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  1. The workbench sounds good. I've been playing with some thoughts similar to the original OP long ago, and this "workbench" sounds better. I love it! Still, if this is for new players mainly, how do you limit crazy usefulness a good workbench would have for older players? My entire village could share the same tools without bothering to even meet... and alts would benefit even more. I don't really endorse making alts cost free and burden free, at least I have to bother to leave/mail something to an alt or it won't have it. Could simplify it this way perhaps: - tools end up at the ql of the workbench - no enchants (or max 50) - the water container could be ignored. This way it will be useful in starter villages, to new players, and in a public-intended deed, to new and old passersby, but it won't replace one's own enchanted tools. It still makes alts easier but probably who is grinding them would still want to give them enchanted.
  2. There's another report on pickaxe speeds, this time only with woa: I think they're probably different issues though, one on speed rune, the other on ql+woa, not having the expected effects.
  3. I always check for non-citizen role at least: forage/botanize, repair/improve, butcher, groom, drop, dig clay/peat, unload. If you decide you don't want any of them, you can always change your mind. Also, I make sure to set the beds in buildings as being able to be slept in for free, no matter if it's "my" chosen bed or not. You get sleep bonus for sleeping, but there's a maximum of 5h of sleep bonus. After you get it, the bed you sleep in becomes available for the weary traveler to use. Lock your doors and set permissions on the houses you want accessible to "kingdom" "may enter", this way everyone can, and mobs stay away. Those you don't want accessible make sure they aren't. You may want to have a mailbox accessible (typically it's near the token), and generally it would be nice for the area to be easily passable, e.g. the highway coming to the deed should ideal continue naturally towards the other side of the deed and connect to the rest. Welcome to the game! It's an awesome choice of server and place, enjoy it
  4. Ah, I see. I'm not in the game at the moment, I'll test some when I log in if no one else fixes it before. No, it states only "glowing hot" indeed.
  5. I have to agree that server status would be welcome somewhere like launcher or forum or home page. Currently the status-new page is apparently the best indicator, thought I'm not sure it's always accurate. The home page status is definitely inaccurate. However, while I'd love to see at one working correctly in one of these places, I think it's better without if it's buggy at the moment. (I don't use Windows normally, and I have not tried the status application)
  6. It is on the wiki. If the wording isn't clear, how should it be worded?
  7. I agree the sound is bashing is too loud, compared with everything else. It would be nice to lower it somewhat. For turrets, can we have a different sound, that cannot be confused? Something specific to turrets only.
  8. I guess it could be nice to have "required weight" under the weights, active only when you choose an item to craft and changing accordingly when you choose another item to craft. Color of those numbers could be nice too, red-ish when insufficient. Then again, I don't know, isn't the crafting window a bit too full already?
  9. Yes, we should have more event messages that are currently missing. +1 to trades also, and name of the destination character in the log message when mailing.
  10. Prospecting under mining for sure... Why aren't they, really? Maybe because it was intended that the parent skill always does something, and here nothing seemed obvious? Just brainstorming.
  11. Just reorder, first name, then wood type. This should allow sorting by name, and still see the wood type.
  12. Fog

    Fog can be crazy thick, but it's so rare that I'm not sure the suggestion in the OP is warranted... If it gets implemented, I'd like to see it together with some offdeed lamps. +1 to some small regional fog, in whatever way.
  13. Afaik any tamed animal unhitches itself when it becomes untame. To my knowledge this hasn't been considered a bug.