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  1. Deed: Puzzle Labyrinth 2631,2089,2089
  2. I noticed it on the first day that Melody launched so it’s been there from the start. No idea what it is though or why it is there.
  3. There is a height at which boats no longer can be dragged. I can’t remember the exact value but it’s something like 5.
  4. I think pelts were made to fit into backpacks now.
  5. I personally use Wurm Assistant to keep track of rate of skill gain but I’ve always wished for a tool that can keep track of the percentage of actions that result is a skill tick since this is such an important metric to determine your efficiency. I have heard that this would be a difficult tool to create, however, based on the way the event messages are formatted.
  6. New to me

    Boy...if the crafting window is new to you, then its been a long time. So many things have been added/changed since then. I'll list some that come to mind Underground buildings and bridges Paving bridges and mine walls Rift events Animal husbandry got an overhaul Combat got an overhaul New UI Archaeology Treasure maps Priests can oversac to temporarily store lots more favor than their faith Being able to plant crops by activating the container that the seeds are in. Equiping horses by dragging gear on to them. Unequip all option. Volumetric lighting giving sunshafts Search bar in inventory and bulk bins There have been a lot more I am not remembering at the moment. We are also going to see some new updates around the corner that the devs are about to tease this week. Welcome back to wurm!
  7. I like this idea and am in favour of a mentoring system of some kind. I think the portal idea might be abused to easily get your new alt to your deed.
  8. Not quite. It seems that there is a threshold determined by your mining skill plus’s the pickaxe ql. If you are above that threshold there seems to be a buff that reduces stamina drain. What was happening was that I was just above that threshold and when my pickaxe took damage it lowered the effective ql of the pickaxe so I went below that threshold. Repairing it brought it above again.
  9. I do recall that mining got an overhaul at some point that removed the weird 30s timer when your skill was low. Seems I never really understood how the action timer worked at the top end. Is that threshold determined by a combination of your skill and the pickaxe ql?
  10. Based on some further testing, it seems this might not have been a nerf. It turns out that below a certain pickaxe ql level, you lose more stamina. In my original tests, the damage only lowered the effective quality of the pickaxe below that level. With this new info, I retract my suggestion. I think its fine that there is a ql level above which you get better stamina loss.
  11. It seems that a nerf has been added to using tools that have damage on them causing increase stamina drain. I reported this as a bug in the following thread but it has been confirmed to be intended (See the thread for a video that shows the effect) [NO BUG] Stamina drains faster when my pickaxe has 1 damage on it - Server Bugs - Wurm Online Forum I propose to remove this effect. Since tools with damage already function at a lower effective quality there is already incentive to keep your tools repaired relatively often. It seems excessive to me that once the tool has a slight amount of damage, it also causes excess stamina drain in addition to functioning at a lower ql. This effect is observed even when the damage on the tool is 0.1 and it becomes extremely excessive when the tool has about 1 damage on it.
  12. It seems as if the more damaged the pickaxe gets, the more the stamina drains, so its different every time. The thing about stamina drain is that a small difference after the 1st action causes a bigger difference in the next action. This is because you will be starting the 2nd action with less stamina causing the action timer to be longer, leaving you with less stamina when you start the 3rd action. When there is no damage on the pickaxe, all 6 actions are 3.0 seconds, whereas, with damage, the 2nd action is 3.1s then the 3rd is 3.3s etc. These values seem to get worse the more damage is on the pickaxe.