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  1. I wonder if this is the shortest patch notes ever
  2. If they depend on a templar, then it's a shame for all those in the wild. And confusing. So if a player sees an archery tower, it cannot tell if it would work until they go nearby to examine to see if it's on a deed? That pretty much kills usefulness for players who may need it. They're already chased and barely noticing what is around except the hell hound.
  3. [18:47:21] <Amath> there we go, wagoners have beds "made from some grasses", this is what we could have in the wild \o/ [18:47:37] <Amath> hey it exists already Found another option! ^
  4. Good points. It feels wurmish that they chose a way similar to rarity, yet there are consequences that will imbalance the results. If instead of 15 it's 20 (like rarity, and it captures a little more from actions like mining), and skills like repairing or botanizing get it per "ticks-a-second", at least it gives a reasonable chance to every skill, but the imbalance remains. I don't know what to do that wouldn't be imbalanced, and particularly in favor of characteristics apparently. At least if it has to be, it should be in favor of skills not characteristics. Still thinking about it... On the other hand, I also note that mining with 1ql pick would result in quite a lot of "failures", 1 ql ores, and those are not successful skill checks afaict, so they wouldn't get it anyway even if they happened in time. I'm quite ok with some corner cases being disfavored, if they are indeed corner cases...
  5. The message on top of is not accurate, servers are down for a patch update. This isn't the first time either, so that message doesn't work as it should. I would suggest to either fix it or remove it, because some of us do count on it to see when servers come back up after a crash or a planned downtime.
  6. Good to see so many bug fixes
  7. Heh, any option to get SB without a bed in a house, but something to do for it "in the wild" would be nice. I don't think simply falling asleep at the wheel should be enough though. Maybewe should carry with us a hammock, which only works when hung between two fruit trees at some (wider) maximum distance.....
  8. Thin that herd all day long!
  9. -1 I'm for repairing all of them things! (well, no, not all, just a way of saying )
  10. Well, it would help. I have a part of a highway where I should fix stuff like remove a third line of paved tiles, leftovers of a fallen deed, which got caught under protection by accident. When I ride by there I think "err I forgot, don't have catseyes with me or maul or even cart, well... Next time". It's not much, maybe next time I stop and fix it even without stuff, but yes, it'd be nice to be able to reuse catseyes I think. I don't see much (any?) downside.
  11. I'm at low 50 AH and happy about it. A friend is in the high 50 AH and unhappy about it. About it getting higher. Of course she was not trying to skill, just breeded and sheared and whatever we do these days that increases AH unwillingly. This needs some tweaks.
  12. Finnn: I would agree to NOT change how much you get, you should get exactly the SB you would if you logged out.
  13. I don't see why not increase the slope for concrete to 80. So +1 to that.
  14. We already have reveal creatures from runes: Vynora gold. Also, the pendulum needs lurker. The rune doesn't need to be casted with a spell to work. A player without priests can just use them. +/- 0
  15. Love the suggestion. You shouldn't be able to do ANYTHING, but look and chat. Just fine for work days IRL PS: so could we sit in a chair outside the house for it? In the garden. That would be a big-ish change, allowing us to get SB without a house. Campers rejoice.