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  1. ideas about my buissines site

    ok site updated, i follow some of your ideas ... check it out if is better now? its also shows on tablets and mobile phones better now then before.
  2. ideas about my buissines site

    will check if any good themes out there i would like... and about wet tshirt girl she do us so far great promotion on our cars
  3. i just made it lately , any ideas about design? what can i inprove? All comments welcome
  4. POLL - Please Vote

    whatever we pay ... money for sure dont go into advertise! and that is bigest issue i see... without well payed ads no new players, no new income... ask around ppl if someone hear for wurm? nobody.... only our little base. im 100% if wurm start advertise with adwords program that will be big step and game will be way more interesting.
  5. sad news, always got good time with it!
  6. PC Account

    all depend on market right now but if you are not in rush i belive its posible to get 800€+ for sure.
  7. Glasshollow Public Market and Harbor

    we do our best
  8. plaese is there anyone to help me

    come on stop that! support Rolf
  9. plaese is there anyone to help me

    he spam everyone PMs with his bull s. about that. Just refound game on steam, and go play wurm online buy 1 year membership.
  10. Glasshollow Public Market and Harbor

    follow shipbuilding docks and then thru bridge. cant miss
  11. Glasshollow Public Market and Harbor

    its next to bulk market... let me show you map
  12. WTS 50 silver coins

    sold tnx everyone
  13. WTS 50 silver coins

    as title says got again 50s i can spare via paypal at 1s 1€ . pm me here for fast transaction.