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  1. Since wurm itself dont do much on payed advertise. I would like to give it a try. Im willing to spend some money each month doing so on Every time player write in google "sandbox" "open world" Wurm adverts should show on first site of search. Aswell every time we watch video on you tube about some smilliar game, simple banner about wurm online pop out. I must admit i didnt pay premium time with RL money from 2012 and i belive its time to give it some back. I do that sort of job for my bussiness and partners and its turns out profitible. About costs is hard to speak since you work on "budget" you got. But i belive things can go viral even for wurm. We need biger player base on day basis. Its hard to found out wurm on web for the first time. But more newbs would make game fun for everyone. How many of you guys are interested to support something like this?
  2. with your attitude nothing will change. We will make Wurm Online great again.
  3. my favorite words. Shmeric you know that your highway work down there was not approved by GMs in first place, on time when i arrive there was no GM sign about heritage site.
  4. You guys act strange when it comes to highways it dont metter who build what and who change what... many players doing them quit wurm long time ago or die. They was made to be used by public, and that we are dont we? Yesterday i log by Vrock Landing, some new guy place new deed on highway, he do detour and destroy old highway as is totaly normal. If i would do that i will get ban for sure just becose of my name. But the point is, they think that is totaly normal to do. [20:39:16] <Barberman> can we help you? [20:40:32] <Roknew> all good with me what GM approve removing cateyes? just for info [20:40:58] <Barberman> We have build another way , so we can remove this cateyes [20:41:05] <Roknew> ok great [20:41:06] <Barberman> follow me [20:41:42] <Barberman> here is the new way [20:42:15] <Roknew> fine with me i hope nobody will complain about [20:42:28] <Roknew> if i do that .. i will got ban for 2 weeks lol [20:42:38] <Roknew> happend to me before [20:43:00] <Barberman> its no problem, when you build another way [20:43:13] <Roknew> so i just stay away from doing any highway work for last year [20:43:25] <Roknew> happy new 2019 guys and cu [20:43:32] <Barberman> you too [20:43:37] <Extrusion> o/ [20:43:41] <Extrusion> oo [20:43:46] <Extrusion> you too Meldichoir job is to kick merchants with no stock for more then 3 months, just for info... in old times we even inform owners via ingame mail about. We must give place to someone else to make things runing. Nobody will browse empty merchants at GHM.
  5. i have my eyes and ears opened... but till now i didnt hear any suggestions or ideas jet. Just your two cents sound good to me
  6. i must admit Ekib, you are good with words aswell. But deep inside, you know im right and telling the truth. And i totaly agreed with you... We MUST stop this bulling, so lets shop together and support each other on our long road.
  7. My time have own price, your time has it too... in RL when i get to one of my customer they pay me 100€ just to look at work before i even bring my team to work
  8. we know what is best for newspring island.
  9. Crackmore all you need to do is to stop at market buy some stuff, pop out your merchant, stock it and enjoy wurm.
  10. well you guys from newspring should travel more around... i can show you aprox 100 deeds all over wurm online placed directly on highway going thru. pls Votip drawn us image how will newspring market looks in 2019
  11. mybe i should just say i will make detour and remove cateyes out of my deed to be eligible to KOS player i belive this is not Spawn remake when players voting for best option.
  12. i must say NO tuchy on old highway? ?
  13. well i belive question was what we plan with market there and highway.
  14. I totaly agreed with you in that. When i drive home every day i must go on road where is atlast 5 stores in row, cant avoid them to see em every day/week/year... its ofcorse hard to stop and not buy anything. But everyone should understand how marketing works in this days. What will happend if you even touch one of markets/shops/mega centers in RL? You end up in prison indeed. I always belive that all players who harass me are just jealous after all.
  15. oh that is heart braking... will make new toon and forum profile and move forwards . Will follow your judgment
  16. Well i never meet that guy Thot, we never speak, he never pm me on forums, no idea who that is. And yes i do remove some 1 wide roads (not highways) just becose of deed design. Puting perimeter over abonded houses seems fine. if you gona play same way as me then we just become friends now Qdlaty. At end atlast something good comes out of this topic
  17. heh well nobody ask me if is ok to place deed near my deed. why should i or you or any of us
  18. I remember when i start on exodus with small house back in 2012. One day i log in to check ma farms and cows and holy crap all my "place was covered into perimeter of guy who deed by. He told me that i need move away becose my house and stuff will decay away after time. I grab what i have and go visit my friend at Black Pearls when everything just start. I do spend some time there and become mayor of town and also 6 more deeds. Before bridges i plan to conect 2 of my deeds via landbridge. When some guys come and deed half of project we do. So i move on chaos for 1 year at JK and then 1 year to MR site. After Xanadu opens i start a fresh story with Glasshollow Market. In all that time i didnt think much about guy who kick me out of house on exodus. But i remember his last words we speak of... DEED IT OR LEAVE IT so everyone should learn something out of that and respect each other work...
  19. also i would love to see on all spawns we got same options for building houses in perimeter as you guys do at Haven's Landing. I belive that is great idea
  20. Your signs around my deed are also stupid as you do ostentatio [18:47:43] A signpost with a place for a shop sign. The "Glass Pirates not welcome" has been firmly secured to the ground by Gornell. You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Wy.d.l.'. Ql: 32.959335, Dam: 0.0.
  21. i would love to see other ores in there... not just iron. could be of low ql, so players can see what wurm have deep underground
  22. We just add Haven's Market with mini hotel just few tiles away from "start" for newbs. Its also located by water and used for public boat parking. I hope that will help, Enjoy it