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  1. Um I'm here too, lol. Though I don't have as much time on my hands to play as I'd like, sadly, but I try. And also I guess I haven't really seen PvP on this server yet (due to not having enough time/skills), but soon, soon!
  2. Thanking Alex and Erik

    Aww, thank you for all the work you guys put into this game and good luck!
  3. So my friend and I have been playing on a private server, just the two of us, since the release of WU. I recently found out that running a server with "use dedicated server" means you can open the game client without having to close/open the server again (so that Steam won't say "game is already running" even when the client has been exited and only the server is left running). However, just now when I loaded the same server we always play on but with "use dedicated server" checked (which we had as uncecked before), our characters reset and we spawned somewhere else. All the skills were back to 'starter' skills and we got to choose gender and appearance and all of that again, so like a total reset. When I opened the server again without "use dedicated server", everything was back to normal, our characters where we last left them and skills like we grinded up. Is there a solution to this? I tried to find if there's some kind of character save file or something we can somehow transfer (though I don't know where to transfer it to either) so that we can run the server with "use dedicated server", but couldn't see anything that looked like such a file. Would be nice not to have to restart the server every time I disconnect or every time I need to relog to change a setting, so does anyone know if it's possible to keep the exact same server and characters even with "use dedicated server" checked, when previously unchecked?
  4. These are some great observations. Thank you for posting this. Certainly makes the style of playing/skilling different in WU -- personally, I like it, though I'm aware others may not. For me, however, this gives me an extra incentive to raise skills such as blacksmithing and carpentry as this makes good tools even more important. Also doubles my motivation for making a Vyn priest character since the combination of WoA + CoC no longer cancels itself out but instead the spells complement each other. So I like it. Edited to add, I agree with Drakeling in that having an option to toggle it on and off would be great though, for the people who don't like it and would prefer the more "strategic" approach to balacing ql of tools with skill levels/ql of mats/timers.
  5. This is amazing, I can't wait to try this! Thank you for making this mod!
  6. Thank you both for your answers, very much appreciated. I understand, I suspected it might be something that I would have to implement in my own server/database. I will just have to learn then as I'm desperately willing to get this working for my personal creative server. Joedobo, I like the idea of a standardized modders server and client. Anything that makes modding easier/more possible/offers more option is a good thing in my mind. There is unlimited potential in this, because Wurm is just one of those games that people play in so many different ways -- some are merchants, some play for the animals, some for the combat/hunting/pvp, some as crafters/builders/decorators, and some are even in it just for the grind -- and modding enables people do make the game "their own", best suited to their needs, depending on what they want to get out of the game. Also wanted to say thank you again for sharing this 'mod', I'm so excited about it!
  7. But someone found a way to stop the crops from turning into weeds. One needs to edit the server.jar file, but according to the thread it is indeed possible to stop crops from turning into weeds:
  8. I am so, so happy this exists, especially crops never turning into weeds as this is exactly what I was looking for, to have farming villages with never-dying crops as decoration in creative mode. This is awesome, thank you! Though I had a request. If it's something that's possible, could you, or someone else who knows this stuff, maybe make some really coding-noob-friendly version of the undying crops? I don't know anything about coding so I don't know if it's even possible or if that's something everyone has to do for themselves, but I find myself intimidated by the idea of compiling classes and replacing classes since I don't know what that means or entails. If it's not possible, or hugely time-consuming or something, then I can find out of course, but I thought I'd ask in case someone can do it in a fast and easy way. If not, I will find out and try to get it to work myself, but going into this kind of stuff with no coding experience I think is intimidating for most people...
  9. Thank you so much for explaining! And actually, having a way of restarting the client without Steam blocking it is something I wanted too so this explanation was even more of a happy surprise.
  10. I love it that the kiln can now be used indoors, but most of all I'm excited about the birdcage!
  11. Sklotopolis - PVE

    Um, without meaning to slightly derail the thread, I just wanted to ask, how did you get the crops to never rot? I'd be extremely interested in getting that mod for my creative server. Would you be willing to share that? Nevermind, I found a thread explaining how to do this! Also, sounds like a great server! Sadly I barely have enough time to play my own creative one as it is, but I wish you and everyone else who decides to play here the best of luck and lots of fun!
  12. Unless I misunderstood you, this can't be right: I've tried it with as well as without checking the dedicated server tickbox. I play without checking that box now, and yet other people still can (and do) join my server from the internet. So I don't understand the difference either.
  13. I keep coming back to this thread, thinking every time that 'this is the time I make up my mind and finally vote for one'. The trouble is, every time I see the designs, they all look absolutely gorgeous and amazing and like everyone else, I end up wanting them all! I honestly can't even make up my mind about which one is my favorite. I see Blood Bay is a community favorite, and I love that one too, but I also love Champagne/Cream, Jet Black, and Chestnut. After some more contemplating, I finally voted for Blood Bay though, just because it's quite different from the ones we already have, and because if it was up to me, I'd replace the brown horse with the Blood Bay one altogether as it has a much more pleasant, and yet still different, brown color. It's just gorgeous. But really, I'll be happy if any one of designs gets added, because they are all fantastic. I'll be the happiest if they all (or at least a few) get added though. Please, devs, please?
  14. +1. I'd really like to see this. Right now everything is mixed together and kind of a mess, and it makes it really hard to find what one is looking for. Personally I'm interested in anything WU right now, just to stay as informed as I can about the possibilities and limitations of it, so I'd love to have a separate WU forum. For me, having to "sort out" if the thread is a WU or WO thread is just an inconvenience, but I can't even imagine what it must be like for new people who are not as familiar with the forums and with the game, and are trying to find information.
  15. I love the idea of altering the length of the final stage separately, and I love the idea of having the option to remove the final stage altogether. Playing on a creative server, I'd love to build farming villages and just leave the crops there without them ever turning into weeds, as decoration. I know I could just change the field growth setting and have each stage take a week/month/longer, but seeing as I don't use GM powers but want a more or less sped up vanilla type of creative server, I still need the crops to eat, cotton to heal and wemp to make ropes. If changing the final stage would be possible, I could still harvest the crops I want to harvest, and leave the rest to sit around and look pretty.