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  1. This is a tough one. Personally I upped two years in an attempt at getting the black tome but was unsuccessful. I love the flavor of sorcery in Wurm because I love character building in games like this. For me it’s more about having that cool title to validate the direction I took my character in, but also I love game mechanics that you can mix and match resistances and weakness to get a net gain (for the most part) that fits my character RP. I hate gambling but I really liked the idea of getting that tome I wanted so I figured two years of Wurm I wouldn’t actually be losing anything but it would be really easy for someone like me to just up their premium time (for a year) to pick out their sorcery choices and be done with it.
  2. COD two HotS banners and flags to Kyugg please.
  3. I'll take a single skull pad and the curved for 75c.
  4. Could I get 2 skull pads and a curved for a silver?
  5. I’ll take the Happy New Year Chest and Picnic Basket as well as a Valentine’s Pottery, CoD to Kyugg. Also if that black tome is still available I would make an offer.
  6. You ever heard of a thing called paranoia? I’m a follower now though thanks for the replies.
  7. Thanks, I was trying to be antisocial about it. Ironic to use to forums to muster a bit of courage to try that.
  8. This has been happening on and off for me lately too. Last night was really bad for like twenty minutes only to suddenly get it together. I often will use Discord with the friends I play with but they don’t have any issues despite only living a hour or so from me. I think the people who are saying it’s the internet provider dropping packets are correct. Though I don’t know anything about how stuff like this works so I’m just repeating what they said.
  9. Hello Wurmians, I have been doing research like crazy about trying to become Libila priest on Independence but outside going to the Bone Altar I have come up short. Are there any Freedom Libila priest who could convert me or give me some advice one how to make it happen? My character is on Mist Lake on Independence but I would be willing to meet up even cross non PvP servers if I had to. Trying to make the Bone Altar my last resort.
  10. I like this idea. I think though instead of adding something like writs again it should be a one time use item that transfers ownership. It would be immersive in my opinion to be able to use a reed pen with ink (or dye) on a sheet of paper to create a “Proof of Ownership” or something like that. That way merchants could sell permissions that were written on a sheet of paper for something like a cart but once you use it you just become the owner and the “Proof of Ownership” goes away.
  11. Thanks a lot man! Good deal here people.
  12. CoD anything available for Kyugg please.
  13. I was headed out on a hunt and all I needed was a helmet, and along the way I happen across Alk's village. So I stop by to talk for a moment and see the changes he had made because its been a while since I've been on Wurm. Then he tells me about his sweet deals on various services. Which fitted my needs perfectly. I bought a sweet bear helmet and I also needed a tool belt since I lost mine in a death where I was unable to recover my body. Alkhadias literally completed my hunt preparations when I was at a loss. +10 for a good dude.