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  1. My suggestion is to increase the length of the ripe stage by about 3x to accommodate people’s play time. As it is, if a player misses the ripe stage by a day or two is very detrimental to their crops, especially in large planters.
  2. If this was added... id use it
  3. I am happy to hear that people continue to discover and enjoy the labyrinth after so many years!
  4. Low floor, high ceiling is the way to go.
  5. There are two main differences between the steam launcher and the wurm launcher. 1. When using the steam launcher, a percentage of the money that you pay goes to steam, whereas with the wurm launcher, all the money you pay goes to wurm. 2. When using the steam launcher, it requires a bit of a work around to allow you to play multiple toons at a time, whereas with the wurm launcher its as simple as loading up a new launcher.
  6. Sorry bout that. It seems it didn’t load properly and I needed to refresh to see it.
  7. Are two adjacent tile borders flat?
  8. Isn’t there a rune that does this now?
  9. Did this post happen? If so, could someone direct me to it please?
  10. I would say this game probably will not run on your computer. While it is an older game, it has been updated a lot recently. I’d say that not having a gpu is pretty much a deal breaker for any 3D rendered world, especially for a game where the players can place tons of objects all over the place.
  11. Hi, I have a 60ish ql rare iron pickaxe. I will sell it to you for 20s.