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  1. After the hotfix, the behavior is similar, some rift beasts are bugged/unattackable, some are not. It's not obvious that the bugged ones are summoned by a beacon or just random, they can be met both near a beacon and out in the wild or water. We don't see the endless taunting in the log above, but we are still unable to attack:
  2. Woohoo, grats!! Do you have title choices you're thinking about?
  3. This sounds like a sensible idea but sadly it didn't work, no difference in behavior that we saw.
  4. After the patch the other day, some rift beasts at Jackal beacons enter a bugged/blocked state: - they taunt a player endlessly, every second, and no one is able to attack them all the time (all attempts to swing are interrupted) - attempts to bash from combat window result in "[17:06:02] <Uisge> [10:05:44] That would be very bad for your karma and is disallowed on this server." There doesn't seem to be any reliable way to get them unstuck or attack them. According to players on Freedom, where it also happens, kiting aggressive mobs to them may get them unstuck and attackable. On Jackal, we don't seem to do even that. The Jackal beacon progress is blocked. There are tickets on this behavior, please acknowledge or suggest a course of action. Example of combat log:
  5. This may seem like a small thing but it's really annoying. Both issues: close enough that you can 'take' should be the same with can drag, but it isn't; and, the message is inappropriate, leading to confusion as to what the problem really is. It has been recurrent in chat channels, and reported before.
  6. Yeah I just noticed the same, and interestingly, Jackal also has 800. That's not exactly old, hehe, why is Jackal with 800?
  7. I did a small test on Freedom with a newbie alt, similar tool as on Jackal. It can be compared with the Jackal log: Give or take rng/human margin of error, this is just 1x.
  8. That's really good to know, thank you for being the guinea pig.
  9. I will add to this since the functionality of that window. Also: Cancel button does not appear to work. I opened the window, looked at items, then pressed Cancel. I got an error message in the window, in red, like the OP, saying I need to select something. But I didn't want to select something, just to look at number of points and options.
  10. Very nice idea. It feels like it should be happening already.
  11. From what I saw in other topics, it's WU style of skilling, at 3x rate 3x speed.
  12. Gwyn, I'm just saying this is an old and known behavior. It comes periodically in CA Chat. Really.
  13. Haha. Yes, it works again, thank you Locath!