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  1. I totally agree with all the suggestions related to making it more clear. This entire system of these types of UI windows needs an overhaul, not just for this window, but every window including permissions, deed founding, bsb item moving confirmation and literally every other window that has the send button.
  2. While it was said inside of a suggestions thread, this is something that could have gone into an official update post at the same time. Not everyone reads the entire thread of every suggestion just to try to figure out what things the devs are working on.
  3. Thought there were bug fixes in the works. Did this update address any of them?
  4. Absolutely had a blast!! Thanks Cista for holding this event!
  5. I really like this idea. My personal feelings is that it would actually encourage me to go exploring more since it gives more detail about what I might find in certain areas. I agree with previous comments that the resolution and the gradient of colours should be increased to give a bit more accurate information.
  6. 208, 1122 Autumn Twilight
  7. But all of the scenes in the trailer were taken with actual in game footage. Everything in the trailer is possible in the game, including all of the animations.
  8. When I take off my demon helm I look bald to other people and my alt toon, however, on my screen I can see my hair. Then, if I embark on my horse, my alt can suddenly see the hair. This is repeatable. I am not sure about other helms and things but I don't think it happens with the witches hat.
  9. The way that uniques are now incentivized private slayings since they drop a set amount of hide/scale that is split amongst the slayers. So the less slayers there are, the more hide/scale each slayer gets. So the optimal strategy currently is to pen yourself a dragon, make 30 free alts and rush the dragon with all of your toons and you get all the hide to yourself. The second best strategy is form an alliance with as few fighters needed to slay a unique and pen as many uniques as you can to be slain by said alliance. In order for someone to choose to make their slaying public, this person must be a kind hearted soul who is willing to give all of their hard work and valuable treasure to friends and strangers alike. This person is akin to a lottery winner who takes handfuls of their winnings and scatters it amongst a crowd. There aren’t too many people like this out there, and I am happy there are some like this in Wurm. I am hopeful that this issue will be addressed by the devs. The solution needs to be a fundamental change in the mechanics so either there is little to no incentive to keep ones slaying private or so that private slayings are not possible. I’d like to point out that rifts is an event that has been designed to prevent private rifts. I am not saying I want uniques to be exactly like rifts. What I am saying is that it is possible to design these events so that they remain open to all who want to (or have the time to) participate in them.
  10. Elwood should go up there too as it was he who found the White Drakeling yesterday and proposed the public slaying. Pnutp should remain as a hero as he helped Elwood pen the drake. There are also far many more people who helped out but alas, I do not know everyone’s name.
  11. Make it so everyone gets 0.25kg of hide regardless of how many people attend. Make hide similar to bloods or rift points.
  12. Any possibility to allow the gift to fit into a backpack?
  13. Wow! Just wow!! I am super thankful for this gift...lots of hard work went into making it possible. Very thoughtful, Thank you! Let the games begin!