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  1. Can we please get an answer to this? This is becoming critical: rift mats have decayed everywhere, around active beacons. Rift plants have been the first to go poof. Now there are almost none left, all over active Jackal where there have been plants before. They have decayed away, between the time we first explored the place, saw the beacon, saw a plant, and two days later when we organized an expedition to kill the defenders. Stone is next, it decays slower so we see some (lower and lower effective ql every day), but it will go away too. There are two issues at this point: first, rift mats around active beacons shouldn't decay as long as the beacon is active (as long as there are defenders), and now second... how about rift mats that no longer exist? Will new plants be "spawned" around Jackal?
  2. A few of our wetas are fat, those that are players' mounts afaik. They have food around at night, and they are fed manually when we are online, we just give them a meat or something every now and then. By far not all, but at least we see they can get fat. I believe the cause of death is displayed for 'cared for' animals, it doesn't depend on branding.
  3. Indeed. We even cleared a strong beacon on a mountain top the other day, and found no mats around. Zero. We also knew a beacon where there was wood a couple days ago, went there, the beacon was still active (with mobs, nobody beat them yet) but now there weren't any more plants. They must have decayed away. Mats should start to decay after the beacon is closed, not as long as the beacon still has its defenders.
  4. Yeah, there aren't enough hearts sometimes, and other times it seems players just don't care. You get both the jackal points and ability to harvest rift mats when you defeat all defenders, already. Unlike rifts, you don't have to close it. The only incentives for doing it are 1-2 additional points sometimes, which is no biggie. And, perhaps, closing them counts / should count for the server mission, but that's not always enough of an incentive to try too hard. (you can do it later, or you can ignore and bet that someone who cares enough will clean up after you...) I believe it would be best if at least one of those two - jackal points and/or ability to harvest -, would happen only AFTER the beacon was closed. Then it would matter. If that happens, I hope that such change comes with more beasts or ability to use source, because other than server restarts or long sailing in the corruption, it is difficult to get all hearts.
  5. We lost the first rig during attaching to the first knarr on Jackal. We took a deep deep breath, put together leftover mats, went foraging for the rest (not kidding) and imped more on every part of the second rig, so it'll end up higher ql than the first at least. No big difference but man, had to do something. Then our best skilled shipbuilder attached it at first try. Just to note, it's not repairable but it can be mended. FWIW.
  6. We tested that it works normally if there is no ghostly beast vanishing by itself at its summoner's death. At a third beacon in the same area, we had a summoner as last mob, and watched its health. When it was low, it summoned a beast and we got away from the summoner (it also teleported soon), and killed the ghostly beast. Then finished the summoner. That ended the beacon fight successfully. Trouble is when the beast vanishes by itself, then it seems to languish around in limbo.
  7. We fought mobs to two jackal beacons the other day. The last mob was a summoner. It summoned a "ghostly beast" right before it died. A single hit on summoner killed it, and the ghostly beast vanished. In my understanding, this is intended behavior so far. However, now the beacons cannot be closed, no option to burn hearts, no ability to harvest rift mats, no points awarded. Apparently the server thinks not all defenders have been defeated, but there's no other (visible) mobs anywhere. Our best guess is that probably counts the ghostly beast. This happened twice, two beacons are now unbeatable, same scenario. Combat log: It can be seen that a beast was summoned and summoner killed before it.
  8. Woot! Thank you so much for organizing a public fight, bob
  9. After the hotfix, the behavior is similar, some rift beasts are bugged/unattackable, some are not. It's not obvious that the bugged ones are summoned by a beacon or just random, they can be met both near a beacon and out in the wild or water. We don't see the endless taunting in the log above, but we are still unable to attack:
  10. Woohoo, grats!! Do you have title choices you're thinking about?
  11. This sounds like a sensible idea but sadly it didn't work, no difference in behavior that we saw.
  12. After the patch the other day, some rift beasts at Jackal beacons enter a bugged/blocked state: - they taunt a player endlessly, every second, and no one is able to attack them all the time (all attempts to swing are interrupted) - attempts to bash from combat window result in "[17:06:02] <Uisge> [10:05:44] That would be very bad for your karma and is disallowed on this server." There doesn't seem to be any reliable way to get them unstuck or attack them. According to players on Freedom, where it also happens, kiting aggressive mobs to them may get them unstuck and attackable. On Jackal, we don't seem to do even that. The Jackal beacon progress is blocked. There are tickets on this behavior, please acknowledge or suggest a course of action. Example of combat log:
  13. This may seem like a small thing but it's really annoying. Both issues: close enough that you can 'take' should be the same with can drag, but it isn't; and, the message is inappropriate, leading to confusion as to what the problem really is. It has been recurrent in chat channels, and reported before.
  14. Yeah I just noticed the same, and interestingly, Jackal also has 800. That's not exactly old, hehe, why is Jackal with 800?