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  1. That makes sense. A little more meaningful skill is a good thing to have. But also, this part: "we have exorcism finally given a use via removing corruption, but prayer does nothing to increase the power" doesn't seem quite the right behavior.
  2. Great shop, Syhl has gone far and beyond to make the buying experience easy as pie. Thank you!
  3. I get the rest, but how did this one happen, where was the oil when on the merchant, and was the backpack with oil in the mailbox?
  4. It sounds like what you may be seeing is that flowers "on top of" things are treated like "in" a container. Things in a container are not decorations, so they're not protected from decay on deed. But that has been tweaked in some measure: According to patch notes below, "decorations" should be now protected even in containers. Maybe flowers are treated as decorations outside containers, but don't qualify as decorations inside... For how long did flowers outside a container, on the ground, take no damage? Or do they take *some* less damage?
  5. I agree this is buggy. If decay is supposed to happen, then the game should *show it* to the user when each tick happened. If it's not supposed to happen, then catch-up should not happen. Like most decay already works in-game.
  6. It might matter, because hens cannot reach venerable unless they're cared for. They die at aged in their "natural state", so to speak. It sounds like the Manage Animals window might not know of such "unnatural" creature. Edited to add: just wondering, could it be present in the list, but without "venerable"? Is an aged hen present?
  7. According to the log, you had "left the cave" when the damage happened. Not sure how/where it thought you were, but you were shortly outside.
  8. Maybe here or nearby, west or north a bit,4242 Going by the sand and the rock, and topography lines. There's no village (terraforming leftovers) a little south of the sand though, visible on the map, but it might be that the map dump is too outdated... or approximate.
  9. Wow... Maybe around here,1814 going by topography lines (sort of!) and hoping that the black dot is tar.
  10. That the higher skilled foragers find very rarely "iron rock" while the low skilled characters have a much better chance, was intended. I think these were the patch notes: Made chance on getting rock when foraging depend on inverse skill. e.g. more likely to get it on low skill. This makes sense to me, since new players may really need that first iron somehow, while old players have much more ways to get themselves iron. If it had a normal chance, it would hinder the chance of foraging other things they're after. We have so many things added in the foraging table over and over again, that it's really rare to find fairly regular things sometimes. However, it is still possible to get it, at least at 80+ foraging. I don't know at 90+.
  11. Richtje, were you the last person to drop the casket in the knarr? It might be useful to say that too in the ticket, or rather make the /support ticket on the character who had the casket in inventory last.
  12. OK, so this might explain it... I thought BT adds another, very light, infection wound, to the regular wound. But I tried again, on a regular mob this time, and when it procced it did one big infection wound: The champ anaconda's was very likely smaller than this, but if the wound becomes in its entirety an infection wound, if it worsens every single minute, then ... maybe it killed? It just seems so overpowered, one-hit on champ anaconda with a low body character doesn't sound quite right.
  13. I just saw on another hidden creature, an aged croc I think, I did an infection wound of 25 damage. That's (much) more than I expected! But it's a weaker mob, dunno. With only one wound, BT infection has to work like crazy to kill it. If it worsens every minute, it would have needed to add more than 2/min on average or something.
  14. I don't think so, I only hit it once, and it barely did some damage. 70 FS, under 30 body strength, 90ql haxe with 2k BT. I expected that little red on it to heal sooner than I put myself back together. 😅 Edited to add: 31 haxe skill. There are no potions or stuff, just plain low BT. However, it did do: [21:45:06] You cut aged champion Hidden Anaconda deadly hard in the chest and damage it. [21:45:06] Your weapon infects aged champion Hidden Anaconda with a disease. I think the wound was less than 20%, but lets say it was 20%, and lets say the BT infection would have worsen every minute, but that should have been light to begin with, I don't know how it could have killed it (and I didn't notice worsening red until it disappeared). On a related note: when you kill hidden creatures, there is no message in Event or Combat log that it died. At a minimum, it would be very useful to add that.
  15. Patch notes say: Combat Challenges: when you try to dig up a location you may come across some creatures ambushing you which you must defeat before you can continue digging it up. Will go into hiding again after 45 minutes if not yet killed until you come and dig again, then the same remaining creatures will ambush you again. Today, I was with my NFI newbie on Cadence, 66 ql map, at step 4: [21:30:41] You start digging for treasure! [21:30:56] The aged raging Hidden Huge spider has arrived. [21:30:56] The aged Hidden Lava spider has arrived. [21:30:56] The aged hardened Hidden Lava fiend has arrived. [21:30:56] The aged hardened Hidden Lava spider has arrived. [21:30:56] The aged champion Hidden Anaconda has arrived. I killed the first 4, then got trapped between a hedge and a tree and the anaconda did away with me. I ressed at tent nearby, anaconda was still there for a few minutes, then I didn't see it anymore. I fixed me up, looked around, no anaconda, and went to dig again. [22:03:49] You start digging for treasure! [22:04:14] You find a small old casket. [22:04:25] You carefully work to open it up without damaging what's inside... [22:04:26] You find a piece of parchment. [22:14:30] This is a difficult clue. You have completed 4 steps of this treasure hunt. This clue may have between 4 and 6 steps. No anaconda. It wasn't 45 minutes yet, either.