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  1. we got large saddle dont we
  2. yes indeed. some will try game some will go on.
  3. i change ads txt to suit wurm needs (not market), i test a bit today to see but i would realy need to ban some countries seems... but witch ones ? mybe just first 5 on list? i also set that ads are mostly shown on computers.
  4. that was 2 years ago when i change pavement on highway thru Newspring market. With old rules you was allowed to do so... as we can do now when there are cateyes... can still change pavement or dig on highways. But GM decisions must be followed before rules.
  5. Remember when i says i pay bill for newspring ... that was 1 week ban
  6. that will be fixed and changed soon as everything is setup and i got approval from GHM team to support project via any kind of donations. I belive that with only aprox 100€ per month we can get atlast 3000 unique players founding out wurm online. back in history ideas:
  7. oh not me it was santa claus... its hard to not respond you i wonder why i remember now ... pumpkin deed
  8. Great ofcorse, atlast someone nice shows up
  9. as many say before me... this is my last respond here... Wana contact me... do it ingame or here via pm.
  10. you cant win in some sort of cold war... and belive me i dont want to put you on my blacklist
  11. I hope you say everything now and i hear it. So go back now to your cave and stay there.
  12. Trolling like you without a single proof is realy pathetic and it show off what i mean just few post back. Shame on you
  13. i know him better for atlast 2 years or more.... and he still own me 1 week premium in silvers.
  14. i told before that im confused about all that 7 pages of bulling, someone explain what is going on
  15. I ask many times, what they want from me... no answer... so what to change... cant change me but ingame... i ask for suggestions and ideas... nothing comes out jet.
  16. i must admit, for xmas night i send my team down to Newspring Market, we do resize deed to fit our needs, we place new public hotel on our land, and L corner highway was build to fit future progress of market. No highway will be destroyed or remade inside of market in future without GM approval as i state already. We do same on all 9 markets, and only at Newspring comes to drama.
  17. for start i just setup google search for wurm... and it cost something. Can setup site for donations and posting reports about each month, to keep it even more transpanent all donations will be public. here is how it looks so far... avrage cpc per is 0,02€... even if is 0.03... that is only 30€ per 1000 click to that means 1000, out of that 800 will download game and try it atlast. We all know we got adjective game!
  18. I never ask anyone around aswell nobody ask me. I mind my own bussines. Sometimes i should ask ppl around, but i see my answers without that. Its simply always NO dont do that. No highway near my deed, No new market here, No deed on highway, No lamps on highways, DO not rename everything.... SO why should i even ask community if answers are prity clear. But i always ask my GHM team members about every move. And if all agreed we go for... If they says that is bad idea... no go.
  19. My answers will not suit everyone. That should be part of problem. But its not my problem