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  1. This doesn't seem right, I just made some charcoal piles at 50+ coal making using 60ql logs and 35ql dirt (didn't feel like digging). Average walnut pile came out at 45ql (not including walnut bonus). Will test again once I have space in my cave with 70ql materials. For those curious the highest ql pile I got was 49.57 and lowest 41.94.
  2. seems nutrition was lowered too
  3. This has happened in Xanadu and only when fighting Venerable Trolls and I make a bad move. It seems that once I get stunned i get the generic resistance spell effect, which usually lasts for 2 mins. The description itself says that it might be a bug. Was told to post on forums.
  4. They did announce a planned update for today, but lets just keep being paranoid
  5. [11:59:10] A three steps long wooden plank that could be used to build something. This is a fantastic example of the item, with fascinating design details and perfect ideas for functionality. It is made from maplewood. Starting Bid: 1s Min Increment: 10c Reserve: None Snipe Protection: 1 hour Free delivery to any coastal deed/area on freedom.
  6. yes it is, if its to the point that you require it to be effective By this logic FS, Body Str, Weapon Skill, and Shield Skill should be changed so that we don't have to grind them up just to be able to land a hit before dying. Like many others have said if SoTG is nerfed badly other paths will take its place. Then we will be back at it again to nerf the new meta.
  7. "This ability only makes the gap bigger between new players and old players." I'm sure new players would rather spend 7 months getting 70 meditation than years just grinding body stats to not get one hit.
  8. You know you lost an argument when you tell someone to quit playing a game. Stay classy mate.
  9. Oh, so this turned from a merge epic pvp with chaos, into a let me jump into chaos pvp with no effort to build up my character like everyone else. Again, do you people have no shame, buy an account for chaos pvp or start over. Stop trying to find shortcuts, that will get you nowhere in life
  10. Wow, I can't believe how selfish some people can be. They are being lazy and just want a quick jump into chaos pvp with no regards for everyone else on epic but themselves. All this for what, a pmk that'll last untill they get bored of the chaos enviornment. Soon they'll start making demands to change pvp in chaos and change they way freedom works. These types of people are like a virus and need to be contained. -1 , we don't need your kind anywhere near our freedom isles.