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  1. +1
  2. Game is ready all you need to do is apply here to get your key that open one of the 5 chests at impalong. there is secret content inside (rares, coin or tools and more!) there is only 20 keys! only 5 working! write here your ingame name and will send you key via ingame mail! Dont wait!
  3. place your merchant today! many new free stalls everywhere on market! and marry xmas to you all!
  4. great just tell name of prist will be added
  5. bump buyer withdraw still got em
  6. 6 days to go! get ready and apply for rooms!
  7. sure list updated, everything ready for impalong (almost-still working on game part of event)... we still looking for some more leather also rewards donations,,, everything is welcome
  8. update

    i understand what you mean, i normaly made new road next to old just for catseyes... or add another paved line. when owner of deed login can remake it back or left it as is it.
  9. everyone pls apply for room so we avoid waiting times... also check list for donations, leather is mostly needed 8 days till FUN!
  10. list updated ... many beds in our hotels ready...