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  1. This is the right idea, in general. Knowledge and Love are ok I think. Power is probably ok. Hate might be ok too (not sure). But Insanity is definitely not ok. SotG ought to be retained, and if 6% - 30% is too much damage resistance, maybe just tweak it down a bit to 5% - 25%, 4% - 20%, or even 3% - 15%. Just balance it, there's no need to get rid of it? No one will take a path for carry weight. You'd have to be insane. And although that's appropriate on one level, let's just not go there Also, I'd give more time to swap paths (and perhaps a single-shot change that could be used indefinitely). If a player returns after 6/12 months out, they're gonna wonder what the hell happened to their SotG with no way to fix it.
  2. Don't twist my words. Zykat said "No point trying to stall this any longer devs, your pvp community literally spends hundreds and hundreds(some have spent thousands) of dollars to play on a dying server and we feel neglected and simply let down. I wouldn't be suprised if you see more people leave." So my point was simply that you guys need to get realistic and accept that PvP servers are naturally low population. You are the ones talking about dying and dead servers, not me. I'm all for encouraging PvP servers to grow (see the recent threads regarding Epic, where we spent quite some time thinking about precisely this). That said, since this subject isn't about meditation caps, we can leave it there.
  3. My point was more general (responding to Zykat's post); specifically this change of which you speak is not going to reverse the fortunes of Defiance long term. Players need to accept the reality of low PvP server populations, as ultimately that's where Defiance is headed.
  4. Just to be clear, the actual token itself would still be above ground, unmovable, etc. I am merely talking about a "copy" of the token, perhaps directly underneath the original, perhaps not, which would save travelling to the original (which is a pain in the ass on some deeds).
  5. I sympathise with this as my home (Epic) has been on the sharp end of this exact situation for years now. It's a vicious circle. Players leave and the community gets smaller, more players leave, and the devs are less likely to invest time and effort into a server that's less active; the thing just spirals downwards. Wurm is already niche, and PvP is a niche within a niche. There's only so much the devs can do though, and they can't work miracles. Many players left Epic blaming the mechanics and "broken" PvP, but in the end that's just excuses. The mechanics might not be perfect, but they're good enough to do what needs to be done. We just have to be pragmatic and learn to live with relatively small populations on PvP servers. There's still plenty of fun to be had, and there will always be players roaming these servers looking for a fight.
  6. I just didn't want to run 100 tiles to the token/bank if I'm in the mine underneath the token
  7. Not changing any of the existing mechanics involving placing tokens... But maybe have an option for a mayor to toggle the manifestation of a "duplicate" token underground if there's a space (even inside a building), merely for speedy access? Just a QoL/convenience thing.
  8. I'm not on NFI so I have no right to comment on this. But if was going to comment I would say great, assuming there is one meditation path that applies to both PvP and PvE (i.e., they are no longer separate), then this forces players to choose which path they want, and that's the way it's supposed to be. SotG might still need to be nerfed some more, maybe down to 20% or even 15% if the vast majority of PvPers continue choosing it. The same single-path rule should also be applied to Epic/SFI as it's only fair.
  9. Sure, but that's just you. You can keep your 0.1% DR and give me PoP or even PoL. G'luck with that 0.1% DR, lol.
  10. Out of curiosity, can you guys from NFI xfer your gains on Defiance to the rest of NFI? The specific problem we have on Epic is gains only go from Freedom to Epic, and are effectively deleted going the other way. The only reasons I go to Freedom to skill (which after 7 years I just started doing) is because I lose the gains on Epic anywhere other than Epic, Epic is a small community, and Epic's long term future is highly and ever-increasingly uncertain. Personally speaking, 25% gains from PoK would not be enough to tempt me to go and skill on a PvE server. Of the players I know on Epic all use SotG, but only some bother going to SFI to skill. The skill differential is now so large it would set some players back so far it's just not worth it. I suppose NFI is a different story being such a new cluster.
  11. Using Erupt/Freeze on an alliance deed required two specific permissions set for the toon doing it: Meditation Abilities and Sorcery Spells. Meditation abilities is obvious, but sorcery spells? We were surprised when we discovered this requirement (as it wasn't obvious), so I'm just checking this is actually implemented as intended and not a bug/oversight
  12. What's with all the "give us +25% gains for free", lol? You want +25% gains then go PoK, that's what it's there for. The only issue regarding meditation is SotG/Insanity being overpowered in PvP, but that's easy to fix. It's already been scaled back once, so just scale it back again until players are genuinely undecided about which path to choose. Simple. Regarding players going to Freedom and using PoK (or not) to skill, this is a direct result of there being no two-way skill transfer between Epic and Freedom, and it will persist until this is addressed. There is a two-way portal between Epic and Freedom, yet the gains only go one way. Obviously addressing it is not easy given there are now two skilling systems, but we are where we are. This thread addresses what could be done to attract players back to Epic: Until something is done concerning player activity then there can be no two-way skill transfer, and ultimately nothing will change. I can't speak for Defiance as I've never been there, and can't go there. But specifically regarding balancing meditation abilities on PvP servers, just uncap them and then nerf SotG until players start to balk and choose other paths, problem solved.
  13. Nah, I was recently in the same position; could have ninja'd the Vyn global cast I was myself trying to organise, and I'd be lying if I said it didn't cross my mind more than once. In the end I thought better to take the risk and wait, as about 8 other players stood to get the journal entry, and we had to wait 36 excruciating hours praying no one would ninja it. It might not feel like it right now, but you definitely did the right thing. What you did was try to help other players get it, and not just yourself, and even though it didn't work out it still says a lot about your character. If everyone started to ninja global casts then the whole thing would just turn into a race to the bottom, and in the end large numbers of players would lose out in the feeding frenzy. We have to try to be better than that, even though it means we risk getting kicked in the goblins
  14. I think we already do get overcast skies, rain, fog, etc, when using the legacy renderer. A fair variety of weather really. So it's more a case of fixing what broke rather than this being a new idea?
  15. Yeah, maybe you're right. Maybe it wasn't "particularly hard" for a player like me. A player who can hammer Wurm all day every day, who keeps an eye on the forums and various chats, who has a network of contacts and friends that can give them the heads up, one that can travel anywhere relatively easily (having multiple summoners), and who lives in the right time zone and cluster. After all, it only took two and a half years, lol. But what about the other players who aren't in this position? You made the elementary mistake of assuming that because it might not be particularly hard for certain players, then it isn't particularly hard for all players. Except it's all players we're thinking about here, right?