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  1. Switched my Shares

    Im here for long time (from 2012) I will stay and support game much as posible but its dying !
  2. First thing that need change is PAYED Advertise via Facebook and ADwords (google)
  3. Switched my Shares

    This game is offical DEAD.... i told many times in last 5 years!!!! wurm need PAYED ADVERTISE or RIP and this day comes atlast... realy sad day
  4. Hey again i found in my pocket spare 45s if someone need it... 1s 1€ via paypal as gift otherwise you pay for paypal taxes! pm me here or ingame as Paulofdune
  5. im not in rush, ppl always looking for pure gold
  6. as title says... got again 90silver coins that can help someone.... 1silver is 1€ eur and send as gift... otherwise you pay paypal fees too! pm me here or ingame as Paulofdune
  7. Hello! you can now rent your very own merchant at GHM for free. Just send me pm here or ingame as Paulofdune. How stuff work? You come and pay 1 time 7silver coins and enjoy your merchant. Once you dont want it anymore or you sold all your stock just trade merchant contact back to me and i will pay you 7silver coins.... Dont got any coins? No problem we can exchange in stuff like high ql tools, hota statues, rares.... aprox market price of 7s In founds for this project now 7 empty merchant contacts and more then 120 silver coins. What you can loose? just start making money today!