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  1. When examining a new player: [19:12:21] She seems to have blood from the Freedom Isles. [19:12:21] She is extremely well nourished. [19:12:21] She bears the mark of a Owner of [removed by me]. [19:12:21] [removed by me[ is in the alliance named [removed by me] [19:12:21] Newbie agg range buff has been cast on it, so it has (INVALID ENCHANTMENT, REPORT THIS AS A BUG!) [100] [19:12:21] Newbie food and drink buff has been cast on it, so it has (INVALID ENCHANTMENT, REPORT THIS AS A BUG!) [100] [19:12:21] Newbie healing buff has been cast on it, so it has (INVALID ENCHANTMENT, REPORT THIS AS A BUG!) [100]
  2. Auctioning the ebony speed horse named "Sadventure". I will not be accepting silver or any form of payment for this auction. Share a reason (funny, serious, etc.) why you want this horse, and I'll select a winner at the end. \ Rules: 1 Entry per person Only post an entry if you really want the horse. If it's a pity story/reason, don't lie (or at least make it clear that it's a fabrication). Winner will be selected by me based on whoever I feel like awarding it to. Pickup on G8, Release (or if newbie, I might deliver).
  3. Add an option to turn ash into water to create ink (can save resources and have same item as the result from octopus). This lines up well with india ink irl. And make it reasonably tied to ash ql (another use for high ql ash). And maybe less difficult than dyes so lower skilled players can still make good ink. (It does not compete with dyemaking)
  4. I think I’ve done about 100k roasted coffee beans (partially pre-caffeine nerf) and am not quite there. So it’s still quite a few 10k loads to get all the way.
  5. The bug post gave me an idea. Add another slot to saddles for a bedroll which attaches it to the horse. Could look pretty cool. True maybe it's not worth the devtime, but would be a neat little touch.
  6. Yeah, this event, while unusual is actually pretty reasonable. And a bonus that it is somewhat of a silver sink.
  7. My brother introduced me to the game. He’s played a few times, but ended up burning out on it each time. I only ended up taking one long break.
  8. Not sure if that’s legal for them. Not sure the precise definition of gambling is there. That is not something they can do. From the Wurm Rules *Gambling is prohibited in Wurm Online due to Swedish law. *Gambling is considered to be any type of activity where the winning of a prize is determined by chance and requires payment of any form to participate. *Contests of chance requiring NO form of payment to participate are allowed.
  9. A little late on the skin and also definitely not my taste.
  10. Lag is probably incredibly hard to beta test. (You’re not going to get great attendance and don’t have the particulars of each real map/items) At least that’s my backseat developer guess (with no experience actually doing anything similar )
  11. Would help if you started with what server it’s on.
  12. Sure, maybe call it glowing if it still has charges. Might be easier to avoid nefarious trades that way.
  13. Yeah I do remember devs/representatives talking about it, marks are meant to be a loyalty program for subscription. Adding more to silver would just incentivize flooding the game with even more silver (driving prices up even more). People have bought tons of game time just for marks.
  14. Can also make no domain as a compromise.
  15. Possibly, though for the dev time put in, just removing that aspect completely would be easier I’d think.
  16. …if you dreams include switching alt characters or dealing with server borders in irl settings.
  17. Bump. Please at least remove the dirt peaks and holes. It was never cool or fun and ridiculous that it’s still a mechanic (to actively grief the landscape).
  18. With houses, you have to flatten the ground which can be just as bad in certain areas.