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  1. ähm, yes. i think so
  2. Free lands Upkeepmod doing his work: disbanded: Kokiri Forest, Mos eisley, Jeebu's Temple, Szegvar, Nyliandia, Muads, Black Dragon Empire, Lunacity, Arcadia
  3. he's just confused between the difference of WO and WU... not a big deal and i think eject already helped him.
  4. guess enki or some other stuff will anounce some news in time
  5. "irc cooking channel" - dont know why but i'm still giggling
  6. each to his own. my comment was a joke. i think i know very well what your purpose is. I personaly using the compass mod from bdew and not that one. Curently im on a fun server where these kind of mods doesen't matter but when i think of pvp severs this should be turned off. Im working on a tool that will warn the player and then kick him out. But it's really hard without some support from the devs and i realized that i cant prevent propper injections from the client. maybe im too low skilled for this and also the wrong forum for discussing that. Im happy that people release mods and that keeps WU alive.
  7. OMG... please move on Xyp. Didn't know that you have to pay on your server for real money. i hope this community will release some more of this kind of mods - just for you
  8. im glad that i can choose my prefered server and it's not yours Xyp... and back to topic: mod is working good - like it so thumbs up
  9. The boats are buged. if you mount a boat with 2 persons it will drive backwards and you get kicked out as commander after a while.
  10. Interesting Server. Makes a lot of fun to play there and always some people online (also GM's)
  11. Was that really so surprising? The same (most annoying and retarted...) people from WO on this Server.... You should really get rid of them, talor. All in all good Server, interesting concept but missing some mechanics to have real fun
  12. ingame - ingame money and it stays ingame - legal