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  1. Did this post happen? If so, could someone direct me to it please?
  2. I would say this game probably will not run on your computer. While it is an older game, it has been updated a lot recently. I’d say that not having a gpu is pretty much a deal breaker for any 3D rendered world, especially for a game where the players can place tons of objects all over the place.
  3. Hi, I have a 60ish ql rare iron pickaxe. I will sell it to you for 20s.
  4. Congrats Yondu! Let me know the character name you would like me to send it to
  5. Start Bid: 5s Increments: 1s Reserve: None Buyout: None Sniper Protection: 1hr *If there is a bid within the last hour of the auction, then the auction will be extended for 1 hour after the last bid
  6. Hi Demona, Thanks for the update! Just a quick question. What day is Easter day? Could we get a date?
  7. Pretty sure that Zethreal’s suggestion was added to the game. You can now make blank books, add pages and write on them with a reed pen.
  8. I agree whole heartedly. I would also like to see all in game windows that have the “send” button get an overhaul.
  9. This struck me after watching my first wurm puppet show. The entire show was in the event tab and I thought to my self... Man, wouldn't it be great if the puppet show was in the local tab so it wouldn't get all mixed up with all the event messages. Later, this made me notice that emotes were also in the event window and often I miss them because of this. My suggestion is to move the text for the emotes into local chat so that its less likely to miss them.
  10. Love the poll, but there are a few notable changes that are missing from the list: 1. Bridges 2. Underground building <-- my vote is for this one! 3. Fishing 4. Archaeology (not sure if this is as much of a change but rather an addition)
  11. Is there a way to see which way the mob is attacking you without reading the combat log? If the key to winning the fight is to defend in the direction that you are being attacked, there should be a quick way to visually see which way the mob is attacking you (before you get hit) How can you tell whether a special move landed? Is there a way to see the effect of the special move landing successfully without looking at the combat log? Overall, I will agree with most of the comments so far. I personally don't see how any of the changes made in this update will improve the combat experience. I was not expecting that taking the text out of the combat log and pasting it in the game world was what was meant by making the combat more visual. Unless I am missing something, it looks like reading the combat log will be more important after the update to keep an eye on where the mob is attacking you and where it is defending. Aside from that, it feels that combat will be unchanged. Special moves do not seem effective and its still just better to let your swings do the damage. The mobs die to your regular attacks so fast that special moves do not seem worth the time to do. If I could offer a suggestion for the next major update it would be spend more time at the drawing board before committing to any changes. Come up with more ideas on how to improve the system you are working on and how it fits into the bigger picture of the game. Spend time to ensure that the changes are addressing the current flaws and player complaints. This update does not address any of the current issues with combat and after such a long wait, we will be left with a system that is no better than the old one.
  12. Thanks for that! Brightened my day and provided a few good laughs (along with some sideways glances from my wife).