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  1. got left 20silver coins right now if someone in need pm me
  2. i do pm me
  3. still have aprox 30s
  4. hun, mybe is time for you to move away from glasshollow and enjoy some hermit life in our big xanadu. BUT if you want to do that you should do it already... but you love our Glasshollow work and you will stay here till the very end of xanadu as we do. So stop making drama before GMs get involved again.
  5. one at spawn works just well
  6. xanadu is your best bet! join us around glasshollow
  7. update

    Aonime any news on lormere... that will be also big part of highway and is popular area, i dont think someone care for Esteron area
  8. bump got a bit more
  9. as title says, you pay as gift and in eur. via paypal pm me for clear transaction
  10. should try relog aswell