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  1. Patch Notes 26/APR/18

    Love the updates! Especially the reduced light flickering and picking sprouts from a cart. Its also great to see that animal conditions are returning!
  2. Big +1 Currently it seems like the permission to rename an item is tied to the owner of the item. This is the last person to have the item in their inventory or to have placed/unloaded it. So as long as i have permission to pick the item up or load it...then i can do that and the ownership of the item would switch to me and then i can rename it. It makes sense to me that the permission to rename the item should instead be tied to the permission to pick it up. This would remove the step where I have to pick it up to switch ownership before renaming and it would allow me to control who has the permission to rename it.
  3. Priests & Favor

    when they added chopped veggies as a favor source, they also reduced the difficulty of making cordage. If you already have a ropemaker it is definitely worth it to make cordage as you get much more high ql cordage now.
  4. Thanks for the posts!! Melena, the more I see of UO the more I see the similarities between it and Wurm. I may just have to give it a try when it goes free to play. That book system would be perfect in Wurm. It will give the players a very open ended system that would bolster role playing and community. Anyway, I have been slacking on keeping this thread up to date. The OP will be updated with the most recent couple of videos.
  5. So I mined out a sandstone vein that had about 7k shards in it. Afterwards i needed to fix a dropshaft created by opening up the vein so I collapsed it. It became another sandstone vein with 5k+ actions again. Is this normal/intended? If so, I just screwed myself i think.
  6. Nine things that blew my mind

    While on a boat, you can right click a (decently) far tile and select "disembark" and you get teleported to that tile. Prior to knowing this I would always click the boat to disembark which would drop you in the water below the boat and I would have to swim and often climb out of the water. This was particularily frustrating if I forgot to let my stamina bar refill before disembarking.
  7. Happy Halloween!

    Update: went on a similar hunt as last night and got 3 pads. Two dropped off crocs and the other dropped off a scorpion. Was just unlucky the first run i guess.
  8. Happy Halloween!

    by the way... do the shoulders/masks drop on the corpse of the mob...or do they pop into my inventory when the mob dies?