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  1. As far as I'm aware there have to be 4 listeners to get a faith tick (0.08 faith), and 6 listeners to get a prayer reset (and 0.12 faith). You can do sermons with less listeners (for alignment gains) but there will be no faith gains or prayer reset. I was under the impression this only applies to valid listeners (i.e., premium accounts). For a listener to be valid they can't have had an alignment tick in the last 30 minutes, so you have to wait at least 30 minutes between sermons (as sermons give alignment), and the sermon counter itself is 3 hours (so the same priest can go again 3 hours later). Listeners can't be on carts (or presumably other vehicles) and also have to be within 4 tiles (?) of the sermon-giver (at the point when the sermon ends). I don't think the type of altar/influence matters (we used various altars in various influences - sometimes up to 3 simultaneous influences across the entire sermon), and BL/WL can do sermons together (although you will typically have to watch the BL alignment). Personally I SB'd pretty much every sermon tick I ever did and the Journal entries all presumably worked as expected. I'll double-check this soon, but I'm fairly certain that's the case. I never tested the sermon-giver's alignment validity when doing sermons, only the listeners', but long story short all participants avoided doing anything that could mess up their alignment between sermons. No saccing, heals, wood cutting, etc. Assuming you're doing sermons as specified above then it ought to be working for you; potentially this could be a bug. Basically sermons should work on maxed faith, BL/WL, any altar, any influence, and with SB on; it's just about the listeners' validity, distance, alignment ticks, and timers. The only thing that I can think might be messing it up is maxed faith. I gave up on ever getting Benediction done a while back (global casts ain't gonna happen where I live), and therefore never bothered checking the Journal entry while doing sermons. Since the priests' sermon counts regarding Benediction would have been fulfilled before they got to max faith, I have no way of checking whether a sermon still counts (towards Benediction) at max faith. You could test this by doing something naughty; just enough to knock her faith down so it's no longer 100. It's zero risk if she's already doing sermons. If she gets +1 sermon in the Benediction Journal entry under those circumstances, and not when her faith maxes again, then it's a bug.
  2. Quick update. So it appears that dyed plate armour colours have been fixed (assuming they were ever broken), and the screenshot above is how dyed plate armour is actually supposed to look. Which is unfortunate, since there is thus absolutely no point in dying plate armour. Dyed plate armour will look exactly like it did before, except with the faintest trace of a tint of the dyed colour in bright light Reminds me of prospecting... [18:52:47] You go cross-eyed studying it. [18:52:50] You spot an indistinct trace of your wasted good quality dye. [18:52:50] You finish analysing the breastplate. Suggestion: Change this so dyed plate armour looks similar to dyed large metal shields. They look amazing. Dyed plate armour could look amazing too
  3. I ventured outside into the sunlight today () and discovered there was a slight difference between the plate armour colourings after all. Maybe my eyes got a bit too used to violent aquas/magentas. So here's a screenshot of what I can see at the moment, although I'm still unsure whether things are working as intended: The red plate (far right) looks a bit redder than the black plate in this light. The dyed leather armours look pretty good, and the shields look awesome. Basically I was expecting the colour of the dyed plate to look like the shields, which might have been somewhat optimistic in retrospect
  4. Ok, thanks; I'll post back here if for some reason it doesn't work
  5. Yup, Renderer is set to "Modern". The leather armour shows black and red, and I can also see the rarity of one of the sleeves on the dyed leather too. It's just the plate breastplate, leggings, sabatons, vambraces, and gauntlets that aren't showing. I checked what a friend could see before he logged, and he confirmed he can't see the plate colours either (don't know what his Renderer settings are though).
  6. I dyed a suit of plate black (RGB 25, 25, 25) and nothing happened; it still appears silver when worn. If I throw it on the floor it appears black. It also appears black in the character screen. The great/open helms both appear black. So then I dyed another suit of plate red (RGB 238, 17, 17); same problem. The suit (bar the helms) appears silver (unless thrown on floor or in character screen). Both helms appear red. Leather armour looks red/black (same dyes). Large metal shields also look red/black. It just seems to be the plate (bar the helms) that isn't working...
  7. Full Steam Ahead

    I'm not short of containers. This isn't about storage so much as organization. My toons like to run around nekkid... So if something happens which means they need to get tooled up fast it's convenient for each toon to run to a particular container, grab everything in that container, equip whatever, and then they're ready to go. It's pure convenience, nothing more. Their longbows being in a separate container just upsets me is all. Now I made a nice row of coffins, which do the job, so it isn't a pressing issue any more (unless I wanted to lock them). The room already looked like a crypt so they add to the ambience too!
  8. Full Steam Ahead

    [21:48:04] You create an unfinished coffin in front of you on the ground [But yeah, I think we passed the point of realism regarding large chests a while back; this is just a convenience thing!]
  9. Full Steam Ahead

    Awesome. Another thing which has been bugging me a bit of late is when running multiple toons it's nice to have a certain amount of gear in one place; just so they can grab it fast when necessary. Mostly weapons and shields, although some armour doesn't hurt. I currently use large chests, and despite being able to squeeze huge axes, spears, and large metal shields (lol?) in there, about the only thing I can't put in is a longbow. It'd be nice to put a longbow in there too, although if this is a step too far then I'll switch to using coffins
  10. Full Steam Ahead

    Choosing which enchants to Dispel would help me out a lot in terms of QoL, if it's doable.
  11. Wurm would be huge if they sorted the NPC thing out in a format like Wurm Unlimited for single-player. Like a cross between Skyrim/Exanima but with more depth. Problem is there're just too many variables; there's no way they could program an AI sophisticated enough to cope with it all.
  12. I've had this for years on and off, although for me the blocks were always grey. Curiously, the last month or two they all turned jet black. Leaving the area and then returning seems to fix it.
  13. Send them to Epic, it's fast skillgain and we need more players
  14. PS. Also get rid of "Create a Gold Altar" and "Cast a Global Spell" entries from the Benediction Journal entry for priests. Replace them with something less biased that all priests have a fair and equal chance to achieve. Creating a gold altar is presumably going to favour crafters-turned-priest. Many toons would have priested before this Journal thing was set up, and will now be at a disadvantage through no fault of their own? How could they have predicted this? Yet they are now being penalized for it. Casting global spells is probably going to favour certain types of priest on certain servers over others. I can't be specific about precisely who might benefit and who loses out, but just the fact that servers have different populations and some types of priest are more popular than others would imply that this situation is likely not balanced. I'm not saying give priests an easy ride to Benediction. Substitute these entries with something harder if it seems appropriate. I'm just suggesting that the Journal goals ought to be balanced, and give all priests an equal and fair opportunity to achieve them.
  15. Yeah but then noobs wouldn't have to ride cows... Everyone should have to ride a cow, so they appreciate horses