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  1. Remove/reduce merchant 10%tax

    as owner of 32 merchants all over servers... i belive that i pay fortune for this game... but hey! its same for me last 6 years... And almost all merchants says they do atlast 3g some even 10g life time income. +1 i want my 10% back! (9gold coins to Paulofdune pls)
  2. WTS Silver coins paypal

    all sold pls close
  3. WTS Silver coins paypal

    got 40silvers that can spear to someone... 1s 1€ paypal as gift.... pm me
  4. I've been waiting for years for...

    i got only 1 wish.... start advertise wurm online like a pro
  5. WTS Silver coins paypal

    all sold pls close
  6. WTS Silver coins paypal

  7. WTS Silver coins paypal

    bump still got some more
  8. WTS Silver coins paypal

    no need ... you just need paypal and mailbox near you...
  9. WTS Silver coins paypal

    As title says got 80s now at 1s 1€ paypal only. Pm me
  10. Making Wurm Feel More Alive

  11. nice we need more of this
  12. same questions just another noob last 5 year..... this is only way... i stop spending money since community didnt spendt a panny