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  1. Actually know Rupert (Perto) irl. Wild seeing someone post his ###### on here. Also this still for sale?
  2. I caught big autism from this... Thank you for this gift.
  3. https://www.niarja.com/skill_compare/Rockeater Inv:
  4. Bumping again- Rockeater still available
  5. Umabrisk and Rockeater still available!
  6. Updated -- Chrysanthy and Amatsusah sold!
  7. My mistake, it's very late and I forgot some very important details! None of the toons have prem time. Umabrisk follows Vynora. Amazingrace follows Vynora. Level 7 path of love Rockeater follows Vynora. Rockeater is level 6 Path of Love Chrysanthy is also level 7 path of love.