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  1. I think this might be a different place; I come from Desertion and abandoned the build because it was just too huge to justify. I don't have the time I used to. But yeah, I'm not done with Epic entirely
  2. The Fo and Mag toons are now followers; thank you Shenjiwurm and Joymaker for the conversions! If all goes well then all 3 will be ready to become priests in about a week.
  3. Thanks guys, sounds like a plan. The other two toons (Chelia & Alasia) will try to sail to the impalong now
  4. No wait, what I mean to say is what I meant was specifically that I was only actually talking about moving home maybe, and skilling on Freedom! I feel like skilling/building on Epic is risky now. And there are people on Xanadu! If all goes according to plan then I'll still come back to Epic to live and do...stuff...there too. It wasn't a one-way trip
  5. The Vyn is now a follower! Thanks Xheth
  6. Hello, I just moved to Xanadu from Epic and my 3 WL priests got reset in the transfer. One of them (the Vyn priest) was created before 2017, and still has skills (not sure quite what yet). But the Mag/Fo priests are both now complete noobs as they were both created after 2017. They are not even followers right now, so any help to get them to become priests again would be greatfully appreciated. Just PM me on the forum or in-game. I'm located at S10/11, next to the ocean, and they have a rowing boat so can travel to other coastal areas
  7. I cannot get the new launcher/UI to work with 8 clients, just not gonna happen. There seems to be some kind of issue with this launcher: during my brief testing I noticed that CPU/GPU levels were not dropping as expected when these clients were in the background. The old UI (which I was using before with few issues) also struggles, even when all the post-processing effects were turned off. I did manage to get all 8 toons online once, but my PC crashed within minutes. The old low-memory client also failed, on the first attempt to launch a client... But there is hope! Using the old UI with post-processing effects off, v-sync off (in the Nvidia settings), and the legacy renderer: I managed to get all 8 clients working first time. Maybe it was a fluke, but I'm hoping this will work consistently, and will report back after I've been doing it a while. I also noticed rain and rainbows, which come to think of it I cannot recall seeing in so long I can't even remember?! @devs: please keep the old UI and legacy renderer going for as long as possible, as it seems right now it's the only way I can do what I need to do!
  8. I've got an issue where one (new) client works fine, but my PC actually resets if I start using more clients (the exact number seems variable, but is usually between 2 and 5, maybe 6). I only had time to run one test multiboxing the old client, so not entirely sure, but it also reset the PC. I was just wondering whether my PC could be resetting to defend itself against high temps (not sure what they are), especially as the reset occurs on some random number of clients launched. Then again, since the old client doesn't seem to work either, perhaps not.
  9. Purely out of curiosity, do you have a link to more info regarding this? The more info I can get regarding existing issues with the client the better, given the circumstances.
  10. The 4th client just crashed on 47% memory usage according to Task Manager. I can't be sure, but I don't think it's a memory issue. I ran chkdsk on both C and D drives. C was fine, and D needed some minor corrections to the file system, but fixing it did not alter the behaviour of the client launcher. There's only so much I can do myself, but I'll do what I can and report back in case this helps anyone else. Next I'll update the Nvidia graphics drivers and use default settings, just in case it's that simple. Then I'll do a clean reinstall and try using the only the Old UI exactly like I was using before. If that doesn't work then I'll do a clean reinstall and try the Low Memory UI (you never know). If all this doesn't work then I'll start playing around with the renderer (Modern/Legacy), and fiddling with the settings there. The client launcher always crashes at the point where it's about to display the play window, so the renderer might be a promising avenue to investigate, although why some clients would work and then one random client fail is beyond me. Assuming none of the above works then the only other thing I can think of is: can we launch into SFI using Steam; is the client different? Can we multibox with the Steam client? If so then might be worth a shot... So now this starts to feel like tying to rare a sword off just 5 imps, lol. We will see though!
  11. I'm fairly certain it's not memory. I only use 16Gb but using task manager to monitor memory as I play doesn't show anything excessive. Next time I boot up additional clients I'll check memory while it's actually doing that though, just to be sure.
  12. Yup, the PC actually resets as additional clients are launched (although how many is unpredictable), not just crashing to desktop (as used to happen occasionally, but only after the client had been running a while). Wouldn't a hardware fault manifest itself in other ways? This only happens when I use the Wurm Online launcher, and never for numerous other games and applications. Whatever the issue is, it appears specific to the Wurm Online launcher.
  13. I have an issue with the launcher, running multiple clients. Without being too long-winded, first some background which may be helpful. About a year ago I used to play on Epic, and have done on and off for years. On the PC I'm using right now I ran 4 'mains' with regular settings (pretty much maxed graphics), and another 4 'sermon alts' using reduced graphics settings. Everything worked just fine. I'd get the odd dropout occasionally (client to desktop), but I'd launch the client again no problem. Basically there was no issue. Now I started playing again and moved to Freedom, whereupon all priestly settings from the past several years were reset. I have to grind the 3 priests again (namely Faith) which is not an option without sermon alts and using multiple clients. Granted that's a personal choice, but it's one I feel I have to make to preserve my own sanity. So I need to be able to multibox 8 clients (as I was doing before on this PC). My specific issue is this: regarding the new client/UI, usually when I launch the first one then everything is fine. Sometimes not, but I'll get to that later. Except when launching additional clients, the client can and often does completely restart my PC (i.e., not simply crashing to desktop). A complete reinstall can fix this for a while, but the behaviour soon occurs again. It's impossible for me to run 8 clients now, as one of them will almost restart my PC during launch. I can usually run a single client no problem. However, occasionally a client will crash in such a way as to prevent me from launching the launcher at all without a complete reinstall. The launcher attempts to launch but the small window disappears very rapidly and nothing else happens (at which point I can't even change the client type without reinstalling). Initially I thought that using the old files containing my previous settings might be the cause, so I did a completely new install in a fresh location. I deleted everything Wurm-related I could find and set everything up again from scratch. It seemed to work ok, for a while using at most a handful of clients, and then I stress-tested it with all 8 toons whereupon the client launches started resetting the PC again. What doesn't help is that when this happens it often appears to reset all keybinds to null, which impedes my investigation of the issue. The keybind reset to null might be specific to crashing with the new launcher/UI rather than the old one (not sure yet). As of tonight I tried using the Wurm Online "Choose Client" launcher and selected "Live - Old UI", but after booting several clients up the client launcher soon started resetting the PC again There are other things I can try, such as reinstalling somewhere new again and launching only with the old UI rather than the new one, but I'm out of time right now. The bottom line is I really do have to get the launcher working properly, like it used to, or else I can't play Wurm like I did before Has anyone else had this issue, or similar, and managed to find a fix, or simply got any advice on how to proceed in order to determine what's going wrong? Any help greatfully appreciated!
  14. This made me laugh. It's true, I've done this many times. Generate a toon; "Helloooo Freeeedom!" Frantically complete the tutorial, then about 20 seconds later (as I reach the Epic portal); "Goodbyeeee Freeeedom!" I'm not sure why, maybe it would seem rude not to acknowledge that the place exists? And that's all I ever saw of Freedom. I can't go there as I believe all my skills reset to 1.0?! It's a shame as there's at least one player I would like to visit on Freedom one day. Did anyone ever find out why there isn't a skill transfer system in place already? Did the devs ever comment on this? Items I understand, and even affinities, but basic skills? It just seems bizarre that this works one way but not the other. Is the algorithm used to travel from Freedom to Epic some kind of irreversible formula? Anyway, yeah, +1 to this idea. If/when I return to Wurm I will stay on Epic, for the record, but it would be nice to be able to visit Freedom and see it.