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  1. my priest still need benediction too name: Wiha faith: Libila channeling 88
  2. i was sad becauce we not have old trolls view, it was more nice but now i'm very sad and dissapointed because of forcing me to look on animations
  3. that "+10% QL gain when improving" will count for scale armor af "metallic" because of platesmithing? or as "leather" because of material?
  4. something like forge with attached bsb, and need to cast courier/dark messenger on it - will automatilally takes logs/peat/other fuel from that bsb and fueling forge until it will be snuffed of container become empty. other version: when rightclick on forge/oven: new option - "fuel cargo open" and will be available there space for items to be used as fuel
  5. i hope "random affinity" reward will not give affinity in skill that we already have at 100.0 - that would be nonsense
  6. i'm posting talk from CAhelp to not write everything again: [20:11:26] <Kgorski> is this ok when my hell horses fight each other with no reason and onne of them is dead now ? [20:11:38] <Absy> (Ind) was one tamed? [20:11:47] <Kgorski> both wasn't tamed [20:11:59] <Shydow> Were they tame near one another at any time? [20:12:13] <Kgorski> was tamed, but some time ago, meanwhile i was have tamed some other animals [20:12:39] <Shydow> How long is "Some time ago"? Hours, days, months? [20:12:53] <Kgorski> ~10-20 minutes [20:13:22] <Shydow> It is possible, if they were near one another while one was tamed, that the other targetted it, and even after becoming untame, it would still be targetted if it was not brought out of range [20:13:58] <Kgorski> and sometimes they attacking even thru the wall [20:14:14] <Shydow> They were in different pens when they fought? [20:14:29] <Kgorski> when fought in same pen [20:14:49] <Shydow> They can target through walls or gates, so that still leaves that possiblity [20:15:13] <Kgorski> so best to tame them more tan 10 tiles apart [20:16:03] <Shydow> Or leading it a distance away before untaming it [20:17:44] <Kgorski> ok, i have one more question, is there a possibility to reneme h.horses like normal horses ? [20:18:02] <Shydow> Yes, if you are the mayor, when an animal is branded, you can give it a nickname [20:18:22] <Shydow> Only the mayor can do that though, nobody else [20:18:33] <Kgorski> need to be exactly mayor, or full permission on deed will be enough ? [20:18:37] <Kgorski> ah, ok [20:19:28] <Kgorski> tanks [20:23:29] <Kgorski> btw, when hell horses are attached to wagon, and any player come close to them, they automatically attacking him, and he can hit them too, [20:23:56] <Kgorski> so that looks like some kind of bug, because anybody can kill h.horses at my wagon [20:23:56] <Neopherus> (Ind) they are naturally agressive, so that's normal [20:23:57] <Shydow> I was pretty sure you could not attack back [20:24:17] <Bezdech> sometimes u can [20:24:18] <Jennasoi> I think you attack back but cannot hit [20:24:36] <Ekcin> yes they are biting and snapping at everyone (even the Rift Warmaster) [20:24:50] <Shydow> Yup, they will do that [20:25:12] <Kgorski> they get hit more foten then not, and they die very fast (usually 2 hits) [20:25:50] <Shydow> You could post a bug report on the forums, as far as I am aware, it was not intended that players could attack / hit a hitched creature [20:26:28] <Kgorski> before it was possible only on pvp, but past couple motnhs it works like that on freedom [20:31:07] <Kgorski> before, when people was unable to hit hitched HH, only HH was attacking and hurt people, and that led to another situation not 100% legal [20:31:42] <Kgorski> when ride a HH cart/wagon and park it next to person who was afk, that person was killed after some time [20:33:12] <Kgorski> so that was possibility to kill someone on pve server [20:33:30] <Kgorski> even on his deed [20:33:37] <Jennasoi> so now instead of the driver being able to grief anyone can walk around killing off hitched HHs.. seems like they shoudl have made being hitched curb their aggro instead [20:34:16] <Shydow> You can certainly try suggesting that on the forums, but there isn't really much else we can do here in CA Help. [20:35:16] <Kgorski> ok, i will post on forum in a bug section, is there any objection if i copy and post our talk here to not write anything again ? [20:35:46] <Shydow> Thats fine
  7. maybe new scavenging skill? for example you can get a brick when bashing tall stone wall, ? when skill grows up you get higher chance to recover more materials fom bashed thing.
  8. you can count me as another improver at blacksmith(99), carpentry(99), fine carpentry(99), plate(92), weapon(80), masonry(95)
  9. for example: rare: to common for that great bonus supreme: possibility to attach 2 runes fantastic: possibility to attach 3 runes
  10. when trying, got message: [01:40:07] You can only target jewelry. isn't glimmer medalion a type of necklace?
  11. do you want rare part? (i can't find any specified info )
  12. [01:10:56] You create a temple in front of you on the ground. [01:10:56] The Lamentation Walls is complete! It has become an Epic focus point! built at tip of red arrow