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  1. Come one, come all to the greatest PVE server to date! We are a new PVE server that is setting up and getting ready to have a ton of fun. We are players from Wurm Online looking to get a medium size server up and running. However we cannot do this without help from other players like you! To get things started, we will be hosting a 1 week only special where we assist with the deed form needed for the first deed. We already have the starter deed set up, so log in now to the Caucasia server! This will be a players server, the GM’s are here to make your wurm experience great. We will take suggestions from players to implement what you want. We plan to implement the following in weeks to come: Random Evening EventsHoliday Events Enemy Villages with loot inside if you can infiltrate Scheduled PVP and Arena style events (In far future) Second server to explore and settle, connected to main. This will not be an OP GM spawn server, but rather a balance server, with balanced prizes to fit Current Settings Map Size: 2048 XP Gain: 7x Skill Timer: 4x NA Hosted server with regular backups, disaster server ready in case of outage. Server Name: Caucasia .... No password!