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  1. Pristine Community Map

    Academy Harbor 1318, 823 Thanks for taking up the map!
  2. You may want to check out this, Lis:
  3. [Bug] Able to kill players on freedom

    If I understand it right, the player killed today was killed by shooting the bow. The achievement doesn't seem to work by shooting. It's tricky, but it is a different issue. Last I followed it, these days, my allies made it work when: you equip the bow in the right hand, (probably) have 20+ weaponless, wear no pants and kick the other character in a spar.
  4. Red Dragon

    Cool and quick! Thank you for the public fight, and the patience LordLouis!
  5. Red Dragon

    Yup, good job, and thanks for the public fight! Count Amath in.
  6. I tried lewie's configuration, and it does seem inconsistent. In my test, the highway is 2-tile wide, and the tiles nearby are dirt. View protection shows only 2x2 as expected, and it allows you to do anything to the tiles to the south, including building a house and creating a 40 slope. Creating a 40 slope is interesting because it clearly doesn't check the tile for highway restrictions. But for some reason it doesn't allow you to add floor to the house. [12:06:45] Test only:Protected: center, north, west and northwest The tile of the house is south. Edited to add: [12:12:20] <Iewie> (Xan) Just realised i cant build an roof on the tiles i cant build an floor....
  7. Lower table decay for food items

    Hah. I feel this could be right. Beewax.
  8. It's an unfinished stern you're just attaching pieces to, or a finished stern you're attaching to a boat?
  9. Breeding Broken

    There seem to be more than one issue here. On the behavior at 60+ AH, concerning 5-speeds, this report is related:
  10. Wurmiversary 2018 Tabards

    Nice idea! I would gladly wear a tabard but I'm not a fan of Freedom's. Would love another and wurmiversary is a nice moment to try it.
  11. I don't see why this isn't already working like the rest. We get "you will soon create an entrance" from the other side.
  12. Archaeology report management

    Yes, I wonder why don't they work like harvest reports. The way they work now: - was a bit clumsy to start with (more than one player expected that they worked similarly), - then much easier (no reed pen or ink needed is convenient, can't deny!), - then again felt weirdly "stuck" and less useful (can't remove/move report to create thematic journals). The latter is particularly affected also by the very limited number of reports in one journal. So I want to organize them if I'm going to use this. For example, I'm happy to have a journal with the history around one of my favorite places. But I'm also worried that I have two blank pages I could ruin if I bump into a former deed somewhere else... It would be nice if the content of a journal was under our control properly.
  13. The letter K

    I thought this was a feature, not a bug, it allowed me to send someone to the other side of Dragon Fang for nothing. Bonus points, I think the mislead player might have been Pingpong! (+1 of course )
  14. I assume it's the deed token, which is no longer necessarily in the center.