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  1. WTS Rare Items !

    bump just for a great guy
  2. Kingdom Cloth Barding

  3. Weekly News #46: Showtime! (Almost)

    what about dragon skulls they have no use except looking good
  4. MASSIVE rare sale!! ADDED RARE LARGE MAUL!! [8 hours left]

    2.5s on #9
  5. Close pls

    How much for the rare great helm?
  6. Patch Notes 13/OCT/16

    ^yes because u can move everywhere on chaos and not die? and also iv seen a troll about 5 shot a training shield so we going to carry around 90 shields so we can train
  7. Patch Notes 13/OCT/16

    fishing = macroing mmeditating = macroing leveling= macroing its all macroing if u have a long queue
  8. remove winter

    stop being so cold to winter
  9. Multi Rare Auction (CLOSED)

    #1 5s
  10. Raise the village annotation limit

  11. Saddles on more animals

    +1 i want my bear not to chase me every time i log on
  12. WTS everything final, rares, enchanted, hota statues, etc.

    yes please thats in ur freebie box