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  1. Silver spear rare sickle iron 81ql blank Rare carving knife blank Rare file blank Rare stone chisel, steel blank cod Lionix
  2. Maybe change the Place in the submenu to another verb? Or have the pickup place attempt a move place if the first fails?
  3. Spindle yes, loom doesn’t work currently for imbue.
  4. If there’s a technical issue to implementing this, what about adding a same-weight item within the locksmithing skill. I can’t really think of another item to fit the theme, but it should be creation only, binnable and perhaps used as a component in some other item recipe.
  5. Idk, planters can get you silly amounts of herbs. I’d rather chocolate be a bit more rare and a treat than something farmed. Maybe add a separate forage for group with the rarer stuff?
  6. There has been some of this in the game guides section in community assistance. It has been a while since the grinding guides/tips have been updated.
  7. Maybe poll the location of the avatar/traitor once an hour and update mission note? That’d help keep things more reasonable. You could also add a priest spell to locate the priest’s god’s avatar like locate soul. Pendulum would probably be good to keep for finding traitors.
  8. You mean you don’t pull out a pottery bowl or cauldron at home when you want some tea?
  9. This question comus up for followers as well who don’t usually carry around a statuette. Some indication would be nice (hover over or maybe even a subtle artwork on the favor bar like an icon or border different for each god or both) Or a query of what god the character is following when enabling/disabling faithful status. Instead of a generic message it could say ...Fo’s will.
  10. Idk if only 3x is enough for prayer favor. You can fit a lot more old prayers between each faith timer gain. Will the time between casts be somewhat similar based on past data with missions/prayers? I do like the idea to make the rites less spammy, but I hope the effect is monitored to keep the frequency reasonably similar (if not better).
  11. LitD 95 Pendulum Rare Mallet Rare fish keep net All fletching potions 2 sacrificial knives 95/96 casted steel & flint cod Lionix
  12. Sacrificial Knife - 1s Leather Knapsack - 2s Happy New Year, rosewood - 75c Seyll Pendulum LitW 99 - 1.5s Gold Lump low ql 96c - 1s cod Lionix if agreed
  13. I wish Humid Drizzle would cure players as well as the animals.
  14. Idk, well, i think mainly the hours don't really matter once you get past a certain point after the bonus window. They're good to have during the cast, and even maybe so you can realize you missed it by an hour or whatever (so 2 days)
  15. On the global rites, can you change the format to something like this: if < 48 hours, then display days and hours, else display just days since cast (would clean it up and give a better visual indicator of recent casts)
  16. Retro said on stream that they’d be standard metals (no moon or alloys).
  17. Is the Lib favor regen bonus going away or is that separate priest bonus?
  18. 1 rare coffin 2s 1 rare fsb 3s 1 rare MR wagon 18s 1 rare marble brazier 3s 2x rare copper brazier 2s ea Malokai pickup
  19. Supreme dredge, rare lantern iron, rare lantern steel, rare large shield black, rare large anvil cod Malokai
  20. 1,385 cotton 95 ql 50c 1,709 cotton 71 ql 50c 1,172 string 93 ql 75c 2,112 catseye 3s Cooking Liquids - Oil/Vinegars/Milks/Honeys all for 4s 20s for all 16ql gold lump knarr with peg - 6s
  21. Maybe. Or perhaps give a better mechanic for dealing with lairs (bashing takes forever). Maybe have step 1 spawn a group of the mob, then once those are killed. The next action on the lair spawns a champ or something and clears it out. That might help allow some friendly neighbors to come by and help clear out a problem lair.
  22. 38) Wolf vs bison R174G176B8 72) Nogump R32G0B128 Malokai will pick up.