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  1. After running fine for a couple of weeks (no crashes), I've crashed about 8 times since the reset (3 hours?). It's very difficult for me to believe this is mere coincidence.
  2. A carried light always seemed much brighter than the same light planted/dropped; not sure if this is intentional.
  3. Thanks. I suspect those on Epic would prefer no changes (except to have level 11 path ability enabled on Elevation), but they can speak for themselves
  4. It's probably already been mentioned, but in case not, make sure PC power settings are set to High Performance (or equivalent). I've been crashing hard for getting on 3 years now (mainly on client boot-up), and worse recently; been doing my nut as it made Wurm virtually unplayable. Doing the above helped a bit, but didn't fix my issue. Finally, in desperation, I randomly set the mode (in Wurm settings) to Fullscreen instead of Fullscreen Windowed, and it's been behaving itself ever since. I have no idea why. Still get the occasional crash, but nothing I can't cope with. I'm not saying this will fix these issues, but if you're desperate try it? Gotta be worth a shot.
  5. Does this apply to Epic? I personally do not want PoK 11 on Epic since I'm forced to skill on SFI to preserve my skills (given skillgain does not travel from Epic > SFI, but does travel from SFI > Epic). On Epic it might be best to just leave as is, although I wouldn't mind SotG (as is) working on Elevation. If there is going to be any issue here, please just leave things as they are on Epic.
  6. What is this museum; a place to come see all sorts of different things? And Goblins...what?
  7. I'm busy on Xan/Epic atm, but if you're looking for more players on Chaos longer term then I'm game. Feel free to try and recruit me, lol. As long as you're MR, or pretty close to it
  8. Gimme rare bones and moon metals over the stuff we get from treasure maps any day of the week, lol. It's been a while so I don't remember exactly what's in them, but you can get a pretty good haul.
  9. Initially it seems like a good idea to just let them rot slowly over time on PvE servers; I can't think of much that we can build on Wurm that doesn't require any form of maintenance. That said, public infrastructure (tunnels, etc), and especially on Xan - we can't really expect players to maintain this stuff? Especially after the epic slog of building them. Which is probably why reinforcements are still the way they are.
  10. Not airships, that's just wrong in Wurm. Balloons would work though, and we probably have the necessary bits to build them already. They should go over deeds on PvE servers, but not be able to land on them (unless permissions), and be banned outright on PvP servers. Also they should only go in the direction of the wind, cos like, it's a balloon not a helicopter. So getting somewhere in particular would likely take a bit of planning. Finally, since the only way we have to power a balloon is hot air, you'd need to keep the burner going to fly, and snuff it to descend. And obviously there should always be a risk of the balloon catching fire whereupon the toon likely (but not always) plunges to a fiery death.
  11. Uh, does it? I'm happy. As far as I know the numerous players I know are all happy too. I don't think I know an "unhappy" player. Sure, we could use a few tweaks here and there, but this talk of server resets/merges is way too drastic, and is actually rather risky. And for what? Some hypothetical gain? At some point we just gotta stop whinging and play the game
  12. You're gonna walk somewhere? On Xanadu? Ookieeeee... I'm gonna check back on this thread in, um, about 5 years
  13. A guy deeded right next to an old deed of mine (then an underground offdeed), and my building rotted pretty fast inside his perimeter. Some of the walls were actually gone before I could transfer the building to him. Decay can indeed take a while though. If you are having unexpected issues with decay, and things seem genuinely out of whack, then check the building in question is not in Mag's domain? I seem to remember Ritual of the Sun repairs damage to buildings in Mag's domain, although I never tested it myself.
  14. I don't know if you saw this, but in case not thought it might help.
  15. Servers down?

    What Firecat said. Obviously since we know there are issues we can just wait, paitiently, grinding our teeth. No rush But seriously, the reason I post is just to point out over the last few days I've had a few connection issues as described above, lasting between a couple and perhaps 15 minutes. The rest of my internets seemed to be working ok, and other players online at the time seemed to be playing Wurm without issues.