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  1. No notice before the sleep bonus so we can use some up? Past couple have been awarded after the incidents instead of doing it at the same time. No big deal personally though.
  2. +1 Would reduce some drama, so it’s quite important.
  3. Yeah, looks one object placing bug was fixed (placing an object and rotating it would lock any future object placement to that location until reloading) and the other popped up. Also roofs seem weird now. They break apart on big ones and the randomness changes when you place floors inside the house. (roof is all choppy although the overall height seems to be right)
  4. +1 Increase overall time some to provide a choice of manually blazing through them if short on time or doing a bit more hands off a bit slower.
  5. I don't really get all the skepticism in this thread...
  6. It looks like you get the merchant contract. So worst case you just sell that if they never log in.
  7. Real cloth armor would be good. Put the dr on par with studded/chain but with cloth modifiers changed to be more in line with others. Neutral casting/archery. Maybe speed a little faster than studded. Maybe make a system for linen and make the creation use a fair bit of it (many layers). If not then use wool. That'd make CT on par with leatherworking. I'll probably make a more full topic for the system when I get some time. (and for realism cloth armor is quite effective)
  8. WO Steam Discussion

    Not really. There are probably some examples of direct sales. But some other bigger games have direct conversions from IRL purchased to main currency. (e.g in Eve, buy PLEX and sell on market for Isk and GW2 the gems had a market for trading gems & gold)
  9. Agreed on the rift reward offline. I gave my best shot and helped Release get through waves 1-2 and most of 3. I had to go to bed so I lost out on the reward (I managed to get lucky on coin inspirations though). Caster/Summoner teleporting is a bit annoying. Maybe keep on caster since they're more squishy but find something else on summoner? The reduced around of area cold spells is great (they were a bit too rough previously).
  10. Whatever happens, be careful not to do it in a way where people might accidentally turn a supreme pick or something unrare which they don't want changed.
  11. -1 on in general faster decay. Undamaged corpses are needed for the rebirth spell. And some are used as decoration. Maaaybe an off deed increased decay, but I'd rather just have being able to bury on bridge fixed.
  12. Switched my Shares

    If this company tries to actively get involved. It could go either way. They could make it better or worse if they understand the niche want to keep the spirit of the game or try to radically mess with it to milk it for cash which would alienate the core group of players. (note a recent buyout of another Nordic mmo where the shift triggered aggressive changes in the game and pissed off a huge portion of the veteran playerbase) For now I'll just keep playing and see which way things go (hopefully for the better).
  13. Longbow and arch journal for 6s? cod Lionix if you agree
  14. Crate & sign LionIX (let me know were to pick up if can't mail)
  15. Is drag-right-click to remove objects going to be a thing again (it's tedious removing all the trees from my imported deed plan)? Thanks for the new release! I finally get to plan my deed without crashing (yet).
  16. Rare quiver & rare gold ring 2s ea? cod Lionix
  17. Is there an Epic portal? I couldn't find one. I have the materials to build one. It'd be nice to be able to bounce over to Epic to grind prayer a bit when I have the chance to.
  18. Ornate Libila (Rite of Death) 63.99 Channeling USTZ prime during week, or most of weekends free
  19. Normal map adds more depth/3-d type look. Specular map would make it shiny.
  20. +1 but maybe have a nonchangable name and a display name (an option to toggle displaying permanent versus display names). Maybe have a trader item for 5-10s to change display name to limit changes. PvP players would generally with the permanent names displayed while freedomers would likely normally use display names but change to permanent if they're having issues. (make sure tracking shows permanent or both names) Maybe call it a nickname. And permanent = your name This is similar to a system where MMOs have it where you can have same name as someone. But when you're both in local it shows a 3 digit suffix to differentiate the 2 (I'm thinking of either Discord or GW2, don't really remember atm)
  21. Don't forget about mobile. 2 columns isn't really readable.
  22. I got aggressive fighting on one and normal fighting on another character.