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  1. dont ask dont tell the story of wurm, o/
  2. Its funny, received a ban for macros today. On a PvE server in a game you can pay 2 win to the top no less... and yet i know its against the rules but when over half the player base does it come on... i mean it sticks out like a sore thumb throughout my travels i cant even count the amount of times i crossed some settlement that is dead silents after a o/ yet everyone is hammering away then you get that awkward /tell of o/ 20mins later or that try to be sneak in a cave to cover their tracks of sound and creation in local. I mean if your gonna take the time to ban me a lone scrub that actually playing the majority of the time, how cant some of these rare item farm grinders with their armys of alt accounts pushing the silver on the forums be bothered with? How isnt this obvious? W/E thin your heard more WO this only pushes you closer to your end.
  3. We are always looking for more, this is a old post and we need to update it but if your interested lmk
  4. file 59ql coc95 - 2s carving knife ql60 coc87 - 1,1s mallet oak ql83 coc88 - 1,2s cod keenobambeano
  5. You can untame through managements now.
  6. GET THE ANIMALS OFF THE CLIFFS!? Xanadu has so many animals that are unreachable just hanging out on cliffs, no animals should be able to climb such steep slopes...
  7. Rare Bed 5s Rare High Bookshelf 6s Will deliver for 1s In game Contact Keenobambeano
  8. Don't want to hassle with finding the right mission then traveling and setting up a building site for the epic construction piece you want? Or are just not skilled enough to create one yet!? If so you came to the right place! We have set out and constructed many of each epic structure so you don't have to and they can all be delivered from I-13 Xanadu at a 1s flat rate to any server but chaos! (If your close to the delivery boat when ordering we will waive the delivery fee, all items my also be picked up for no extra charge.) Pylon: In Stock Price: 2s Spirit Gate: In Stock Price:1.5s Shrine: In Stock Price: 1.5s Temple: In Stock (Current model is a ? Bag) Price: 1s Obelisk: In Stock Price 1.5s
  9. Clay, 2kg87.76ql Wind of Ages - 88 0.96s Pickaxe, Iron85.11ql Wind of Ages - 84 0.95s CoD Keenobambeano
  10. Yea not a big deal still works great, added a sound to notify me timers up and that should be enough. Thanks for making WA !
  11. I run full screen windowed as well but when i switch to anything else it still wont work. Middle mouse and ctrl+right click does nothing for me :/
  12. Cant get timers to stay on top, iv checked the widget view box but still wont work... anyone know what might be wrong?
  13. Large Maul, Iron - 80.05ql - 78 Life Transfer + 73 Mind Stealer - 1.91s Add Animal Demise Send to Arngrim, thank you