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  1. Watching the movie is optional for Puzzle Labyrinth riddles, but mandatory for life. ?
  2. I do like this idea. Would anything be stopping us players from just making it so, instead of having to hold a left click, you would simply scroll the mouse wheel, and the menu appears on the screen while it changes the action. Then you can just keep scrolling through the menu. Then after a short time the menu disappears from the screen.
  3. Hey guys. Good video. Title card looks great. Looking forward to seeing how Shady Vale progresses.
  4. Yeah, I love it. I like your design, that looks really cool. Maybe one day they will give us the ability to make ramps from within our house that allows for driving carts up. I've already used up all of our mortar since the live stream, to @McGarnicle's chagrin. Thanks everyone for the welcome back party.
  5. Happy Birthday Wurm. I'm glad I've been a part of it.
  6. Awesome Yaga. Glad you finally managed to finish and release this. Was really fun to watch.
  7. Lumpygravy's Folly is now called Autumn Twilight (37x 38y) Thanks!
  8. I actually bought the rights to the song to be used in a whole bunch of things, one of which includes video internet advertisements. Wossoo: Send me a forum PM or an email ( which you can find on this page http://www.serversaredown.com/about/ ) if you'd like to chat.
  9. Thanks everyone for the great comments and support. It was a long journey and a lot of footage, but I'm glad it came together as well as it did in the end. I would like to give special thanks: To Nyteshade for taking the time away from her tailoring to help be in a bunch of these shots (too many to count) To the Factional Fight village who I made stand inside a pit and dig on command. To Brash for her great cows and farm land. To Nicilie who wonderfully accepted to be in all the profession shots I was missing, and of course for providing us with her great horses. To Nikk & Liz for allowing me access to their Cog, and inviting me into their home (as well as a nice boat ride from Nikk). To Stargrace for making her stand there while I moved back and forth for 5 minutes (only to use 1 second of the footage ) To Tronn for sailing me around to capture the 5 (now 6) colossi at the Impalong. To everyone's creations I used in the video (Lots of different places from all over) And to Griphyth for putting up with my demanding direction, and the amount of times I made him strip! Thank you everyone. Now onto my next project!
  10. Hey guys. Been working on trailer in my spare time ever since Wurm 1.0 was released back in December. I finally managed to finish it and want to share it with the Wurm Community. Hope you guys enjoy. Watch The Unofficial Wurm Online Trailer
  11. Yeah +1 to rollback. Wife just lost all her horses which she spent the last 6 months breeding. And within a few minutes they all wandered up a mountain. She's not very happy right now.
  12. Left is stone brick floor, right is pottery floor />http://i.imgur.com/ZxGjR.jpg