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  1. Wurm on

    well not sure if that helps but i like to see so many ppl online at start of week Total players: 586 / 6700 today i spend 8€ and counting, that are results... at end of the day i belive we gona hit 400 visits of difrent ppl on google search: Youtube banners and other sites:
  2. Wurm on

    heh i check that yesterday,... and till today we loose 3 premium players... sad times
  3. Wurm on

    nah sound too good... even if 100 out of 1000 try game... we still need him premium so 1-2 premium player out of 1000 :S
  4. Wurm on

    Cecci is also he. We sould be more careful with that in future.
  5. Wurm on

    well that numbers dont lie i m here every day difrent times of day... for weekends nights we got here 600+ppl online ... but that is max. and i do make last 2 years aprox 16 premium alts. 2s storage is way better then magical chest for 50s... alts can hold even tall banners...
  6. Wurm on

    well is still better not too... becose then nobody can play wurm anymore, hammsters cant make it... we dont have good servers....
  7. Wurm on

    i also wonder to not show ads on Madagascar... there is 21,842,167 ppl?
  8. Wurm on

    Return on Investment*
  9. Wurm on

    i know only rusian, croatian, alot of US players, eu players,,,
  10. Wurm on

    i belive there is no money in irak, pakistan india for wurm.... i also belive that average chianese player works 14hour a day and dont have time to play wurm. i think they are also not very good in english since wurm dont use other language translates.
  11. Wurm on

    oh well idk... since i ban china and india we geting now more clicks out of egipt, argentina, polish, russia, turkey and ukraine countrys
  12. Wurm on

    its not big deal spending 50-100e for wurm per month... but more is better here is banner report for last 2 days. we also get small part of ads in USA 15, UK 14 and AU 10. EU mostly east part and russia. but that are just 2 days and here we got 2 days report for google search. Almost all countrys got views.
  13. Bulk Merchants

    we got bulk market at glasshollow market you can check out... you buy key on merchant open slot and load into wagon, boat or just send it via wagoner to your place.