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  1. If higher skilled fishermen (or women) had the ability to catch and stuff fish for decorations, and it was only available to once you reached a certain skill (Lets say 80 in fishing) than you could make a living off fishing just by catching and stuffing fish to hang on walls. If you had the ability to stuff animals from hunting if your butchering skill was at a set point ( I will use 80 again) than hunters could make a living from just hunting. And if certain animals opened up at a certain skill point, wolf at 50 butchering, troll and 90 than I could see making a decent living off a skill set. With a little thought you could in theory make most useless skills useful to make money just by adding decorations for housing assigned to those skills. Mavv
  2. +1 To having the token in caves.
  3. Yes sorry for the confusion. I put this in town square asking players to build them on deed and allow everyone the ability to post. I was hoping traveling players would be carrying a pen and paper more often and could leave messages at these boards on players deeds. Mavv
  4. So now with the new Almanac book, people will start to carry around a pen and paper with them while they travel. Would be a neat idea if people put up message boards so travelers could put up a "Mavv was here" note. Be neat to see who travels through the area. I haven't really played around with the message boards much so I assume anyone can post a note. So only works on a deed. But you can set permissions so anyone can post. It keeps track of time and date so its a neat feature to have if people use it. If I come across any on a deed I travel through I will leave a message and I hope other people will as well Mavv
  5. In a perfect world epic would be the only pvp server. Its much easier to make adjustments to pvp if your not affecting the pve side of things. Note I'm not a pvper so my opinion doesn't really hold much weight.
  6. I would like the ability to transfer my freedom skills to epic as a one time transfer. That alone might get more people to play on epic from the freedom cluster.
  7. 1 Silver 50 copper
  8. I have added another bridge/road exit from my deed on colossus lake. Next time you are in the area can be mapped out. Island of Ravenwood 16X 47X
  9. Unicorns

    Do you mean tough to get as in tame and ride. Or tough to get to find them as they are pretty much extinct on indy. I don't see anyone ride them as they are a pain to tame. People would still need the 26 body control to ride anyhow. Mavv
  10. Very simple. Get rid of the taming requirements for unicorns. Keep the 26 body control and allow everyone to ride them once they get that. I have the taming and skill required to ride them before anyone comments about that, it just opens it up for all players to ride them sooner. Mavv
  11. Another use of lightning strikes. Every time a strike hits the land of wurm it would spawn a few rift creatures which would roam the world until hunted down and killed. Would have to adjust the amount of creatures so it wouldn't make it to difficult for players to kill. It would make the world a little more challenging for hunters and I believe that there is enough high skilled players scattered around the islands that new players shouldn't be that hard pressed. Mavv
  12. New item a spyglass on a tripod. Can be planted so no one but the owner can pick it up. Could be placed on view point areas so anyone passing through can use the telescope to look at the view. Mavv
  13. Thought I would bring this suggestion up again. Please look into adding mini kingdom flags to these poles. Its almost like they are made for them. Mavv
  14. Journeya demoloished all the houses for what ever reason and left the deed to disband on its own. I wanted to keep it going but didn't have it in me to rebuild all the housing.