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  1. hammer 99coc butcher knife 94coc hatchet 91coc COD to Blackburn please
  2. N74,LT88,C62 80.71ql for 5.2s COD to Blackburn please
  3. Rat Pelt 100 c90 3s Whetstone 97 c86 1s50c Please COD to Blackburn Thanks
  4. Cheapest I have ever seen them... 3c each, so 6s for 200! I will be ordering some myself edit: btw check the shipping price. Im on Indy and with shipping its still cheaper than I can get them here. Saw your post first so when I came across this price I thought I would share. Hope it helps
  5. based on the 10i/action common rate that usually applies to products (i.e. 1s/1k ore) Support beams should run around the 3c 20i each. I have bought several hundred (100 at a time from different people) at 4s/100 and thought that was the going rate since I had never seen them for more or less. But thats just been my experience... Being that you can make 3 of the 4 shafts needed from one of the logs and still attach it (2nd log only needs to be 18kg) you could cut down how many logs you need to harvest by making a pile of 18kg logs while your making shafts... might help lower the workload. Also, shipping is easy considering you can fit them in crates... not sure if you knew that and were shipping them 100 at a time which would make you charge so much more.
  6. A RL day is 8 Wurm days... my meals (45ql) generally around 4 RL days. That would be 32 Wurm days? Its already quite unrealistic. I think most people use junk rares to get a refresh every few days and, in between, let themselves fast until around or below 50% nutrition. I find its best, for me anyway, make meals in small batches (80 at most) and of very low weight (1 filet + 1 corn/potato). I do that because I have found that decay of meals is entirely unpredictable. In my experience, two meals made with the same ql filet and veg in the same pan, in the same forge, with or without salt, in the many types of storage possibilities, decay at very different rates. Since they decay at different rates regardless of what I try, I make many smaller meals since some will reach 80dmg in a few hours and others last days, since they are very small meals it is easier to grab those that are showing decay and eat them up first.
  7. have you tried cutting the grass to lawn? trees cant even be planted then... you can cut the lawn before cutting the tree or after. gives you a few options of working it out without trees growing back.
  8. in the last 6 months I have been DC'd or unable to connect (other than during maintenance shutdown and the challege server startup) like 2 or 3 times, which until today totaled like 30 minutes... and I am playing several hours everyday. I have been quite pleased with Wurm's uptime.
  9. not being a naysayer... but personally, I would have no interest in it. Im not really sure how it would even work. I agree with Sanfrid. And I also never understood minecraft
  10. +1 I think its been brought up several times, and seems like it would be a fairly simple addition since the game mechanics already have everything in use (its kinda like a backpack that you put on your horse and call a "saddle bag") Would be an awesome addition IMO
  11. you must be fairly new so fyi... 1) The main benefit for said skill I had in mind would be up to 10% action timer reduction at 99 skill. 9% at 90. 8% at 80 and so on. By the time you reach 99 skill in anything, timers are pretty ridiculously fast. Higher QL tools along with enchants will also increase this at lower skill levels 2) Could be used as a premium skill level requirement for certain tasks or item uses/creation such as 20.5 skill required to use a loom and spinning wheel. Something like this would be a nightmare making the F2P option even more worthless and many F2P slave alts uselss for most low skill busy work 3) Could give increased chance to dodge while in weaponless and unarmored combat. There are already many variables in-game that effect this such as body control, fighting skill, fighting type and even ennvironmental variables like having the high ground 4) Could introduce a sprinting ability at a specific skill (like 30) which uses stamina when holding 10% or less of max carry weight. I am not sure about the exact percentage of weight in inventory, but when carry very little weight the char already runs much faster than realistically possible and as your body strength rises you can carry more and continue to maintian 15km/h or whatever top speed is.... edit: also, I have been told that WOA on footwear will also make you run faster. I have never tried it myself bc I dont travel much more than 5-10 without being on horseback. Hope this help your understanding of the game mechanics