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  1. I've seen multiple players caught by surprise when push-to-talk was rebound, it surely wasn't their intention and it can be very confusing.
  2. AceRifle, did you skill those skills on Harmony? I'm not sure what you mean by "flatten to 1". Last I looked, a couple months ago, if you have x3 on Epic, the Freedom skill will not transfer. It only will transfer when you get rid of 3x by skilling on Epic, just enough for 3x to vanish, so back where it was on Epic, then the Freedom skill transfers if it's higher.
  3. "Sleep in a bed" did not complete for me either. I do own the house. It is on a deed I don't own, and "deed managed". I agree it shouldn't matter.
  4. You can Examine the boat, and see the message in Event tab: it tells you what it needs to improve every time. For a boat, it will be one of: log, carving knife, file, pelt, mallet. Activate the tool it needs, then right click the boat to improve.
  5. A player was trying to build a staircase today. They planned it, then got a lot of materials in inventory, to build it, but got the error: You need planks, shafts, small nails, large nails, stone bricks and mortar to start building that. They did have each of those. However, it eventually turns out that they had 11x shafts in inventory, all non-full weight. It was a frustrating experience for them. Needless to say, many of us have experienced the same. Can we have a clearer message in such case, something added, like: You need planks, shafts, small nails, large nails, stone bricks and mortar to start building that.Not all materials are full weight. Or: Cannot use shafts less than 1 kg, discarding. You need planks, shafts, small nails, large nails, stone bricks and mortar to start building that. Or: Some shaft cannot be used. You need planks, shafts, small nails, large nails, stone bricks and mortar to start building that. Note that the latter doesn't say what the problem is, but it does say where to look.
  6. Are you using Ctrl+drag or something else? Can you please give an example of actions?
  7. I saw multiple cases in CA and Freedom, people pick up some item, and it doesn't show up in inventory. They check there's no filter active, and the item is still invisible. It shows up after a /relog for /lotime.
  8. Fishing with net is completely different than fishing with rod/pole/spear. Fishing with net is almost the semi-afk experience that players seem to like in the former system: make 3 nets, start fishing, turn on netflix, while your nets fill up with small fish. At the end, drag the fish into a bucket and repeat. So if that's what you'd like to do, you can do it. For some reason, new players jump directly at pole/rod, skipping net. I'm not sure why, but I'm pretty sure that it would be a better experience overall for people if you do net fishing, see that it works, get yourself a bunch of small fish, and go about your business. Later, you can play with more complicated aspects of fishing, if you want, it's completely optional for feeding yourself. FIshing with spear and fishing with rod are strangely opposite in one essential mechanic: with rod you have to click somewhere, anywhere to hook, with spear you need to click on the fish that comes to you. This duality adds to the learning curve IMO: if you learn spear first, rod later, you have to develop some habit of looking for the fish and trying to click correctly, then suddenly turn off your habit or get frustrated that with rod "it doesn't work". If you learn the other way around it's even worse. My suggestion here, for a smoother experience, is usually to not do spear fishing at all (go from net fishing to rod fishing if you're skilling fishing higher), or until you are ready to give it some time for itself, learn it, play with it, try stuff, spear your foot, just take your time.
  9. *pushes Antony away* oops didn't mean it, but you were in the way.
  10. It would be nice to have something, some different light source that spins around, so that it'd be recognizable as a lighthouse. I have made a 10 story building with marble braziers inside, but you don't actually see it from far on a lot of settings (it depends) and even when you do, eh, I recognize it in part because I expect and know exactly where I expect it, I'm not sure it's too recognizable otherwise.
  11. On the other servers, domestic animals like dogs, roosters, spawn enough and you can find. I assume it will be the same on new servers. Right now, in the first days, I think people hunt them for every bit of new player Fighting skill and weapon skill, or take home any animal they can groom for Animal Husbandry skill. It will calm down, and most will be found.
  12. Really? And, um, how do you pronounce Neopherus? Amatheus on Harmony and Amaranthine on Melody, are currently drifting without a paddle. I mean, the only wurmlife I know is living on my ship on old servers, and now I don't have my ship. A rowboat just won't do, no sir. So I don't know what they're doing, and neither do they.
  13. FWIW I know of a few that did it mainly to move, because of frustration with finding iron, either a spot with no rock or iron too far or too inconvenient. On Harmony, there are also those who moved to Melody.