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  1. I would like to sell 12 to 15 silver at a 1 silver to 1 euro ratio.
  2. Thanks for all your advice, input, and votes. [21:06:45] It is 23:29:57 on Wrath day in week 3 of the starfall of Fires in the year of 1046. [21:06:45] The settlement of Pine Point has just been founded by Minwaabi.
  3. Ojibwe (also known as Chippewa in some spheres), one of the native languages of Michigan. It looks a lot like Northern Michigan. It's part of a great big pine forest, but my spot is on a corner/point so I have water on two sides (lots of it). A little hilly but not too much. A little sandy in spots and some reeds.
  4. Thanks Capi. Explanations for why you like a name are helpful. (As are votes). Also, in case anyone is curious, all the names effectively mean the same thing (except Arbitrary Point) Zhingwaak means Pine, so Pine Point Zhingwaakokaa means There are many pines (here). Neyzhingwaakokaa is close to an actual real life place name and means something like Many Pine Point or Point with many pines.
  5. I'm about to deed for the first time and I'm terrible at naming things. So please vote and let me hear what you think about the different options I'm kicking around.
  6. [19:31:45] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than thirty minutes.
  7. I have two rare items up for auction: rare grooming brush, oakenwood 70.01 QL (sold) Starting bid: 4s Increment: 0.5 s Buyout: 8s No reserve, 1 hour sniper rare short bow, willow 27.30 QL Starting bid: 2s Increment: 0.5s Buyout: 6s No reserve, 1 hour sniper Auction ends 7PM EST Tuesday. Winner pays cod. Free delivery between Glasshollow and Angel Bay (along the coast) could be arranged, but winner agrees to pay cod if satisfactory arrangements can't be made.
  8. I have a few things for sale: 1 x Garden Gnome, clay @ 4s (sold) 1 x Sleep Powder @ 1.2 s 5 x Yellow potion (2 x 16 QL, 1 x 32 QL, 2 x 50 QL) 1 x Source Crystal @ 5c 3 x Diamond Minor Rares: 2 x Hull Plank (rare) @ 40c 1 x Large nails, iron (rare) 1 x square piece of cloth Except the Garden Gnome and the source crystal, all prices are subject to negotiation. If no price listed, make me an offer. I will be in the Glasshollow area for the next couple of days, and pick up is of course free. PM Minwaabi for fastest response.
  9. Sorry. I only had 20 to sell and it's sold now. Close please
  10. You still looking for 20 silver? I'd be willing to sell for 20 euro.
  11. I would like to sell about 16 silver, but would be willing to sell between 15 and 20 if another quantity is desired. (1 euro for every silver).
  12. I think the title is pretty self explanatory, but I want to know how do people usually go about selling silver? I see people putting up "want to sell" and "want to buy" adds in the appropriate forums, but how is that transaction usually handled?
  13. Just sent it. You should get it in less than 10 minutes. 17:00:00 game time.
  14. I have a Rare Small Anvil,iron 30.06 QL 0.00 Dam no enchants that I would like to sell. Starting Bid: 4 s Increase: 50 c Buyout: 8 s Winner pays CoD Auction ends in 48 hours (approximately)