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  1. +1, similar to the sand stone block in minecraft: http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Sandstone (pretty much like sand texture, just smooth).
  2. Would be interested in the pan filling job, better to PM ingame (same name) for contact.
  3. Open "Crafting Recipes" window ingame (default keybind: N) and search for something. The different buttons allow to search for something different, what is missing here is 1 additional button for the "skill used" search.
  4. Ever wanted to raise a specific skill, but just couldn't find the correct recipe to do it? That's where this button would come in - it will allow searching for the skill used in crafting an item, this would exclude skill used when improving of course (which is usually the same, except for few exceptions). Practical problems as example #1: looking up "Pottery" as category will return 4 items, but not the most difficult one called Clay/Pottery Smelting Pot. #2: All items of Jewelry Smithing show up when searching for "Jewelry" just Ball and Bowl don't (the most important for grinding this skill). #3: when looking up "Masonry" it returns ~ absolutely nothing. Also found here: https://wurmonline.uservoice.com/forums/12046-wurmonline/suggestions/6638992--search-skill-button-function-for-crafting-reci ^ if you want to vote on it.
  5. Personally i find the whole thing very cool, has both an advertisement effect for none-players and wurmians alike, also might get some players to find a settlement they like more than their current (maybe abandoned) one. The settlement was never named, just said to be Newspring ~ but that can't be as Newspring is a starter deed, not governed by players ~ as far as i know. When i read about the subtitle thing, for those not used to hearing english, i thought back to myself many years back. Heh, why not... checking out the youtube feature of auto-captions, i know it's most of the time rubbish. Why here my contribution to subtitles, written in the way i know it might be useful, tho i'm not into making subtitles myself. Ignoring timeline for the time being, when seeing it in a subtitle software you most often have to re-enter it anyway and without miliseconds seen, it's really just wasted time & effort (can't on youtube, without ripping the video and putting it on a timeline that is slightly off...). Note 1: I got REALLY confused over the hard-accented "citizens", what the hell i thought means that? ... i knew it had be something around residents, but still... laughed hard when i finally understood it. Note 2: The other hard bit was the one when the video shows the collosi of Newspring and saying something about "horse-bold" ...and bloody veterans... ~ think i still didn't understand it fully yet, but either Johan or Stormray might enlighten us on this one. Hope the subtitles will be useful to someone or another, deciphering some things was at least useful to me, to understand the whole video a bit better. As part of the agreement between Code Club AB and the user (when registering for official forum), everything written in forum can be used in any way they see fit - so do what you want with the subtitles. Just want to add some improvements of my own: Johan, pick up some pace when talking, re-record it 10+ times if you must, at one point we could practically forget what you said before you continued, that's not optimal as introduction to WWN at all. The introduction, when it was fixed here and there, could be used over and over again ~ just ... let's say, some spectater view over the landscape of Wurm might be more interesting to look at (try zooming into a map shown on one of those globes for example! That had be an awesome effect). And this spectating aspect might be changed every episode or alternatively every 10 episodes (or season?), like the opening of some successful show. As for the main part of the presentation - it sounded like some of that stuff said can be repeated over and over again for many settlements, except the unsuccessful ones. It really sounded like a recruitment video, due to the part about what recruits get when they join and the last bit about visiting it (tho the last bit could be changed to "visit" without "and enlist".). I found it very interesting to see a settlement, i knew nothing about, up close without having to take the trip down there myself. I would vote for an episode 2, 3, 4, 5.... and 10 if you like as season 1 of WWN. ^^ Tho i might not do the subtitles for all... unless getting paid something to compensate for the time i spend doing it (ingame of course). Thanks to Elwood (in-game) for providing me with the correct name of the named mayor. PS: If you want me to make a subtitle as file with timeline and the like, tell me which program, give me a link to the RAW video and i might just do that, just can't promise anything.
  6. Guard posts are locked, but doors are only left & right of the way, they have arched walls in the middle to pass through.
  7. Can't reach you ingame boilingfort, could you reply to my forum PM please? Have some corpses you might want.
  8. Aware of that... could i get the topic moved to: http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/forum/15-suggestions-ideas/ , please? Seems more to the point. Back to topic: let's assume several examples, why it should be changed: - All examples are based in Greymead and include the 3 guard posts we have as "building", but they very well might be happening in every starter deed with buildings right on the road. And for those only reading this reply: Greymead is a starter deed on Xanadu, they currently get changed one-by-one to represent towns, not some backwater 3x3 area where ppl spawn. #1 One newbie dies within building, he stops playing right away as he can't pick up his corpse. He could have send a support ticket and waited several hours for response of a GM of course... #2 Another newbie stops dragging his cart in the middle of a building, loses his cart and is outraged, but builds a new one instead, takes him a whole day of his playtime for nothing. #3 Now a third newbie lures a wild creature back to Greymead and has it slain by templars, but went to far and it got stuck in a building, not a great loss to him, but still makes him angry, loss of several minutes depending on lure distance. ^ Each of these are possible situations if the guard posts aren't changed to allow everyone (since as explained before, there are no other settings, every writ owner knows that).
  9. We are talking about a freely visitable starter deed (above center region of Xanadu) where taking corpses on-deed is allowed... why the title of this topic states that it's allowed on-deed but not inside buildings. Which is the whole and only problem here.
  10. We still need it fixed though, can't go around leaving corpses in every guard post... that problem aside, what if you die in there? can't even access your own corpse then. Change the writs to allow everyone or change the whole building into a tutorial object, for it to look like a building but not have the same rule restriction (i had guess that is possible at least).
  11. The guard posts that are found on each side of the new greymead deed* make it impossible to loot stuff there, saying it is bad for your karma (same message if it was disallowed on-deed, but it isn't). What are we supposed to do, if we neither have FS or premium, let our collected corpses go to waste or alternatively get killed in the process of keeping creatures out of guard posts? ... find it somehow hard to believe that this would be intended. Would like a reply from staff-side before those corpses under there decay to nothing. ^^' *All sides but east, actually.