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  1. I think it doesn't behave the same for ships. You do not need to cross back to the other server before it becomes locked again. From what I understand from others about "rusted" tent locks, it seems the unlocked status for ships lasts less. Moreover, I seem to notice the particular behavior noted in the now-closed bug report that: there seems to be some code implemented checking locks for ships, after "some time" from crossing, and (re-)locking them. I am not aware of such behavior for tents, so from what I see, looks like a particular piece of code on ships or vehicles. If this is the case, that piece of code can be tweaked to do its checks sooner, like immediately after appearing on the new server, and that would seem good enough for ships. While definitely related to the buggy behavior of locks for tents, it looks like a different bug or solution.
  2. Looking in my logs for "which is unlocked", I find a new one: Logging started 2017-04-22 ... [17:55:23] You head out to sea. [17:55:23] Welcome back, Amath! Deliverance has been waiting for you. ... [18:02:10] It has a clinker-built hull assembled with iron rivets and one mast with a square yard sail. At insufficient wind it is rowed with oars. The side rudder is on the starboard side. Colors: R=128, G=28, B=28. It has a lock of poor quality, which is unlocked. It is made from cedarwood. It could be improved with a log. Ql: 90.11816, Dam: 0.0. The name of the owner, Amath, has been etched in the stern. No other occurrence in March, April, May so far. This one is from April. Later, it is locked again (I did not lock it back). It looks like there's some periodic or delayed task running, checking ships and locking them back, when they've become unlocked... Why is such delayed solution necessary, isn't it better to just "pass" the ship on the new server with all its characteristics from the start? I can't tell when it got "miraculously" locked again, it always does though. It could be relevant. The problem with the timing is, do they stay unlocked enough time for a realistic risk on assets inside? I think that in the case of the sailboat above, yes, it did stay unlocked too long: I was at shore with it, and it was still unlocked, I walked on shore doing stuff for a while and it was still unlocked. Please remember I was not able to lock it back. I can't tell when exactly it became locked again, but I would say that there was enough time for items to be at risk.
  3. Wooden houses 28-30ql in perimeter took for me recently 2.5-3 months until they decayed. It also seems that the decay is faster when the building is already heavily damaged, in other words it goes slower at the beginning, but then from 70dmg to nothing, it's faster.
  4. You can't deed over people's buildings, unless they expressly give you permissions to. No, it would increase its decay some.
  5. Which one is really old, and I presume, more skilled, and which one is the new one?
  6. Deed: Saint Absy's Cathedral, Release. Mayor: Elizarya. My main: Amath. Villager on the deed. My alt: Mya. Non-prem toon with only "non-citizen" role on the deed. Screenshot of permissions of the alt, as seen from the alt, is in a post above, in a "spoiler" tag. The mayor hasn't changed any permissions for this newb alt, she only seen it once, and I intently never requested any perms for it whatsoever.
  7. Update: we just got the opportunity to test again, because the mayor hadn't used their egg yet, so we repeated what I did before. The alt has no permissions to pick up on deed, no special permissions at all, only default non-citizen role screenshotted above. However, it was friends with the toon who dropped the egg on deed. So we repeated that too. Scenario went like this: - mayor accepted friends request from the newb alt. Mayor never uses friends for permissions, and definitely not for permissions on deed. - mayor dropped the egg on the tile with the token. - alt came on deed a couple of the days later, went to token and saw a flint. At right click, it had the option 'take', and used it. [13:55:38] You get a flint. - tested a few other items again: the alt cannot pick up anything else. [14:34:31] That would be very bad for your karma and is disallowed on this server. (a rug nearby, no structure) This looks to me like simply being on friends list gives you the item from egg, even if it's on a deed you don't have permissions to pickup. The flint was on ground for more than 12h. We don't have another egg to test on live, or we'd test if not being on friends list does or doesn't still allow you to pickup the item. Either way, it looks like a bug, and a reproducible one. Being on friends list, but with no permissions attached to friends or toon definitely shouldn't allow you to pick up these items on a deed you have no permissions to. At minimum it's an unexpected behavior, we players are used to think that an item on a deed is submitted to deed permissions. The only special case I can think of (and why I asked the mayor to put the alt on friends list) was/is corpses of players, and even for those now there are profile settings to control if friends pick them up or not.
