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  1. i got only 1 wish.... start advertise wurm online like a pro
  2. bump still got some more
  3. no need ... you just need paypal and mailbox near you...
  4. As title says got 80s now at 1s 1€ paypal only. Pm me
  5. same questions just another noob last 5 year..... this is only way... i stop spending money since community didnt spendt a panny
  6. nothing good comes out of that... i hear ban hammer when last time hapend this topic
  7. eh Thorinoakshield again doing drama as always...
  8. in fact all the Xanadu markets near starter towns belong to main one Glasshollow Market... here are my rates for mini markets for you with 1-10. Based on last 3 years from all of my merchants 55 Vrock 9/10 1 Linton 8 /10 0 Lormere 6/20 0 Newspring 4/10 1 Esteron 6/10 0 Greymead 7/10 2 Whitefay 5/10 0 Summerholt 2/10 2 Glasshollow 10/10 and rates on that ones and are not even markets just Blossom right now Tap Dance (Celebration) DEAD 0 Blossom Market (Pristine) 1/10 0 Havens Landing Market (Independence) 4/10 6 Green Dog (Deliverance) 1/10 1 Esert (Exodus) 1/10 0 Sloping Sands (Release) 2/10 And few more The howl (independence) 3/10 NEXA market (Xanadu) 3/10 cant remember more
  9. well its just stupid to have 9 deeds like me without any life but yes we dont care much for money, new and old mates always welcome and make game more fun. out of 300 players i invite over last 6 years only like 10 still playing wurm, and out of that 4 in my villages or they make own next to my... so at end ... recruting is time wasting.
  10. please close

    well you never quit wurm .... just take some brake and dont sell main chair as i do in past i still miss him from time to time
  11. permisions fixed for workers.... should PM me right away after eyes post to avoid waiting
  12. i also wonder if someone know more about SEO for multiple domains (DNS) for 1 site? like
  13. rules like this can be expalined in this words aswell... so beware <Enki> This is Freedom Isles, you must learn to ge along wiht your neighbors, collaborate, and adapt, or leave for a new place or better yet leave to the PVP servers<Enki> Since there is no viable way of sorting out your personal issues my judgementi s as follows<Enki> maintian clear access, and get along with your neighbors, or move.