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  1. Factional Fight - Video now available

    You can now watch the recording of yesterday's stream! Enjoy!
  2. Have you Scored a Affinity yet?

    Boy you guys are all lucky! Been actively playing again for a couple weeks and no new affinity yet.
  3. Factional Fight - Video now available

    Currently watching Valiance and Kaylie streaming on their WU server!
  4. Thanks for everyone who joined us last night. After some fumbling around the twitch interface, we figured out how to let you guys watch the stream. Currently it is only on our twitch channel, but we are working on getting it up on our YouTube channel as well. Original Message: Faeran and I will be kicking off a new season of Factional Fight Plays Wurm Online! We have decided to go back to a streaming format and will be starting off with a test run of sorts. Tonight we will be doing a trial run of our twitch stream to make sure everything is working properly and will probably just keep it rolling for a while as we play some Wurm. Not sure of the exact time that we will start but my guess is around 7:00pm EST (no promises on the exact time though). If you would like to get a notification when we start, subscribe to our twitch channel:
  5. I've started streaming my Wurm game play!

    Love it I popped into yesterday's stream. Lots of fun!
  6. i havent seen him advertise his stream yet...but it is great Wurm content that I think has great potential to draw new players. For those who dont know, he runs the Mystic Highlands WU server.
  7. Red Dragon Blood or Ropemaking Potions

  8. [Xanadu] 15k Favor (Cordage) - 50c per 1k

  9. Selling 15k Favor in the form of 74.4ql cordage ropes for 50c per 1k sent using the wagoneer system on Xanadu. Each 74.4ql rope is slightly above 11 favor. Sacrifice 4 ropes to get to 50 favor or 7 ropes to get to 80 favor from empty. Great for chain casting. You may purchase in any quantity. The crates come free.
  10. Looking to buy Red Dragon Blood or Ropemaking Potions Send me a pm on the forums with your price. Thanks.
  11. Thanks, I put in a support ticket and the gm's promptly helped me resolve the issue.
  12. After re logging, I am still at 15 fight skill
  13. will try...need to wait the 5 min loggout timer as I am out hunting
  14. Logged in today ...went out and killed a few mobs, only to realize that my fighting skill is now around 15 when it used to be in the high 70s (not sure exactly what it was before). Has this happened to anyone else? Is it possible some sort of bug occurred in the recent updates that could have caused something like this to happen?
  15. Anyone else not able to load in. I figure its that the game is being updated, but the launcher is saying that the servers are online. Just thought I'd check if the servers are, in fact, offline or if its a problem on my end.