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  1. guys always making drama, i take your hota dragon for 7s exchange! heh stilll many merchants out for rent! PM ME
  2. WO Steam Discussion

    well yes some things in wurm dont make sense
  3. WO Steam Discussion

    Mybe would be best to stop waste time with java wurm as we know now and start wasting money and time in new "wurm game" on new days platforms... we must catch 2020 games I belive images can be converted, updated, inproved kinda fast. Its dangerus to drive heavy truck thru old wooden bridge. I belive wurm should be on this list :
  4. WO Steam Discussion

    I do and everyone take what is "free" and says sweet thank you
  5. WO Steam Discussion

    Eh this is stupid... if you must do something do not make new servers and so... Just put wurm online as is it on steam and says its FREE MMO for 30days full unlock after that skill limit to 20 and that is... All you can lost is 30 days of free premium and no exstra costs on your site... ppl are stupid they grab everything that says FREE MMO and they got an al suprise after 30 days... heh you have to pay or you loose your home and horsie !
  6. Switched my Shares

    Im here for long time (from 2012) I will stay and support game much as posible but its dying !
  7. First thing that need change is PAYED Advertise via Facebook and ADwords (google)
  8. Switched my Shares

    This game is offical DEAD.... i told many times in last 5 years!!!! wurm need PAYED ADVERTISE or RIP and this day comes atlast... realy sad day
  9. Hey again i found in my pocket spare 45s if someone need it... 1s 1€ via paypal as gift otherwise you pay for paypal taxes! pm me here or ingame as Paulofdune
  10. im not in rush, ppl always looking for pure gold
  11. as title says... got again 90silver coins that can help someone.... 1silver is 1€ eur and send as gift... otherwise you pay paypal fees too! pm me here or ingame as Paulofdune
  12. Hello! you can now rent your very own merchant at GHM for free. Just send me pm here or ingame as Paulofdune. How stuff work? You come and pay 1 time 7silver coins and enjoy your merchant. Once you dont want it anymore or you sold all your stock just trade merchant contact back to me and i will pay you 7silver coins.... Dont got any coins? No problem we can exchange in stuff like high ql tools, hota statues, rares.... aprox market price of 7s In founds for this project now 7 empty merchant contacts and more then 120 silver coins. What you can loose? just start making money today!
  13. as owner of 32 merchants all over servers... i belive that i pay fortune for this game... but hey! its same for me last 6 years... And almost all merchants says they do atlast 3g some even 10g life time income. +1 i want my 10% back! (9gold coins to Paulofdune pls)
  14. got 40silvers that can spear to someone... 1s 1€ paypal as gift.... pm me