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  1. Global cast waiting list for Benediction

    Ornate Libila (Rite of Death) 63.99 Channeling USTZ prime during week, or most of weekends free
  2. Patch Notes 30/MAY/19

    Normal map adds more depth/3-d type look. Specular map would make it shiny.
  3. Make name change Possible.

    +1 but maybe have a nonchangable name and a display name (an option to toggle displaying permanent versus display names). Maybe have a trader item for 5-10s to change display name to limit changes. PvP players would generally with the permanent names displayed while freedomers would likely normally use display names but change to permanent if they're having issues. (make sure tracking shows permanent or both names) Maybe call it a nickname. And permanent = your name This is similar to a system where MMOs have it where you can have same name as someone. But when you're both in local it shows a 3 digit suffix to differentiate the 2 (I'm thinking of either Discord or GW2, don't really remember atm)
  4. Don't forget about mobile. 2 columns isn't really readable.
  5. Affinities in non-action-based skills

    I got aggressive fighting on one and normal fighting on another character.
  6. Big cleanup sale, rares and silver

    Rare Metal Brush cod Lionix
  7. WTS Rare Bone 15s

  8. WTS Rare Bone 15s

    89.77 QL Rare Strange Bone 15 silver PM or post here
  9. I'll come. I'd like room 109. Can do lw/bs/ws/fc (90s), pas (70s), Masonry (~80) I might do some ship building, pottery or js if I get the time (about 50 on each) Also will bring a Vyn (83) And maybe my Lib (63) if we're light on BL and people don't mind the risk (I can bring own favor for the Lib) As far as resources. I'll work on getting leather (currently have 100 150 ready, will work on more).
  10. WTS Rare Bone 15s

  11. CLOSE

    Rare cloth glove to Lionix
  12. +1 and also base on damage instead of tagging mobs.
  13. Did they have snowballs in their hands? Might have done 1c each snowman + 1 for the contained snowball.
  14. [Investigating] "gods must be crazy"

    On Release for Magranon mission it says Harvestmoon Lagoon in Center East region (it's actually NE) (picture isn't showing up for me)
  15. When I do a confession. It keeps saying the person must stand still even though the character isn't moving. It only works if I make the character sit down in a cart/boat. Perhaps this is related to the movement code referenced in the devblog?
  16. [Auction] Rare Horse-Gear Set

  17. Rare Saddle 90 qlty - sold

  18. The lighting in the character windows is really dark as you can see in the screenshot below. The sword should be brighter and the black dyed helmet is excessively dark (there should be some silver highlights where it's not dyed). My backpack also flashes back and forth dark/light.
  19. WTS Rare Materials, Tools & Masks

    If you'll take 6 s total for the awl and hammer, cod to Lionix (note I will get mail Saturday)
  20. WL&BL Sermons at Amore P15, can summon(paused)

    Thanks so much! +1 100 faith Libila
  21. Sailing skill

    I'd rather have some modified interface when embarked as commander than just a skill for speed. Ships already got buffed with runes and plot course. It'd be nice if compass is in hold of ship, then you get a different compass to pop up which works while sailing (ships don't have to stop IRL to get a bearing). Maybe even add an astrolabe or something which can give you clues to your location (perhaps even only for a passenger). Shouldn't be too OP with the last one since veteran sailors can figure it out by landmarks.
  22. Pristine Community Map

    The center-west canal is misleading. Spent a lot of time dragging my corbita to get through it. Kept hitting sand in waters outside on both sides and hit veins and a really narrow channel within. If it's still under construction ,you might want to note that on the map.
  23. WL&BL Sermons at Amore P15, can summon(paused)

    BL is usually very free ustz/autz. Euro timezone is a bit fuller, but you should probably be able to fit in. Yes there are rugs.
  24. Dragon Beard Markets One Stop Shop

    Never mind, found a village member who had what I needed.