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  1. RIP Tich Recently took up fishing for personal goal reasons. Casting the line now will have a whole different meaning. Prayers for her family and loved ones
  2. its not about something better on the cash shop necessarily. Exclusivity doesnt mean better. Something on the cash shop could have different detailing to a similar item in the game. One is craftable and one is available for purchase should one choose. Seriously, we are talking about cosmetic items here. This could benefit crafters as well. If the cash shop is successful, more items will be added and hopefully, more similar items will be added to in game crafting systems.
  3. ive resorted to dropping something on the tile i just meditated on.... guess im getting old
  4. I can 'almost' feel the emotion in your response. To answer your question, Ive made cloth squares, cordage, locks and a few yoyo's. I stated that these automations would be crude... not modern. I bet there were more than a few medieval contraptions - when were clocks invented? maybe let us have windmills to power contraptions if steam is a bit too far out of period for some's comfort. Heck - we have intergalactic space dogs tearing up the world and giving us nice stuff. They've already taught us how to cover our shoulders - just to point at one advancement Im not suggesting anything that would hurt pvp or deed building or crafting. Crafters should always make the best stuff. Im suggesting having a way to automate a few mundane tasks to let those of us who'd rather be out exploring / adventuring have a choice on how we get our 'fuels'. Nothing wrong with promoting the adventure side of the game a little. Also... automations in my view should be very hard to get and maintain... not like making a barrel for example.
  5. maybe rarity plus a rune. Since SB is a fairly powerful aspect of the game, have a very special rune that is hard to get
  6. batch light token... i like that idea. light token stays on the arrows until they are shot. Then the light token lasts say 10 min (cant remember actual time for the spell). If you retrieve your arrows in a timely manner, you win. If not, everybody else wont see a shimmering, polluted field of sparkling arrows after robin hood leaves the area. Would make good use of an existing spell
  7. +1 to this. The existing skulls could be made much more impressive as display items as well. Who says the head of magical creature must decay to a bare bone state?
  8. A lot has happened over the years in Wurm. Society is developing and people 'should' be getting smarter. Couple this with the invasions from space and you have a formula for advancement. We also have trolls showing a fondness for cooking never before seen scattering their recipes far and wide - even the trolls are showing signs of evolution As a result of Wurm's inevitable advancement, I was thinking a few 'quality of life' contraptions/automations might be in order. Some examples could be: - veggie chopper - meat dicer / chopper / filet'er - juicer - etc How would i propose to implement these you ask? I would tie each of these crude devices to a rare drop from a rift plus a randomly dropped rare 'blueprint' - maybe from trolls, goblins, rift creatures, etc each would need a source of power, so maybe steam from the recently discovered still - each could be an attachment that required either high fine carpentry or high blacksmithing to craft and attach to the still. In order to balance such powerful machines with the die hard grinding community, i'd suggest steep penalties for using them. Potential penalties: - cooldown - similar to mediation - sleep bonus cost - big stamina hit - no skill acquired when using - hard limit on quantity produced in a given 24hr period. Who would benefit: - someone just wanting to make grape juice for wine but not necessarily wanting to be a champion beverage guy/gal - someone wanting to prepare favor for channeling grind but not necessarily wanting to become an expert 'cook' - folks looking for new high level craftables - folks wanting an adventure - finding the rift item and the blueprint shouldnt be easy - merchants who could buy and sell rare components Its a concept that i'm sure could be easily balanced within the Wurm biome. Any thoughts?
  9. maybe use the fog spider 'condensating' corpse effect
  10. thank you for the reply and the information.
  11. Right now, there are 2 missions on xanadu for killing 160 cave bugs - competing gods (paaweelr and Liblia) One mission is at 98% and the other at 5%... all kills seem to going to Liblia (currently 5%) making it appear as though the first one (paaweelr) cannot be completed. Would be a shame to lose out on 30min SB for those folks who have epic helper for both missions. Can this be reviewed as a possible bug? thanks
  12. im sure an official, fully functional mod loader would help make Malena's dream (and many other creative people out there) come true. There must be lots of folks who would be happy to help Malena create a few UO specific creature types
  13. +1 to being able to actually put things on tables and shelves for display or short term storage
  14. why cant things like source springs spawn for a short time and then disappear to re-spawn at a different location?