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  1. You say you had another book with blank reports. Wasn't that a journal?
  2. Hi! I would like this, please: saw, iron: BOTD 93: 78c Sent to Amath. Thank you!
  3. Also reported in: It´s counter-intuitive, and I do believe it should be looked at. Meanwhile, it may be a little less confusing if you look at it this way: lead deed permission allows leading of ¨animals that belong to the deed¨. Who are all the animals that belong to the deed? Those unbranded, present physically on deed land, and those branded on that deed, present anywhere on the server. I probably don´t have a proof, but I think that was the idea underlying the current behavior. To prevent leading of branded animals, we can: - not allow ¨lead¨ on deed (but there are many reasons why lead for our alliances etc and specially citizens is necessary) - add ourselves by name to our favorite branded horses, and apply ¨deny all¨ for anyone else. Note that it would deny it then even to ¨officers¨ of the deed, those with manage allowed objects permission. I think devs should fix it, it would avoid a lot of accidents. A more natural behavior is to prevent leading any branded horse as long as you don´t also have permission to ride it. That can come from permissions on the horse, or from manage allowed objects, and, additionally, should probably be made available to the citizen roles with ¨branding¨ permission.
  4. It´s not the second, I´ve done that more than once, and I´m surely not alone. Being away from a server for ~6 months or more shouldn´t lose cared fors.
  5. You could also set permissions on the BSB/FSB that has been paid for, by name? It should replace the need for key, since in this case you know who the buyer is (unless they bring an alt ) (Or - but shouldn't be needed - a locked chest, with the FSB/BSB key inside, and with permissions on the chest to the player name.) If the locked-and-perms BSB/FSB are off deed or in a house/deed where the player can take, it should work. If the locked BSB/FSB and on a deed where the player can't take, it doesn't work, but in that case, with any key (new, not mailed) it doesn't work either. If the BSB/FSB perms don't work for you, can you tell more about your setup, if the BSB/FSB are on a deed/house and if random players have perms?
  6. Overall, love it. Deeds should be only created on connected "cleansed" land, kinda like tower chaining. One thing I loved about Jackal and Epic is the faster action timers. You have limited time, you need it and it feels so good to just-get-things-done. I get that now if we assume full skill transfer, it might not be as necessary as it was, but I'd still support it. One thing that should be reminded: wetas. Always wetas. Must. Have. Wetas. Back.
  7. This was an amazing feat of wurmian perseverance in those early days. Thank you all for the work on it! Very useful, but also, thanks to its story and name, when I passed by there I even knew where I was!
  8. Please don't make distance from altar be even worse than it already is. Distance from altar is not a pvp thing. Moving your character is basic gameplay. At least if you want priests to be played, not just afked alts sitting on an altar all day. If you need a pvp condition, use engaged in pvp combat or enemy in local.
  9. Is there a cave below these tiles?
  10. Can you make a screenshot with the pile, opened to show its contents? Did you drop something else than cotton seeds, first, then took that away? It does remain a box-pile that way sometimes.
  11. I don't know if it should or should not be in game, but if it was, it would make sense to use the highway system. Like wagoners already do.
  12. You kind of can, if you brand a horse at home (before you leave), leave it there, then wherever you are on the server, you can look in Manage animals screen, select it and "Get Direction". It will tell you where the horse is in rapport with you, and how far.
  13. When you hover mouse over the wound, it says if it's healing or not, or worsening. I think the idea about weight showing somehow under stamina is good, it would help. Way too cumbersome to get to it currently. At least you want to heal wounds usually, and they're displayed in order, from the worst to the lightest, so I think you look easier/often there, but at weight not so much. I am not sure if status is the place for any of these two things. Later, at end game, when you get meditation abilities or tomes, they are all added to status icons, and they're so many you hardly see any new one. Under stamina somehow for weight would work though. Ideally, we could have status icons split, perhaps, between permanent abilities like medi/tomes on one side, and temporary status effects on the other.
  14. Just to make sure I understand correctly, you are talking specifically about creating lots of maul heads, for example, to get rare maul heads? (therefore mauls) While "creation" of raw materials, like stone shards, appears unchanged, and/or creation of non-guaranteed parts, like shafts, appears unchanged from what you can tell?