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  1. I think I can work it out to deliver it to you, but you wont be able to attach the last piece yourself....we'd have to complete it on our end. If this is ok with you, do you have a wood preferance for it? And, where on Deliverance are you?
  2. Want to sell a corbita and a Knarr Corbita is 4s Knarr is 14s Each can be improved to ql 60 and the last peg can be added by the buyer, with choice of wood. They also include 10 large crates in each (ql 40). Located on Indepedence on the south coast of the Collosus Lake.
  3. The Academy is starting up and we have a several really nice new villagers. I just want to thank everyone who has been so helpful in spreading the word. We continue to be committed to giving new players and returning vet players a place to learn (re-learn) the wonderful world of Wurm. Many folks have been very supportive of this new project, and I anticipate a wonderful experience for everyone. Again, thank you all and keep spreading the word. And please feel free to pm me if you have any questions. Keep Wurming
  4. Andazeus, Feel free to pm in game... Malchimus
  5. N Indy Academy is dedicated to helping new players learn and enjoy the wonderful world of Wurm. We are located on the Independence server, right on Lake Collosus in the North East. Ask for a member of the N Indy Alliance for an invite, or pm Malchimus, Journeya, Lillie or Asdf. And have fun Wurming.
  6. You can add my deed as well. Name: Malchisville Location: 48x, 19y image: Also, Hadenstead disbanded (49x, 18y)