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  1. i belive i got same problem as Xallo. So any ideas about fix? 8gb ram ddr5 here
  2. i got this all the time ... win 8,1 amd 64bit lastest drivers for radeon graphic r9 200 last java
  3. cateyes fit in by crate finished or empty
  4. we place too many cateyes act same as day before when we cant reconect...
  5. all i got is conecting to server.....
  6. server just freezzz and cant reconect
  7. we need atlast 1 month to protect all the corrent made highways before rule about highway gone.
  8. we should remove KOS on pve and ban bad ppl
  9. heh and hamster stop working... i hope new eta is today before news
  10. yes server is closed... but runing... gms will be busy placing new cateyes everwhere
  11. whats with update? timer says 3 min to go! give us that cateyes i have chisel ready!
  12. stupid idea