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  1. OBS is a very robust video recording software. It’s only downside is that it takes a bit of learning to figure it out. The nividia software is super easy to use but it has so many less options. It depends on the type of content you intend to make. If it’s just a one off, short video, where you don’t need any bells and whistles (like any overlays, adding your web cam etc) then nvidia would work ok. I’m pretty sure you can capture the game and your mic at the same time with it. On the other hand, if you are interested in getting into content creation more seriously, learning OBS, or something similar, is almost a necessity.
  2. I would recommend using OBS or a similar software. Most use OBS to stream but it can record videos just as well. It offers a lot of tools to allow you to make quality videos such as scene switching, putting overlays, images or text on the screen, and it takes care of all the sound (ie. the game sound plus your mic or any additional music you want to add). It take some learning to figure it out but there are a lot of YouTube tutorials out there.
  3. This used to be a big issue for me until they added a crush keybind.
  4. Patiently awaiting some news over here as well.
  5. Many of my suggestions have already been made, however I have one to add to the list. I’m currently watching “The 100”. It has 7 seasons and is set in a post apocalyptic Earth where a group of humans who have been in orbit since the disaster finally return after generations have past. I’ve got to the 3rd season so far and am really enjoying it.
  6. Lost ARK...

    I preloaded it, but fear the same thing as Crack. We shall see.
  7. After picking a bunch of coffee after the patch, it does not seem that the difficulty has been put in line with the other herbs/spices. It appears to be just as low difficulty as it was before.
  8. So if what people are saying is true, and 100 power caffeine only gives 1.5x skill gain while still draining 2x sleep bonus, then I think the nerf went way too far. I suppose, however, if the devs wanted a system that would only benefit those who can play once a week for a few hours, then it has succeeded. Those players will get a bit more bang for their time spent. For everyone else, there is no reason to use caffeine anymore. Seems yet another window of opportunity has closed.
  9. Based on some of the feedback here, might I suggest to make it so restlessness decays while sb is off 1h per 24h real time regardless of whether or not a player is logged out of the game.
  10. Just to further clarify … does this mean that while using 100 power caffeine + sb with full fats for 1h, it will drain 1h 40mins of sb?
  11. I recall mention that the difficulty of picking and planting coffee, tea and cacao will be increased. Is this still something being considered for this update? Edit: Never mind, I am blind!
  12. Sorry, I did misinterpret the OP. I think it will depend on the skill. With mining, for example, I know you can get around 2.0 second timers (possibly faster) at the top end skill where as with my 91 ish skill im getting about 3.5 second timers. In the long run, that difference is pretty significant.
  13. Depends…90+ skills with 90+would tools and good enchants mean your action timers can get really fast. When you have 2 second action timers, building, digging, bulk mats making etc just goes that much faster. With higher skills, you can construct larger and taller buildings and longer bridges. Of course, you can gather higher ql mats and use them to imp your tools to higher so to get your action timers down and success chance up. If you find that there is a benefit to moving your skills from 30 to 60, you will find there is benefit to going from 60 to 90, and even more when you get into the high 90s. If these benefits don’t interest you then 30skill is good enough for most of things
  14. Yes, my alt can see it