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  1. big gratz m8 - Armadillo ?
  2. [05:25:47] You can breed them again in -128 hours. when inspect animal it says "it is ready", but when examine value is negative, probably missing function: if x <= 0 then 0
  3. here with 90 AH: color of that hell horse is molten, maybe it makes 10 points ?
  4. 9) even something for people who are addicted to priesthood : when praying you getting salt, flint, gem, mushroom, when sacrificing you get a potion, and now can be: "your deity rewarded you by fragment of map"
  5. i have (i hope it is new) idea: change uniques to not spawn in random places on map, make it by finding map fragments: 1) from archaeology (obvious) 2) from digging (similar to archaeology) 3) from mining 4) from woodcuting or/and forestry (you spotted hole in a tree, and there is something) 5) generally time to time in random places on map, like valrei mission items 6) maybe something from tracking? 7) even can be farming (when tending field you wandering why there is piece of paper in the soil 8 ) .... other ideas what i not have in mind in 5 minutes of writing that post when collect for example 200 map fragments, you can assemble them together and like it already works at archaelogy, you can get direction to place where is burried huge egg (random unique can be bring to life from it) when you get that egg, you decide where you hatch it, decide public or private, and my favourite thing i written below other thing is bring back usability of large saddles as in that mechanics, uniques don't need to be limited to 1 of each type per map, people can be able to mount them, and my suggestion is: once mounted will not give any loot if slayed in future
  6. bump in opposite direction than o a screenshot it wors, floorboards can be replaced on road by stone slab. so definetely missing option to replace with floor boards
  7. some time ago Platyna used her rare bone on FSB.... beat that xD
  8. is some people not see the point of something, not means it has no point for everybody. if you not want to do that, just don't do, and not cry
  9. what about rack for empty FSB? or make possible to fit fbs in rack for empty bsb (for example not bsb ans fsb the same time)
  10. in old mechanics(2014 and before) isn't it worked as getting hide/scale from butchering?
  11. do not make uniques like rifts - rifts need to be repaired, as point system on rift is a completely fail, because it reward just for targeting mobs not need to do any damage... it should be based on damage done for mobs. when me and couple frinds started that game many years ago we was killing 1 wolf by 5 people - that was for new players, so if new player cry loudly because he see when others killing a dragon, and he not get anything from it, it is silly. small group will an;t kill a unique if they use crappy weapon and other gear, have gear good enough takes lot of effort. hunting for a unique usually takes a lot of time, sometimes was riding around map for 16 hours and find nothing, by many people in many days, and finally find that one unique mob - and after that some people want to share it with everybody, even if they not moved body from deed? i think curent system works fine, it allow groups of friends to do some kind of hunting together, and if the group want they make public event (which i not especially like because of global lag when hundrets of people travel at same time). everybody can join a hunting group but starting relationship with "take me to unique killing group" will not work i think everybody have couple friends who might be interested in forming another group and join that fair and nice competition currently there are couple active hunting groups, and we not see others as enemys, we are friends who just compete and for those who not understand mechanics of scale/hide distribution: if someone think dragons just give to everybody 0.02 not matter how many people will be at slaying is completely wrong drake gives from 0.50 up to 6.00 kilograms of drake hide split in equal pieces between all people in local dragon gives from 2.00 up to 10.00 kilograms of scale many times heard from people "why do you make them private? isn't better to make it public to deliver to game 200x 0.02 instead of 15x 0.02?" <--- calculate again
  12. try to change name when knarr isn't "opened", and if still not see use "push / pull " option, for me that methods helps edit: same was happening when renaming bsb or crate rack, and many other things that can be "opened"
  13. one more material wasting bug: in cave can use keeybinded "pave" option to lay paving on cavefloor, action goees, and in the end cavefloor is not paved, and paving material is gone. it should give warning message "it is impossible to pave now"
  14. also can't "tar" floorboards in cave or bridges and can't bind "reinforce" to lay supportbeams also can;t bin "tar" option on floorboards
  15. when mining in cave and file is full, it should start "mining to inventory", as it happen at digging. in some cases that will prevent sad situations like that one: [02:39:44] You have a moment of inspiration... [02:39:44] There is no space to mine here. Clear the area first.
  16. if backpack/knapsack/satchel is equipped, and opened from quickbar, text on DMG column is not yellow when item is damaged like in all other windows, but it is white,
  17. <joke> are you dying or getting married? (both seems the same xD) </joke> thanks for good job