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  1. New map

    if you got hard time to found some place near shore for your deed around glasshollow, pm me will help you out... would not be perfect but with some work can be big thing deed
  2. Titles Titles Titles!

    Medium maul 50 skill pls Rockybalboa title !"!!
  3. its every update same...
  4. 10 servers 10 deeds that is 10 silver per month upkeep total ... that dont hurt
  5. Introducing myself (after 3 years) | [my story]

    happy to have you here meldichoir! for many more years! cheers
  6. as title says pm me and we do fast transaction
  7. [Bug] icon for fishing rod missing

    mini image gone into gift box... seems after last update. someone fix it
  8. The Wurm Economy Problem

    only problem that is realy here is... we got good game... but no advertise done at all! start pay for adwords to get new players here fast and easy.
  9. advertise WO !

    lol, its hard to say something got inproved about wurm player database