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  1. Can we all collectively agree that a rift shouldn't disrupt highway protected roads? If a road is protected by the highway system the paving should not be allowed to be removed by a rift spawn. Simples.
  2. Definitely need to get some screenshots up showcasing how amazing wurm can be. Battles, landscape, buildings, decorating and of course some highlights from the fun we have when we all get together
  3. Problems happen. Thanks for being so transparent and open with it and thank you for all your hard work!
  4. sounds like it could be fun, looking forward to hearing more!
  5. Thanks to everyone who came tonight, was a blast! Special thanks to Welmari, Nukkinak and Deri who helped with the penning as well as all my alliance mates who assisted with the event. And of course grats to those lucky folks who went home with a tome charge, and all the other winners too
  6. (close)

    pretty self explanatory, pm if you have one with price. Open for offers to trade with rare bear helm, or just silvers.
  7. Location added. See y'all there!
  8. Come party with the folks of Release, we invite you to join us in slaying this one eyed fiend! Slaying the Kyklops will give the title "Giantslayer". When slain, every premium player in local will receive blood. Mixing Kyklops blood with source salt will create a potion of leatherworking. Loot will be rolled among all participating slayers (limit one roll per person, no alts) LOCATION: N14 ingame map / Y31 X18 community map - Just west of the southern entrance to Heavy Metal Canal. Right on the coast so no need to drag alts ashore! Accessible from the west via The Hollow Canal, north via Heavy Metal Canal & Great Northern Canal, and south via Quicksilver Canal. Community map: map.png?dl=0 Advanced warning, these guys can and will throw you!
  9. first I thought dinosaur, then I thought elephant but now I'm thinking mammoth...
  10. Had to stop using the new client, can't get above 2FPS on minimum settings when I can manage steady 40+ in built up areas with lots of players on the old one.
  11. Hi, I'm having ongoing issues running the new client (windows 64 version). Other than easily using twice the memory space that the old client used to. Not every time I try to play, but most, the launcher freezes up and I get a 'this program is not responding' message pop up. When this happens the game doesn't get past the initialising stage. Sometimes it works right away, other times it's taking 10+ attempts to play the game. I'm not getting a crash log or anything for it either. It's not totally impossible to play, but highly annoying spending sometimes 20 minutes+ just to get the game to get past initialising.
  12. I'd like to book a room please (can't remember if I already asked) and also put me down for masonry and stone cutting imping as well
  13. You should set your deed on Release next to mine so I can come and torment you help you while you stream
  14. Had a hell hound and goblin swim across a 28 depth canal to come get me last night. Underground, around p16 Release
  15. Thing is uniques are supposed to be... unique right? not guaranteed to have one spawn in a certain place and have it penned within an hour of it spawning ready for another to spawn in 3-4 weeks time to the point it's easy to pin point the area's and times it's likely to spawn. That's not unique. Used to be that drake/scale sets were 'endgame' content. Hard to get, you were lucky to get one. Same to an extent with bloods. However, scale/hide drops were changed, dragons now respawn regularly and so prices for hide/ scale have dropped dramatically since I made my own first set. New blood types were recently introduced too. I think people really miss the point. These creatures are supposed to be a rare opportunity with loot you need to work your ass off to get. There will always be greed, selfishness and competition for them, it's not supposed to be handed to you on a silver platter. I think, if anyone thinks that's going to change by removing notifications for them they're seriously wrong, but I'd love to be proved wrong on that front. The fact there is one of the players most known for finding, penning and having private slaying parties calling for changes to them being announced to make it harder for them to find them speaks volumes to me. I really hope these changes are for the better, for everyone in wurm.
  16. Absolutely fantastic service. Ordered a couple of times now and always defies expectations in price, quality and speed of the order! Just got an amazing black (2,2,2 98ql) for my new horse gear, pictured below equipped on a jet black horse
  17. Hi all, looking to get a char converted to a follower of Libila. Currently based on Release, but willing to travel pretty much anywhere coastal, will travel inland if there's easy access. PM please. Thanks in advance. *Edit - Got it sorted
  18. client keeps occasionally crashing when using "setoption no_world_render false" - only happens when turning rendering back on after having it off. Figured it might just be one of those things that happens occasionally but it happened 3 times today in 2 hours. Crash log in spoiler
  19. Nice to see some effort being put into uniques, it'll be interesting seeing what changes are brought in going forward - I'm sure there's a lot of things to carefully consider. As others have said, pendulums/ runes allow them to be found far too easily and take a lot of the fun out of it for a lot of people so this is absolutely a change I can get behind. Since getinfo can only be used once a day and covers a limited area I don't really see the point of this change though, especially since finding uniques only really became (easy) an issue after the priest update/ pendulums. I'd love to see a return of the many times I accidentally found a unique by running into it and then running the opposite way shouting for my friends to save my ass, or the hours spent searching the whole server for it with friends. Proper community spirit and involvement with them. Because right now it's so easy that, I know they spawn either in the middle of the night for me, or while I'm at work and they'll be found and penned before I even log in so I don't even try anymore.
  20. I'm sure someone once told me there was a speed penalty so idk if they were wrong or it got removed but its something I'd not mind seeing as it makes sense for it to be that way. +1
  21. Noticed my gear take a lot of dmg quickly, forgot to check dmg beforehand but checked after our first set on Pristine and after that to the end was +20dmg to pants and chest easily. Not sure if that's intentional.
  22. Just attended at Blossom, was a great event - thanks for the fun! I've never fought these mobs in game before outside of an impalong so hard for me to compare to previous experience but I feel like it was good! Difficulty seemed to be noticeably harder with each mob but not impossible. I actually thought they were going to take a lot longer to kill. Other than the fps lag caused when the sol demons set fire to EVERYTHING, was an enjoyable experience. The only down side I'd have to say was the Eaglespirits were a little difficult to target, and find which one I was killing. Edit: here's the screenshot I got, of some eagle mess
  23. I loved this last year, I'll be sure to show my face again this time! Can help on Cloth Tailoring, Leatherworking, Carpentry, Fine Carp, Blacksmithing and stabbing of critters...
  24. As per the title. Looking to sell one green tome charge. Please pm to discuss. Ingame currency only. thanks in advance.