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  1. Devs, could you please inform us of the intention of the new saccing for favor update. I agree with many of the above sentiments and I think Etherdrifter's point is quite valid. If the intent was to make it better for pvp priest (can sac much faster to get more spells off in a fight) or possibly priests at rifts (can get more healing done), then perfect. Seems to have solved that. But the problem is, the intention stated in the feedback thread was to help with channel grinding (although it was not stated why it was felt that channel grinding needs to be buffed and I feel it needs the opposite) then I think this solution falls short for the reasons already stated. Normally, I am sympathetic to you, the devs, as you roll out changes, especially the controversial ones. I try my best to see both sides of the coin. But this time, the way this change has been communicated throughout the development process right up to release leaves me feeling that there is some ulterior motive for this change. Can you please explain the issue that this update is supposed to fix, and as well, how this change fixes the issue?
  2. I would like to ask a few questions towards the devs regarding the new favor regen system being added. The thread about it has been closed so, Forum Mods, please put this thread where you think it should go. Sorry if some of the questions have been answered elsewhere. 1. What will determine the maximum amount of favor allowed in the pool? 2. What happens to any excess favor sacrificed above the maximum cap? 3. Approximately how large will the excess pool be? 4. For channel grinding, many people use a linked priest (or 2) for a consistent flow of favor by having the linked priests sac while the main casts. Has this been taken into account when considering how this will be balanced? 5. Will this increase the rate at which channeling can be raised? 6. Will this increase the rate at which higher casts can be produced? If so, is there any consideration as to countering that in someway. Sorry for all the questions but I think things need to be cleared up before I can get behind this change. A Concerned Wurmian
  3. Make it so players can customize what goes on the default action key. Then replace the repeat action key with a second customizable default action key.
  4. I believe extending your perimeter over the house will increase decay (I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure I remember it being this way). As well, as soon as one wall decays completely, I think you could then destroy the rest manually with a large mail or other tool of your choice.
  5. Wow...I didn’t know this existed!
  6. There are people who were not able to abuse priest linking who are also already dominating the market. It only gave the select few who abused it a few days at most compared to those who did not. I originally was in the camp crying for roll backs, but in the grand scheme of things, it did not give that much of a head start compared to those who grinded their channeling legitimately.
  7. I agree with those who say that if the goal is to reduce the time spent sacrificing and increase the number of casts that can be performed per hour, then the best way to do this is to reduce the sac timer. I do, however, have a sneaking suspicion this is not what the devs want as a goal. Ost, can you be more clear about and/or fully disclose the intended goal of this change so that people can provide suggestions that the devs would actually consider. As it is, the original post makes it seem like the goal of this change is to increase the rate at which priests can cast their spells (ie increase the number of casts per hour that can be performed). I personally do not welcome such a change because as it is, we have all seen how the current rate of casting will produce an abundance of casted items, to the point where I personally stopped feeling the need to ever log in again to do any casting. There needs to be a balance between the rate at which priests can produce enchanted tools, and the rate at which players need new enchanted tools. Some work needs to be done to increase the demand of enchanted items over the long term before we increase the rate at which they are produced.
  8. What upcoming change to priest favour from saving are you talking about. I have seen no such announcement.
  9. The economy in Wurm has always been this way. It is what make it great. The market is dynamic and flows with the natural laws of supply and demand. As more boats enter the market, prices will fall. After it does this, there will be those who complain that it’s not even worth it to make boats to sell because they are so cheap. People will always complain that others are setting their prices too high, but the reality is...if they set their prices lower, it would get bought up before you even had a chance to see it being sold. The market determines the prices that will remain posted. You only see that guy advertising his Knarr for 80s because no one will pay that much, so he posts it over again. It is important to the economy that he does this so that others see that they can post their knarr for 70s to undercut him. As more knarrs are constructed, the price will drop dramatically. The prices should not be based on what things are worth on the old servers. That would completely defeat the purpose of a natural player driven economy.
  10. No drop items will remain on your character through death...even if it was in a container that dropped with your corpse. I am not sure whether sleep powder is no drop, however, so Im not sure. Are you on a pve server?
  11. All liquid must be in a container that can hold liquid. You could also use a pottery bowl, jar, or water skin to name a few.
  12. Sounds like you want to make sweet sweet silver selling all those new lowbie characters.
  13. much better to just add some more QoL to remove dirt walls and huge player made plateaus when they are gone! Its already added...its called level
  14. Are those mountains all along the coasts?