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  1. about price... i see caravel goes for around 70€ so hard to says since knarr is more usefull
  2. is useless for premium players
  3. [13:49:08] The range pole will not fit in the spirit castle. not happy
  4. Change is Coming

    i just hope higghways will be better protected in future, right now is realy bad and everyone who deed them can change them as they want.
  5. you can not build in other ppl perimeters.... only ally or citizens of that deed can. when you plan you get WARNING so all seems good to me
  6. we transfer everything just well and smooth new owner is happy and already geting more close with Rocky account now i also found new deed by glasshollow to support him in future got also new toon to play with cant make name public just that only friends
  7. As title says looking to buy next: 95ql+ 1k wemp 95ql+ 1k cotton 1k bricks 1k marble bricks 1k mortar 90ql+ iron lumps 200 can take all from one person or multiple pm me here on forum and says price with deliver. tnx
  8. this is my new forum name just to infrom everyone that will need me