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  1. While many players will disappear no matter what level of qol is provided, there are others that I'm sure are lost because the free to play option doesn't give them sufficient opportunity to experience the real wurm experience. No point having a free to play option if that free to play option doesn't provide a representative experience.
  2. This... having been grinding meditation for a few months, I cant tell you how many times this "too full to eat anymore" message caused delay. Just let us have the bite.
  3. Epic Fail

    What makes this kind of sad for me is that this happens to also be a PR opportunity for Wurm. How often does Wurm get a chance to present itself to such a large potential audience? I wasnt expecting perfection or anything near it, but I also didnt see it going this direction. I hope things stabilize soon and I hope that interested new players have the patience to wait this situation out.
  4. gonna bump this. This idea might also be interesting around xmas with wurm's players having an easy way to 'create' xmas lighting. Creating a new market cant be a bad thing.
  5. Why not tie the various types of alcohol produced in a still to a new type of lantern fuel? Each alcohol type could generate a unique flame color giving a lamp or lantern the same effect as a dyed lamp or lantern. Difference is this color effect would not be permanent. One could change fuel anytime. Would need to balance with the natural substances perks, but im sure there's room for everyone to share in the color business. What say ye?
  6. +1 - needs more thought, but anything to spread the wealth and attract/keep new players is worth considering
  7. RIP Tich Recently took up fishing for personal goal reasons. Casting the line now will have a whole different meaning. Prayers for her family and loved ones