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  1. Yes, memories are more important than models.
  2. Yeah it's best to leave items without models in the spirit of keeping the history alive. That makes sense.
  3. If it was more Blacklight orientated I wouldn't be leaving when my subs up on the 6th, I believe you may be mistaken.
  4. Dodgy pictures aside, I don't see why the other gods shouldn't have their own statues - But whilst those are being worked on i'll settle for unrestricted by faith colossus building
  5. There have been a lot of other changes recently so heres hoping. As for my response on your original version of this suggestion, i've added a note that it's now +1
  6. My opinion changed on the matter clearly At the time however it was viable to play as a Libila follower on the freedom cluster, that's no longer really the case. Though I do regret my attitude toward your suggestion now.
  7. Archer?

    Arrows are easy to make, especially if you consider that whilst training archery skill you'll most likely only be using shafts on an archery target. You'll get fletching skill from making the arrow shafts and by the time you have hit the archery limit of a target (40 if i recall correct) - You'll be able to start making 30ql arrows with ease and 40ql is the sweetspot you should be aiming for early on. Archery whilst hunting is viable if you don't mind collecting the arrows from the creatures corpses and you know what to avoid (Bisons absorb alot of shots before they die, trolls, sharks and some others are the same). But there are many creatures that don't take many arrows at all before they die and your archery skillgain is based on hitting the targets not just getting the killing blow like the overall fighting skill. TL/DR: Archery is perfectly viable even as a new account - it may just take a little bit of time to get into, but that's the same with everything in wurm so buckle in.
  8. I'm curious how much resistance this suggestion will get but i'm going to make it anyway. Currently you must be a follower of a god to continue "their" colossus, since you can't follow Libila legally on freedom, it's the only colossus not possible to be built there. I personally have no interest in playing on epic on hots home and I have no interest in returning to chaos. So my suggestion/request is to make it possible for players of any faith to build + continue any colossus. Looking for pros/cons to this suggestion. Thanks -One argument I can see against it is that "it doesn't belong on a pve server" but at the same time, I sent out several hundred hots towers a few years ago from chaos that couldn't be started on freedom and those towers stand tall across the cluster even today, at the time JK and MR started doing the same so there are many many towers that are pretty much the same thing. (Just a different model that "doesnt belong on a pve server)
  9. If you put an item on a non prem alt for a while then take it back off, it wipes the signature. Witnessed it hundreds of times.
  10. Still looking? Need any other Skills? Budget?
  11. iirc it's not permitted to name chars in order to harass others, try proving it though.