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  1. PvEp Lands

    Glad you're enjoying it.
  2. Do love the map! Morrowind looks awesome on the map. That's pretty awesome! Cryodiil should be the "HoTA" if it's not LOL. Def wanna come see if any large citys like Daggerfall, Riften, etc exist =)
  3. I've been struggling to find a answer to this, and I apologize if it's elsewhere.. But is there a command/action to set a player as "CM"? I am looking to be able to play a non-GM character, earn my own skills, not appear as "GM" to other players, etc.. And still be able to respond to Support Tickets, and all the tasks of a "CM". I've discovered setting "CA" through a GM+ character, but not "CM". And of course on the CA character you can only see a ticket, not respond/resolve it. -Thank you in advance for any tips on resolving this =).
  4. Interesting.. As somebody who's been playing the game since 1.0 It's nice to see how much this game has changed! And that the development team is keeping it alive! Back in 2011 or 2012 they said they was gonna stop making updates.. Then this year I learned it was back! Been playing it a lot lately hehe! But I don't have all my amazing gear anymore.. Which is prob junk gear compared to the new stuff.. But this looks awesome! I like that tree fell down to be chopped up.. They're doing amazing things with 2D graphics.
  5. +1 to getting it in game.. Been waiting for that! But umm.. The map isn't down for me..
  6. These are pretty cool! My roommate won't let me use our moon metals to make em.. haha But I think the Ada Candelabra looks amazing!
  7. I thought there was supposed to be a In-Game Valrei map added when introduced New Elevation.. Always wondered what happened to that.. Either way +1
  8. Welcome! You'll love it here! Great people, active players, Free Tacosushi, What else could you ask for! =-)
  9. It's old.. But still an amazing song! And band! >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=neGdoqsuiN8 Flushing out all of the moronic people of the world...
  10. I'd love to see it removed, but doubt it will be.. Not even sure in some situations if it makes any difference.. I'm in Office and I still get online checked all the time..
  11. Neverending Story!!! My Childhood! =D >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3khTntOxX-k
  12. Maybe the solution should be to re-vamp the graphics of the Sickle. Or make an entirely different one with the same combat stats listed on the Wiki (http://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Sickle) but have a separate appearance from the "Tool" sickle. As I've mentioned before Sickles was and are used as weapons, maybe the current model is a little cheesy for a weapon style sickle.. But fix it! Everybody has and should have a weapon preference. Most people on Epic use Longswords. Some use One-Handed Axe's or Maul's. Then some people use Sickles. Weapon Variety is nice, I'd personally love to see other "tools" implemented as weapons. Daggers (Carving Knives/Butchering Knives) for example. Not only has Sickles already been nerfed, but they're one of the only weapons which can't be made from anything but Iron. Steel, Ada, Glimmer, Seryll is all impossible for Sickles.