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  1. A New Elevation

    I'm not. I'm merely pointing out that giving what are essentially PvP rewards for doing missions is the wrong approach. These rewards ought to be gained from doing PvP (not missions) encourage PvP on these PvP servers. The fact that you don't understand this incredibly simple concept speaks volumes. You're the one banging on about converting in-game rewards to RL currency, and whatever other deranged crap; I can't even remember. Not that it's worth bothering to remember. Of course removing SotG nerfs those players with SotG. If one player has SotG and another does not, then the player with SotG has the advantage. Sure, if neither player has it, or both players have it, then it's a level playing field. But removing it DOES nerf those who had it relative to those who didn't have it. This is a fact. And yet again, you appear to having difficulty understanding this simple fact. So I'm just gonna stop you right there and explain something to you Frank. My comments about the changes were aimed at the devs because they asked players to give feedback on the proposed changes to Epic. They weren't aimed at you. I do not require a response from you. I am not interested in a response from you. You are quite literally wasting your time, as I'm gonna file any response from you exactly where it belongs; in the bin.
  2. Valrei International. 087

    I haven't had time to read through all of what looks like an interesting post, and it's not my place to comment on your personal views, but I would strongly encourage you not to quit because of the toxic community. Maybe just avoid the forums. There are genuinely decent players out there, and they make WO worth playing. Just find a small bunch of players that you enjoy playing with and focus on them
  3. A New Elevation

    I assume Challenge didn't work because it disappeared. If you're suggesting Challenge did work, and that it's coming back, then great. Players who want a Challenge-type scenario can just go play that instead of Challengifying Epic. Monetary rewards that can be converted for RL cash are you talking about dude? Hello? I was saying that the rewards given for doing completely inane missions ought instead to be given for actually doing PvP. You said "The ultimate form of wurm is putting your crafting, deed design, building, and leadership skills to the test against those in an ultra-difficult survival environment battling it out along the way. You go into battle getting shakes because you are about to fight a strong enemy, who may kill you and takes your gear. " - I agree with this at least. So why do you want an "easymode"? Suck it up and take what's coming instead of worrying so much about gimping players who might be ahead of you. Probably 80% of PvPers are ahead of me, but you don't hear me calling for them to be nerfed. So ultra-difficult, but just not too ultra-difficult, eh? Maybe slightly-less-than-ultra-difficult, or almost-but-not-quite-ultra-difficult? See this game as a bank...? Just...LOL. Seriously; learn to read.
  4. Valrei International. 087

    Sure, we'd try to defend a deed, but if you're there alone or with only a few players, you can't be online all the time? Gotta sleep sometime. And most people have to work, so that's 16 hours of the day your average person won't be around. If you can slow the enemy down so you at least have a chance of logging on while they're at it, I don't see a problem with that. Explaining the disincentive for players with SotG (and other hard-earned stats) is easy. I spent a long time grinding this. I didn't complain that other more advanced players had it, just sucked it up and worked on getting it myself. Finally I got it, maybe two weeks ago? I really feel like I earned every tick too. But wait...oh no, sorry, that's too overpowered now. Gotta give the "new players" a break, so byebye SotG To say I feel robbed is about the understatement of the century. That's putting it mildly. Completely burned! And for what? So some "new players" get PvP a bit easier? This is Wurm Lite. If players don't like grinding long-time for their rewards then perhaps Wurm isn't the ideal game for them. So yeah, "disincentivises" pretty much covers it. I know because I'm one of the players who feels severely disincentivised by this kind of nerf. And with talk of possible future skill resets too; well let's just say I'm watching how this develops closely before I commit any serious time to Wurm. As far as I'm concerned this is all going in the wrong direction. I don't mind starting with no gear, but nerfing stats is a whole different and distinctly unappealing issue.
  5. A New Elevation

