup-able, supreme forge. Will deliver anywhere coastal on Independence, Celebration, Deliverance (my server), and Exodus. Anywhere else and we'll have to rendezvous. I live in 17R on the ingame map of Deli. Starting bid: 10s Increments: 1s No Snipe Protection UPDATE: Buyout of 60s UPDATE: Buyout of 45s
  8. Had a rare brick and rare clay but had just sac'd another rare for the nutrition. Feeling adventurous, I combined them and got a supreme forge on the first try.
  9. I am at 17R on Deli on the ingame map. However, if someone would sell me 15s already http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/116131-wtb-15s15e-through-paypal/ I would buy a wagon, few banners/flags, and was going to ask for unf tower. <3
  10. I wish you guys would close this thread .You can't mail unfinished towers and everyday tons of people ask for one and don't even get a reply. Please lock the thread. Or change to topic to something like Free HotS towers on pickup.
  11. Digging a few hundred clay. Dig dig dig....

  12. On Deliverance at 17R, our two deeds, SL Refuge and SL Farm are recruiting new players and old. We have existed for approximately two weeks and have 2 active villagers. We could use an extra hand around the area, and we can definitely support and guide players. We can outfit you with most tools and can help you with whatever profession you decide to do, be it thatching or even first aid. Our goal is to make sure everyone in the alliance is having fun and working together to create a tight-knit community. We are located directly on the Easternmost side of Shark Lake, Southern Central Deliverance. We have a guard tower nearby, and if you're looking to scavenge or explore, a few nearby mine systems and abandoned deeds exist. We will NOT force any villager to work or devote their time to anything specific. As long as you are here, we will treat you with respect and expect the same. We have a twitter page where we will post screenshots our our village, celebrate milestones, and provide an out-of-game community for us if you choose to take part. https://twitter.com/SharkLakeRefuge
  13. Wishing someone would sell me 15s!