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  1. Missing Keybinds

    The command for turning wemp plants into wemp fibrr. Cant remember what its called...maybe it’s “crush”
  2. Valrei International. 082

    Wurm Devstreams! Can't wait. Maybe let us know what the twitch channel will be so we can hit the follow to get an update when you go live?
  3. [WU] Datamining

    I was under the impression that the type of med rug affects the chances of getting a question when meditation on a special tile. I was told that for skill gain, rug type makes no difference. I don't code so can't say one way or the other...but it would be interesting to find out for sure.
  4. Hi, my name is NexD

    Wurm used to have Voip for people in local. It was directional and faded in volume as your distance increased. If memory serves me, Rolf wanted it to be a paid service which, obviously, never flew. It would be nice to get this feature reactivated as I felt it added quite a bit of immersion to the game.
  5. Valrei International 081.

    I am really excited for the official dev streams! Still catching up on the VoDs of the practice runs, but they look good so far.
  6. Are there consequences for starvation?

    Once you have fasted enough times and all your fat layers are gone, your stamina will not regenerate any longer. At this point you will not be able to perform any actions and you will walk very slowly. The only way to fix that situaltion is to eat food. If, at that point, you have no food available you will find the game pretty much unplayable. I highly recommend that if you plan on testing the limits of fasting, you should have food on hand ready to be eaten once you get to that point. There is another way around it if you follow a deity and have 10 faith. In that case you can sacrifice a rare item to get 99 nutrition and a full food and water bar. Not sure if doing this will give your fat layers back though.
  7. Can't take large sign

    do you recall putting the sign there? Is it possible the sign is actually above ground but appears in your mine? Try putting the sign in your select bar and then going above ground to the tile above the sign and take from there.
  8. Hey I was wondering where on release you are? 

  9. I believe all items become larger when you combine them. Seems like a good one to add to the list
  10. Mind Logic Skillgain

  11. Valrei International. 078

    Wow, just wow, Samool. They said you were a wizard! Now Im saying it too. And thanks to the devs working on the server issues and lag. This work is so important and fundamental to the game and it is much appreciated the hard work you guys are doing. It seems this work has unearthed the spider webs under the bed so to speak, and it will be great when everything is all cleaned out.
  12. Head bobbing bug

    Hi, while investigating (archaeology) the head bobbing causes you to duck. Then if you move mid action, you stand up. I encountered a situation where if i move forward, it repeatedly stands up and ducks over and over as long as I am moving.
  13. I understand the need for this type of catch all rule, however, I do have a concern regarding where the line is. There are clear cut cases, im sure, where the everyone would agree that the perpetrator has crossed the line, however, there seems to be a huge gray area. A recent griefing event made public on the forum comes to mind that I am sure the gms had to think twice about (at least I hope they did) as it seemed to me that the player base was split on whether the “play nice” rule was violated. I can see how making an air tight rule in a sandbox game like Wurm regarding these situations would be impossible, I do feel as though some improvements to the current iteration of the “play nice” rule could be made to shrink the gray area and narrow the line between playing nice and griefing.
  14. CoC Enchants Degrading Rapidly?

    There was a change a while back. It changed so that every action has a single chance to reduce the enchant. It used to be that every 5 seconds during an action there was a chance to reduce the enchant. It sounded like this would actually reduce enchant decay overall for longer actions but increase enchat decay in some situations. One such situation occured when the action was less than 5 secs because before the change you wouldnt loose any enchants ever. So it may be that before the change you experienced less decay if most of your actions were less than 5 seconds. This was deemed unintended by the devs so the system was changed.
  15. Do you like the new fishing system?

    It turns out that this sequence of messages means that you clicked correctly and attempted to hook the fish. However, you failed the skill check think of this like a failed action. My guess is that you can reduce how often this happens by improving the hook or possibly all the components of your fishing rod (rod, reel, hook). As well, the higher you skill gets the less frequent you will miss i guess too.