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  1. +1 if it cost 2 gold coin
  2. i see one problem now!... you can buy high skilled epic toon now for 100€ and once you transfer it to freedom you get 300€ worth freedom toon. So someone will make money again
  3. bring your merchant and start making money!" sell your bulk 24/7
  4. update

    There is also work in progress ... from glasshollow direct to linton..
  5. Many decorations out of houses removed today for impalong event.
  6. today [20:06:12] 224 other players are online. You are on Xanadu (664 totally in Wurm). and no travel lag... mybe becose of that [20:06:49] The server has been up 3 days, 4 hours and 57 minutes.
  7. update

    highways inproved with catseyes from Glasshollow-Vrock-Linton-Newspring there is only small missing part to get to newspring. that is blue line on map. when that is done rute is open... later more inproves will be done on highway by Shmeric and Thorakkanath.
  8. someone should conect it to linton via catseyes...
  9. they was all finished but i belive many deeds disband at ends of highways
  10. dont forgot to catseye all the south highways i made mostly 2 wide
  11. you can visit glasshollow bulk market everything there 24/7
  12. Glasshollow market and harbors and sunrise bay market must be marked with white mark all got 6+ merchants
  13. oh yes something like this