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  1. Eh queen drama again :S 


    In that times rules was clear, you can dig on your own deed even if there is highway to suit your deed design.(you can make detour for the time of remake if needed)

    even today rules says 1> Deeds retain the right to disconnect from the highway system by removal of their waystone and any deactivated catseyes on their deed and perimeter.


    So you can deed on highway, make detour where you want and remove highway completly and wall your deed.




    but in the old times:


    You cant dig on your own deed if you dont remove pavement.   (up to 20 slope you can.... what then?)

    In old times you cant change pavement style if you didnt destroy it before...  Now you can do it without destroying.

  2. On 11/4/2019 at 2:14 PM, DevBlog said:
    New: Emails will be sent to deed mayors when upkeep falls below 30 days and again when it falls below 7 days.

    -when something bad happend to some wurmanian, they bring the update!  :S   


    -when i lost my deed, soon after they make update to make us real dictators on deeds.


    -when i fix or inprove part of highway -   i got ban....   soon after that we got cateyes highway system and everyone start to fix, inprove, destroy highways and starting to protect them.   Nobody gets ban anymore :D


    -when i ....


    everything bad that happend to us bring out something good at end.



  3. Each server should have own uniqe expension and that would be great :D  Like some items can be made only on pristine, some skills you can get only on xanadu...  Xanadu should have faster and more healthy horses....  many ideas....


    you can mine more gems on xanadu..,,,   


    you can mine more silver on gold on exodus...


    you can found natural made caves on deli....



  4. 22 hours ago, Shrimpiie said:

    And those were quite different times back then.

    Back then even a non-democracy could still vote out the mayor, and permissions were a bit simpler but harder to manage players than now.


    You invited someone to your deed and gave them the permission to invite others, and then lost the deed when he invited alts and voted you from the mayor role.

    So at that time it was a mistake on the mayor's part in the case of permissions.


    The 10s was likely for the cost of a new settlement form for a new deed.

    But again, different times.

    atlast someone remember that times :D  


    yes few months later we got option in our settings to make your deed dictatorship :D   and its still that way

  5. You should pay upkeep for few years not daily basis...  I always have all my deeds year or 2 upkeep just incase...  also i will build 1x1 house at your place to...  or mybe not becose im lazy and will just deed all over the place till got time to rob it all ...   I belive im not alone here doing that