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  1. Can We Talk About The Lag On Indy Now?

    Please fix the lag. At this point it's completely unplayable.
  2. Farewell to the greatest Dev

  3. Farewell to the greatest Dev

  4. Plan for a Plan

    Should have merged. At least it would have kept money flowing a little more.
  5. Loneliness in Wurm

    Rip the dream.
  6. Patch Notes: 23/MAR/17

    Not really. It just makes the play field more even. All of libs spells are usuable by the WL kingdoms but bl kingdoms were forced to only follow lib. This now allows all kingdoms to gain access to any spell by simply following the player god of choice.
  7. remove lib lock

    Thx for lookin out guys.
  8. 18 Month Epic Libila Player Experience Forecast

    Very professional response. Just enough salt.
  9. remove lib lock

    Revert it now. This is in no way balancing.
  10. remove lib lock

    My 5 accounts (3 of which are on freedom) all run out of premium in 2 weeks. I won't be wasting my money any further if this is the garbage treatment we are going to get.
  11. remove lib lock

    Clearly things are in the red and it's obvious the gravy train ran out. How long until the game has no paid staff? This is rediculous on so many levels. Why not fix this? Is your point actually to run people off? What's the endgame? People called this when rolf stepped back and took his money to other things. The death clock on the last of the paid dev/staff is ticking even faster.
  12. remove lib lock

    Pure nonsense. Revert or take lore out and make all priests availble to every kingdom.
  13. Remove HotS taming Nerf

    They definitely make it feel that way.