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  1. Drake Sets For Corpses

    So, when u have done the jacket, do i need to come and get it from Northern Sanctuary, or will u send it to me whit mailbox? I can pay that 10c or 20c CoD. If you CoD/send it to me, please send it to Kincain, there is no account whit the name Kincai. Thanks, Kincain
  2. Drake Sets For Corpses

    Dropped 67 corpses more at Northern Sanctuary, in front of merchant again, so total should be 228 corpses now. And as i said i only do the Drake jacket now, maybe green(color) if possible, i dont have time to collect more now. Kincain
  3. Drake Sets For Corpses

    Hey, I dropped 161 corpses to Northern Sanctuary. The dropoff point was full of corpses, so i dropped them in front of merchant, Im going to get only 220 corpses for drake jacket, so i will deliver those 59 corpses more, probably today. My Cele account name is Kincain.
  4. Drake Sets For Corpses

    Not sure how many copses you need, but ill start collecting corpses now. Probably around 100-500.
  5. Big Wild Loot Sell

    I will take that 39.35QL Ropetool, pinewood (gar - coc72) , 1s? And that 15.30QL Rake,iron (65c), 60-80c? Cod to Kincain in Cele.
  6. Tarakan Is Recruiting

    Im now north Coast of Exodus, coming whit sailing boat and the wind is not the best. If im not there today, i will be there tomorrow.
  7. Tarakan Is Recruiting

    Lol, yes if youre still rescuiting as i asked before, i am very interested to join.
  8. Tarakan Is Recruiting

    Still looking for people?
  9. Close Please

    Close please
  10. Deliverance Updated Map

    My deed Shire location is 24y,19x near Deliverance Marketplace