    Something I've wanted to say about Epic for a while; an observation more than anything else. Regarding nerfing more advanced players to close the gap with noobs, making it easier for newer players to get into "fixing" SotG, and reducing the effectiveness of character stats...I feel this is the wrong approach. I predict that, as has happened before, there will be an upsurge in interest in Epic. Then after a while (few months? year?) everyone will leave again. Except this time the more experienced players will have less incentive to keep playing too. I started on Epic in something like 2013 and at no point since then did I ever want to see a level playing field. If "competitive PvP" was all players required then Challenge would have worked, right? Epic is more than that. Someone else (don't remember who) used a great phrase; Wurm of Duty. Let's just please not go there. If players want a Challenge-type scenario, then make a Challenge-type server for them; please don't contaminate Epic with this. The problem, as I see it, is the low player numbers on Epic. This is the issue that ideally needs to be addressed. So what I don't get is this: what are the rewards for doing PvP on Epic? Not many, if any, as far as I can tell. In terms of PvP and how to be more effective, we get rewarded for grinding skills and character stats. We get rewarded for making decent weapons and armour. We get rewarded for building impregnable deeds. We get (or should I say got?) rewarded for persevering with meditation (SotG). We get rewarded for running all over the map doing completely unrelated and inane missions for sorcery spells. In short it seems like we get rewarded for doing anything and everything but PvP itself. Obviously as I've already mentioned, I think certain support systems should remain; such as meditation and non-nerfed character stats. But what ought to be changed are the rewards for doing PvP itself. Instead of doing missions for sorcery spells, those rewards could be greatly expanded, and be directly related to doing PvP. Maybe based on fights, kills, sacking deeds, or whatever. I never did understand the concept behind missions. They seem somewhat nonsensical and misplaced. I would like to see a system where these rewards (or similar) are given for doing PvP, rather than wasting players' time having them dig for 8 hours to find 30-odd useless bits of crap, or spending a day trying to hunt down some traitor sheep. Give players a reason to do PvP. Reward players for actually doing PvP! With the right reward system in place for doing PvP then it's possible there might be a sustained boost in numbers on Epic. Who knows for sure, but wouldn't it be interesting to find out?
  6. Valrei International. 087

    Hello devs, On the devstream you said you wanted feedback on the changes to Epic, so here goes. I'm a returning player, with little interest in the new Elevation map. Temporary maps just don't do it for me. I'm all for PvP, and I feel PvP is essential to WO (I would only ever live on Epic, never saw the point in Freedom). That said, PvP at the expense of everything else is pointless. Buildings, infrastructure, and other stuff, are all required, precisely in order to generate the possibility of loss/acquisition, and thereby generate the risk that makes PvP exciting. In fact the reason I've been gone for 3 or 4 years is because the old Elevation reset wiped out my deed. I lost everything, and since I could not face rebuilding at that time then there was no reason to continue. I was quite literally knocked out by the devs, rather than burnout, boredom, or other players. Of course I understand that something had to be done to revitalise Epic, I get it. However, I'm very cautious about investing time building a position in WO if it's doomed to get vaporised by the devs again. For now I will be fine pottering around on Desertion, preparing to get ready to go raiding. If all goes well and I decide to stick with it, then in a few months I'll probably want to build a deed on Desertion; except I have questions about this. 150 Max digging slope 60 max surface mining slope/tunneling slope 5 Drain deed disbands Does this apply to Desertion (and other Epic home servers), or only the new Elevation map? As a solo builder on Desertion this would not be helpful to me, and might even prevent me from doing what I need to do. Basically the only viable way for me to build a deed is to use high dirt walls (with longhouses) and steel mine doors, as anything less is going to get worked over pretty fast. Even if we could put a deed token inside a mine...the horses I'm uncertain as to the thinking behind this. Is it to make deeds more vulnerable, or to force players to work together to produce viable deeds? Either way, in a game where the population is dwindling already, this seems like a risky move. It would seem unwise to discourage solo builders at this point? I suspect many players will be building for themselves, as it's hard to find other players to build with now. Meditation abilities over level 9 no longer work Characteristics and Fighting related skills receive less combat bonus in the higher levels(scaling) Not happy about this. I understand that you want to even the field to give newer players a chance, but removing hard-earned bonuses from older players can only disincentivise them. There has to be a point and rewards for PvP in return for all the grinding, and those rewards have to matter. No matter how advanced the player, they're always at risk of getting noobswarmed. Anyway, I don't want to appear overly negative, and hope that Epic survives long into the future. I'm just worried that it will take on a "Challenge"-type form in which I am not in the least bit interested. As to the other changes that have been made since I've been gone, like bridges, and building inside mines...awesome. These are all impressive, and although not limited to Epic, it's great to see this development still taking place. Edit: I just found this somewhere else on the forum: "Map Reset Specific Changes (Elevation Only) Reduce the max slope you can dig to something under 300 while keeping the skill you need to dig it the same. This will make creating massive dirt walls a bit harder and allow more people to help build deeds instead of requiring 99+ digging accounts to finish walls. Reduce the max rock you can surface mine and place mine doors on while keeping the skill required the same. Rock pits are an issue as they add onto dirt walls, though with mine door restrictions below might not be needed feed back on this appreciated." Which answers these questions. I'll leave the post as is though; can't be assed going through it and editing it again.

