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  1. you are isn’t no skill gain, but at that rate, 100k actions will give you 1.7skill whereas you could easily be at 99.9 skill if you do some adjustments to the setup. It does matter what your goal is. If skill is not important, then go for speed. I’ve done many projects where I’ve optimized for speed, but I would never then be looking at how much skill I would get from it since I knew it would be negligible. I do grind skills as well but will always do so with an additional purpose, for example, to get digging I would use a low ql shovel with high coc and dig clay and then use that clay to make mortar for the house I’m building. Skill goes up rather quickly this way so than when I needed to dig that 100k action hole in the ground for the labyrinth, my skill was there to support the speed.
  2. Also friendly shores please. It was very disappointing looking for a nice coastal spot on any of the other servers to find that more than half the coast line has mountains right up to the water. Id prefer no map dump either to start. I love trying to build my own map and cross reference it with other player made maps. Exploration is so much more fun in Wurm without map dumps.
  3. There is always a trade off between skill gain and speed. If you want to max speed, then you will always get pretty much no skill gain. Looking at the data in the initial post, I would say that even though levelling gives more skill gain, the difference is negligible considering that you could complete 100k actions and your skill will hardly go up at all. If you were to switch to, let’s say a 70ql shovel, My prediction would be that you will see much better gains with digging with a slightly slower speed. So the optimal strategy would be to put your shovel at a ql where your timer is as slow as you are willing to go. You would be surprised how much your skill will go up after 100k actions if you are getting skill ticks reasonably often with a decent ql shovel that has coc on it.
  4. Are you asking what you could do to increase skill gain while still maintaining a good pace at digging and terraforming? Are you wondering how you could increase the speed of your terraforming regardless of skill gain? Are you trying to determine how to maximize skill gain? Maybe it’s a matter of trying to find a balance between both. All experiments need to start with a question that you would like to answer. It seems this experiment of yours lacks this initial step so it has left the rest of us wondering what the purpose of this discussion is. Personally, I know the answers to all of the previously stated questions so I am not going to ask them. Instead, what particularly stands out to me about the data you collected is that, under the conditions of 80ish digging skill and using a 95ql supreme shovel, levelling gave better skill gain than digging. I wonder why that might be. My guess is that with such a high ql shovel, digging dirt will yield very low number of skill ticks compared to levelling. I could go on about that, however, I do not find that line of questioning overly interesting since if I were terraforming for a project, I always go for speed over skill. There are times I might want to balance speed and skill in which case I would use a lower ql shovel with coc on it and possibly woa. A good question to test in this scenario would be “does woa on a low ql shovel reduce skill gain over time?” My guess might be that it would not since skill gain is scaled linearity with action time. That is to say if you cut the time in half, then you would cut the skill in half so after an hour you would have the same skill gain. I would expect this guess to be wrong and that an experiment would show that by adding woa, you will get less skill, but this is based on experience and a gut feeling. My point is that there should probably be an initial wonder to guide any inquiry. You may have had one, but haven’t yet shared it which is why you have received responses from the community that do not satisfy or relate to your inquiry.
  5. If all goes well with Xanadu, would we be expecting all of the servers move to cloudnet prior to the steam release? Also, is the plan to have the new servers launch on cloudnet?
  6. I knew digging would be faster at high skill, but I would never have guessed levelling would be more skill gain. I would imagine that digging on clay or some other higher difficulty tile for the same time would give much more skill if that is what you are going for.
  7. Yes, you explained it well. I know it’s hard for the devs to know what the default action should be. Some way for the player to customize what the default action they want for a given situation would be great.
  8. If there is a console command, then it should also have a place in the settings.
  9. The camera smoothing option is great! I set it to 0.7 and it feels awesome!
  10. You could extend your deed in one direction though.
  11. I usually will “mine up” so there is a 20 slope up, then I walk to the top of the slope and mine the ceiling as high as I can. Then mine the floor flat. This gives decently high ceilings to start. If you want it higher, then you mine the floor down.
  12. Just as a comparison, Wurm Online is set to 24h between growth ticks
  13. This is not true. The game is not dark at all in comparison to what it used to be. Nights do need to be darker. Caves especially need to be darker. With no light source, caves should be a black screen. I started playing Sea of Thieves and they recently made the game darker at night and in caves and it really increased the immersion factor by a lot. It makes you need to use the lantern to see anything. Please bring back the dark!!
  14. I don't think Victor was advocating for making Wurm a theme park...but rather that the combat mechanic could borrow some mechanics from other games. Currently we already have WoW's combat system, but it is just a lot less intuitive, all of it is text based and it never feels like any actions you do as a player actually make any difference to the outcome (I'm speaking about pve). WoW's combat system at its core is exactly the same as Wurm' a mob...walk up to it and auto attack....then you have abilities to use that will make your attack more....however in Wow, it is approximately a 50/50 split between auto damage and ability damage. In Wurm...its more like 95/5. If the special attacks were redesigned so that you get 1 to start with any weapon and as you skill up the weapon skill another will unlock every 10 or 20 skill so all are unlocked by 70 and then make it so these abilities do way more damage or have a more powerful effect, this would go a long way to making it feel like the player has more control over the battle. Auto damage could be scaled down to compensate. The abilities can be designed to do have a wide range of effects such as bleeding, interrupting, knockdown, increasing hit chance, increased damage, etc The excuse is always that we don't want Wurm to become a theme park....but changing the combat system could never cause this to happen. All it would do is make it so people will have a lot more fun doing the things they already do in Wurm.
  15. Refresh...refresh...refresh