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  1. Absolutely recommended, all around great service. Very well done Cheef!
  2. +1 this would make it so real I would even know the difference anymore.
  3. Hello Asheram, Could I please order a low ql pickaxe iron/steel preferably sub 10ql with 90+ botd on it? Mailed to Birdmansback. Thanks!
  4. Would recommend, I sent my rare saddle to be imped up and it was done so fast I had it back before I could finish dinner, : ) Would definitely use Tim's Tannery again. Thanks for the great work!
  5. Hi Asheram, I'am looking to have 4 Horseshoes with 90+botd cast on them, my in game name is Birdmansback. Who should I send them to?
  6. I will save the date on my flip up phone. =Lockdown=
  7. This thread is clearly to troll, I will just leave this here and hope some maturity comes from the OP in the future. Trolling Definition: Inflammatory or off-topic messages intended to provoke other members into a desired emotional response or to otherwise disrupt the topic. A ) You may not post with the intention of negatively provoking other members. - If you must leave criticism, consider your post carefully and word it constructively. B ) You may not disrupt any thread. C ) You may not defame or discredit Code Club AB, its products, developers, or Wurm Online team members. Also breaking this rule as well in many of your posts. Language A ) You must use English when posting in the forum. If you cannot use English, we suggest the use of a translator. - You may use your own language in the recruitment thread(s), provided that there is an English translation in the original post. Hope this helps, =Lockdown=
  8. Please fix the lag. At this point it's completely unplayable.