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  1. Had this issue on a small chest also after crossing servers from Xanadu to Release. Fixed itself after server restart, a little annoying until that time since I couldn't access anything inside
  2. Could I get this lil one reserved to pick up please? thanks
  3. Map updated. Added: Wisdom Fist Lamentation Shimmer Oracle Pathway Lows Needle Dreams Challenge
  4. would you add my deed Shadow Veil Sanctum to it (marked here by a smiley face) and could you also remove the canal I've outlined -no longer there.
  5. could I get all the Lib fragments, and drake ones too please - cod to Ehizellbob
  6. @Finnnyeah just done exactly that. Clearly not fine for UK people trying to connect. Nice to know it works for you tho
  7. oh look, unable to play again. It's fine, I really wanted to spend my weekend not able to play
  8. COD Lib fragment to Ehizellbob please
  9. Some nice grey sky over my deed during the rite of death on Release a few weeks ago.
  10. Id just like to add this here too. Thanks for looking into it @Samool - It really does need an intensity slider or something!
  11. this is certainly not how mountains work. Mostly the whole new thing is beautiful, but this is a bit unplayable tbh. *edit* that is the light coming THROUGH the mountain and some more seems to suddenly start getting less intense around 7am wurm time
  12. todays update told me exactly how fast I can run to the top of my tower
  13. oh my Libila! I can not wait to see my murder castle with that lighting work. Grats on the new positions folks!
  14. could I get a wurm university banner cod to Ehizellbob please, ty
  15. got what i was looking for
  16. It does look good but I would like to see the ironwood skin kept as an option too!
  17. had it happen yesterday a few times on horse in shallow water, also randomly in knarr
  18. bump for a great person to deal with, thanks for supplying our silly needs for sleep powder
  19. What can I say... The scenery is great
  20. Let's get back on topic eh? There's a pair of pretty special chairs on indy that very recently became one of the most important things I 'own' in game. Also my ally folk on Release aren't too bad