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  1. So I mined out a sandstone vein that had about 7k shards in it. Afterwards i needed to fix a dropshaft created by opening up the vein so I collapsed it. It became another sandstone vein with 5k+ actions again. Is this normal/intended? If so, I just screwed myself i think.
  2. While on a boat, you can right click a (decently) far tile and select "disembark" and you get teleported to that tile. Prior to knowing this I would always click the boat to disembark which would drop you in the water below the boat and I would have to swim and often climb out of the water. This was particularily frustrating if I forgot to let my stamina bar refill before disembarking.
  3. Update: went on a similar hunt as last night and got 3 pads. Two dropped off crocs and the other dropped off a scorpion. Was just unlucky the first run i guess.
  4. by the way... do the shoulders/masks drop on the corpse of the mob...or do they pop into my inventory when the mob dies?
  5. Went to the desert south of glasshollow where there are crocs, scorps and more. There werent too many trolls but there were a handful. Lots of kills between 2 of us. We were mowing through them for a few hours. Not a single shoulder pad. I dont like the sound of getting to 16h with still no drops. I do understand the need to keep these things limited. Wouldnt want a single individual walking away with 20 pads. But I might have one more play session between now and the end of the event and I hope to get something to commemorate it. I do really like this event though as it gives a real good reason to get off the deed and do something different. Also, I do enjoy hunting, but as of late Ive been feeling that there isnt much need to go hunt as I have gathered more than enough supplies to last me years. This gave me a good excuse to sharpen my weapon and go out for some good old fashioned slaying. Best of all, I got to do it on my schedule (unlike unique slayings or rifts which i can never attend). I would love to see more of this type of system implemented into every day Wurm. This halloween I am feeling too much stress about having to spend 16h more before the weeks end to potentially see one pad, or worse, nothing at all.
  6. WU skill gain is not necessarily faster than epic's current skill gain. Try a 1x Wu server. It feels even slower than Freedom. What it will do is make it so in order to optimize skill gain yu will need to use high ql tools with the best enchants for everything as opposed to having a second set of skiller tools
  7. Please show a picture!!
  8. 30
  9. Great addition to the halloween event!!! I'll have to sharpen my sword and gear up my horse...time to go off deed for some hunting fun!
  10. It was Eyesgood and I have seen him active on the forums recently. I too would love to read more surviverman!! I may just go back and read them all again