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  1. Well, to me it seems like a big difference in a good way. That says a lot since I am usually the last person to notice these sorts of things. Keep up the great work!!
  2. I could be wrong but I believe that the unstable test server has some differences compared to the unstable client that make the game look so much better.
  3. We just had to get this video out there. We found a hidden teaser in the Weekly News!!!
  4. I just was on the unstable test server and I must say, the game looks amazing over there. I know a lot of it is just being tested and it may not all make it into the actual game...but there is quite a big difference in my opinion on how the game looks, and I love it. Here is a screen shot that I took... You should try out the unstable test client if you are interested in checking out all the upcoming changes!! It looks wonderful!
  5. We just had to release a video today to let you know our thoughts about the new update!
  6. In addition to this, may I suggest that when dropping several items close to a tile border, have all the items pick a tile and form a single pile rather than split up. This often happens to logs when chopping them sometimes leaving a single log on one tile while the rest end up on another.
  7. Thanks for checking that for me! It makes me feel better knowing the best way to skill up.
  8. I always have it set to show every skill tick, no matter how small.
  9. I would love to see books added to the game. Also, I love Theodins idea of adding a method to make copies. +1 from me
  10. Thanks Sindusk for this thread and the work you do to uncover the secrets of the game. I have a question for ya. How exactly does the tempering action work while smithing? I know it seems that the action gains WoA and CoC from the item that you are imping rather than from the water. But what determines the success of the action? Is it the ql of the water, or the ql of the item or is it the ql of the container that the water is in?
  11. So i am testing this with digging. I am finding that even if I dig a clay at max ql (which is just above 20) I sometimes do not get a digging skill tick. What am I missing?
  12. Big changes are coming to Wurm Online, and we discuss our thoughts about them in this weeks episode!
  13. From what I understand, the personal missions are being worked on. Not sure what the changes will be but it might be worth waiting.
  14. I am on a server with 1x skill gain. I was getting a skill tick in carpentry every action I did up until my skill hit 20. After 20, sometimes I would get a carpentry skill tick and sometimes not. I was told that this was normal after level 20. I was wondering is it completely random whether you get a skill tick or not. Or is there some determining factor as there is in WO? For example...when mining in WO, you get a skill tick only when the rock shard produced is between 1ql and 40ql. Is there something similar in WU?