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  1. i learn it hard way aswell... always have atlast 1 or 4 years of upkeep payed!
  2. heh i pay alot for google ads back in time when i want to bring more ppl to it... i spend kinda nice money... but was stupid
  3. its time to make wurm great again im with group of players who goes play more interesting games....
  4. or you just stop making drama about it.... who cares realy...
  5. We also change locks if bulk pen is empty for more then 24hours. Just reminder
  6. There was never any rift near Glasshollow area for sure...
  7. Eh queen drama again :S In that times rules was clear, you can dig on your own deed even if there is highway to suit your deed design.(you can make detour for the time of remake if needed) even today rules says 1> Deeds retain the right to disconnect from the highway system by removal of their waystone and any deactivated catseyes on their deed and perimeter. So you can deed on highway, make detour where you want and remove highway completly and wall your deed. but in the old times: You cant dig on your own deed if you dont remove pavement. (up to 20 slope you can.... what then?) In old times you cant change pavement style if you didnt destroy it before... Now you can do it without destroying.