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  1. [Bug] Passenger speed bonus not being removed

    This is known for a long time, and people in chat every now and then believed it intended. It has been used to travel faster with alts intraserver without keeping the client(s) open. I was not aware that it IS removed when turning. That seems to say that it wasn't intentional. I'm glad you're reporting it, maybe it can get more clarity.
  2. no "Load Creature" option

    What did you do to get it to appear again?
  3. Can't Reload Unlocked Cages from Deed

    Ah, I think the first is not a bug. When you unlock it gives you the lock, without it the item has no 'persistent' ownership anymore. Seems consistent. You say however that the deed owner also couldn't load it. What error did they get?
  4. Raise the item limit

    That's a wonderful picture, but I have to agree it needs more books visually. Somehow. +1 to some dust option too I guess... or just limit the no-decay to books on shelves.
  5. Can't Reload Unlocked Cages from Deed

    On a server, I transfered ownership of a loaded creature cage, to an alt not online. I instantly lost perms, as expected, though I could still the creature as the cage was open in the ship. Crossed to the server where the alt was seen last; now I can't open the cage anymore, which is also expected. I wonder what else you did to end up with ownership reverted.
  6. Trolls can swim

    I've had two wolves swimming across a deep canal, at least 2 tiles fully submerged at higher depth than they could theoretically cross. The scene was interesting, in that it took a while; they obviously wanted to get to my alt, and couldn't in a number of spots, then moved around, then eventually passed to the next tile; as if they faced invisible walls until they found a crack in the wall.
  7. Can't Reload Unlocked Cages from Deed

    Locked creature crates cannot be loaded back either. I was wondering it it was kinda normal that they depend of 'load' deed permission, like any crates, but it is not the same because they're locked: locked or lockable portable objects have ownership, one would expect the owner to be able to take their stuff off a foreign deed, no matter the deed perms. Just like you don't need "push" or "drag" to push or drag your vehicle off a foreign deed. There's no warning and no time to realize you're blocked with the creature crate. In one scenario, I had 'unload' on a deed, but not load; I unloaded instantly on deed, no warning appears anymore about not being able to load (like it used to do for regular crates back when load/unload weren't instant), and I wasn't able to load my creature crate until the deed owner set 'load' permission for me. The creature crate was created by me and locked by default. I think it would save us some trouble if the behavior was to allow the creature crate owner (where such exists) to always 'load' their stuff. Also, where the game knows the owner, it would be useful and perhaps more consistent to say it in examine message. Were you alone or was the former crate owner a passenger?
  8. Thinking about it some more, I think you should be able to un-tame from the management window when the animal doesn't exist on the server, and if you enter the server with a second pet, surviving crossing, then an immediate check can remove the first pet with "you can't keep control over" the first too.
  9. I checked my manage animals screen on Release, and I saw I still had a horse listed for which I cared for on Release, then went to Cele where it was killed. Thinking about it... this seems normal. The game needs to keep my 'care for' spots, so that I can't care for more than 6 on Release, and, it doesn't know on Release that it's dead. I was able to remove cared for, and reclaim the spot on Release. I also removed brand. It wasn't tamed. Yet, with taming it doesn't seem quite right, since it you can't un-tame it on the original server... It's unclear to me what the right behavior should be here.
  10. Dirt - So what's the dirt on dirt?

    "Standard" price is 1s for 1k dirt. Sometimes a bit lower. However, personally I haven't seen as low as 60c, not advertised anyway. (I don't know if in private negotiation, particularly when the seller is in some hurry, it gets there.) You say you're new to wurm. Have you dug yet 1k dirt? And, more importantly, welcome around!
  11. Can not remove incomplete fences

    Thanks for the report, Teee. I've seen these weirdnesses, and I think a GM may need to come over to investigate and make it bashable or make it disappear, because it is possible there 's no way for players afaik. Is the fence under a bridge between buildings, or in some configuration with bridges and buildings above/around it? It would be useful to know, that's when it seems to happen.
  12. Can you explain in more detail what you do, in the corner of what kind of tiles, and which tile is replaced with rock? Can you still dig after? Can you surface mine any corner of the new rock tile?
  13. Well, if this is going to be implemented, it would be nice to remove all messages about each player slaying the same unique, show only the unique slayed message in the event window, but keep all those on Twitter.
  14. More alloys!

    Add items in Corinthian Bronze to archaeology, and don't make it craftable. *ducks from the ire* Seriously +1
  15. Hatch-ling slaying

    Cheers, fun time! Thanks for organizing a public fight!