  8. I thought that for structures owned by the mayor or villager of the deed, there is no extra fast decay rate. There should be increased decay rate only for structures owned by someone 'stranger' to the village. Do you seem to have a different experience?
  9. May 8, 2017 10:38:44 AM A new Rift has been reported! Challenging location, it seems: G20/21 (see spoiler for an image thanks to Carrera)
  10. Hah, on the other side of the highway than it was recently. Thanks for taking the trip and posting the heads-up!
  11. I just checked with the mayor, that alt did not have any special role, no permissions to pick up.
  12. As noted in PM too, please CoD to Amath. Thank you!
  13. I cannot comment on EVE's system, but other than that, this perspective resonates with me. And I agree, it cannot/will not happen in wurm anymore. On the contrary, the direction for years has been to make it travel-free or no-time-needed as much as possible. At some point, I found interesting how Pristine/Release, after connection, were connected via a freaking long Xanadu south/north sides. It was a pain, to be sure, but a pain which, I hope, may have helped P/R to prefer local markets. And if that is only vane hope, still, I actually find that P/R has developed a 'local is important' mentality in some respects, and I like that. Personally, I still choose or try to choose intently to buy/imp from local players, where local means server, simply because I care about supporting the local economy. That only happens however in a few particular cases, periodic cases (like weapons imps), and not on most other cases. Back on topic, I voted the 3rd option. We do need some logs of transactions, mails, an ability to search 'whom did I mail this thing and for what money', as well as 'from where did I receive this thing and for what money'. Maybe also for player-to-player trades, which currently say nothing in event tab than "transaction was successful". Why not log items that were exchanged? Also, for player-to-merchant trades, both for merchants (so for the seller), and for the buyer. This one is better now for the buyer, I can and do 'force' a full log of what happened when I buy from a merchant, by examining the merchant, and the item, then make the deal. The system logs how much money the merchant requests, so I get somehow full information. It would still be nice if, when the transaction is completed, it logs a simple summary though, like "you buy x for y silver from z merchant'.
  14. Old experiences do not necessarily apply after the changes to branding and permissions. If the horse is branded, and you set permissions restricted to whom you choose, then no one else should be able to ride, hitch or attack. With the caveat that leading is tied to the deed permission to lead, and not to the horse riding permission, so those you set to be able to lead on deed will be able to lead it, even if they can't ride it. You can also see in manage animals window if the horse is alive or not, there is no need anymore for someone else to tell you.
  15. After I picked up the egg, I tested that the character is unable to pick up anything else from deed, as noted in the OP. For other items on the deed it had 'steal' or nothing, and can't take. For items from bsb it received a permissions error. Only for the gem from egg it had 'take' option and it worked. Now, I logged in, and tried again, with the same results: the alt is unable to pick up anything I try. e.g.: a rug on the ground, not in house: [20:27:50] That would be very bad for your karma and is disallowed on this server. [20:27:54] This thin, colorful rug provides some comfort as you sit on it but its main purpose is to create a meditation zone where your mind can relax. It could be improved with a string of cloth. Ql: 55.412373, Dam: 0.0. A bench near the rug: [20:27:56] That would be very bad for your karma and is disallowed on this server. [20:27:58] A stone slab on two bricks. It looks very inviting. It could be improved with a rock shards. Ql: 49.32307, Dam: 0.0. A stool on the meadow, deed land, no structure: [20:46:51] That would be very bad for your karma and is disallowed on this server. [20:46:54] A small round chair without a back to lean against. You can barely make out the signature of its maker, '.ri...o...'. Ql: 27.754938, Dam: 0.0. An unfinished coffer: [20:47:00] That would be very bad for your karma and is disallowed on this server. [20:47:01] You see a coffer under construction. Ql: 7.063214, Dam: 0.0. The coffer needs 5 plank, and 2 small iron nails to be finished. Moreover, this wasn't my own deed: a friend is mayor, and my main is villager. Since I never asked the mayor to add my new alt to anything, I believe they didn't add this new alt to anything. I will ask the mayor if they ever changed out of the blue. However, as noted above, I tested immediately after picking up the egg, that the alt couldn't do anything else I tried. Permissions for the alt's role, as seen from the alt: Your test must be missing something, but I can't think what that is... Was your character entirely a stranger (like mine), or a known role/villager with no pickup permission? Was the egg on ground or somewhere else?