  8. Merge Epic Cluster + Freedom Cluster

    I voted no. Some of us like being on Epic and we don't care about Freedom or PvP over there. If we did we'd have started on Freedom. Trouble with Freedom is you can bail and sail to a non-PvP server. That isn't right and shouldn't be allowed. Just leave us be. If you want more PvP delete Chaos and come to Epic :)
  9. I can confirm this does indeed work, subject to a couple of conditions; The SteamID used is the long number associated with your SteamID64. The GM level for the Mayors must be set to 4 (or less?) in advance as Drakeling says. The only issue I encountered was Ceyer (Mayor of Hearth) appears in the middle of Litocania, but it's easy enough to flight him back to Hearth. Maybe he was busy raiding HotS when he logged off Personally I chose to use these guys as Mayors rather than GMs and subsequently set their GM level to 0.
  10. meditating for path

    This method seems to work for Insanity, Love, and Power. Knowledge path appears to be bugged (as a GM5). Not sure about Hate as I haven't tested that yet.
  11. It is possible to set your meditation levels relatively quickly (i.e., minutes rather than hours). Enter the game as a GM5, find the path tile you want, create a 90ql (exquisite?) rug, set your meditation score to 15. Then start meditating, it'll only take about 12 to 15 seconds. Assuming you're on your path tile you'll simply have to answer the questions. Once you get started increase your desired meditation score (to whatever) and keep answering questions until you're done. Unfortunately this does not appear to work for Knowledge path (bugged - the code thinks Knowledge tiles are Power tiles if (and apparently only if) you're a GM5. I haven't checked Hate yet as I can't create a Hate tile. I believe this method works for Insanity, Love and Power though.
  12. Elevation Reset

    This is exactly what I believe will happen. It explains both the size and layout of the new map and the f2p players - ultimately there is nowhere else for them to go except Elevation Mk 2. I'm convinced Desertion, Serenity and Affliction are next. Perhaps not straight away, but I think it's coming.
  13. Elevation Reset

    Sounds like a popular decision to be fair, but I'm out. I just can't face another rebuild, I'm already exhausted. I wish everyone the best of luck with this, and since I've still got quite a lot of premium time left on my accounts I'll try do my duty and help MR rebuild their city on the new server. But ultimately I've lost all trust/confidence in the Wurm devs and therefore cannot justify spending more time on Wurm long-term. It's been a hell of a ride, and I still think Wurm has the best mechanics in any game I've seen in some 30 years of playing MMOs. But for me personally, stability is the primary factor in an MMO - it's an absolute requirement.
  14. News Update: Work and Progress. Week 11

    "Our new collision system, which bridges use, is a massive technical step forward for Wurm and will open up a huge range of new opportunities for development." I was just wondering, what sort of ideas you were considering. Is there anything that might affect combat? Like would it be possible to use this for a non-target based PvP system?
  15. Epic feedback feedback thread

    I've had a chance to speak to some players on Desertion about the proposed changes to Epic. In my experience, which is admittedly limited, these players seem to want to base themselves on Desertion but come to Elevation to PvP. That is to say such players might want bases on Elevation, but they see their homes as being on Desertion. They see living on Elevation full-time as being a bit too risky. If this is what many players want then I think it is at least worth bearing in mind if the intention behind the changes to Epic is to draw more players to live on Elevation.