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  1. Thanks so humans demise makes more sense in PvP servers and selfhealers in PVE servers.
  2. Now that it is possible to dispell demise spells I am trying to understand the difference between these two spells. According to wiki selfhealers demise affects Trolls and "other regenerating creatures". Humans demise affects, humanoids (humans, trolls, goblins and similar" So what is the difference between the two spells? Goblins are humanoid but not regenerating so I guess they are affected by humans demise but not by selfhealers demise. What other regenerating creatures are there? Are there any non humanoid regenerating creatures? What about uniques? Are they affected by any of the two?
  3. I understand your frustration as this change should have been announced in advance to let players deal with the consequences it will have but i think that anything that makes caves decay faster is a change in the right direction. The underground in older servers is completely hollow, even in places that have been abandoned for years.
  4. Although I agree that changing this without any advance notice is a bad idea we definitely need faster decay on caves. In older servers there are literally hundreds of places where the underground layer is completely hollow because there was a deed there in the past that got disbanded. Buildings and objects decay in a reasonable fast time but some caves, specially big ones never go back to their natural state.
  5. I have one i might be willing to sell. It is enchanted with LT MS COC and NIM. If you are interested I can PM the exact stats when I get home.
  6. exquisite meditation rug, cotton 48ql COC75 - 50c COD to Grincor please
  7. Grooming Brush, Oakenwood 80.06ql Circle of Cunning - 72 0.56s COD to Grincor please
  8. Edit: nevermind. Order was placed 5 days ago and still no news from you.
  9. I could unload it a week or two ago but today it is giving me this error message. [22:25:15] Unfinished corbita is not transportable in this way.
  10. No, that's perfect I'd rather have it in one piece than risking shattwring it for a few more levels. Thanks a lot, I will claim it as soon as I get home from work.