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  1. that situation still exist. maybe it is intended ?
  2. sometimes when standing where only rock arround can use shovel and dig, (why try to use pickaxe and mine you get message "surrounding area needs to be rock..), noticed only on chaos and independence, (the only 2 where can find cliff tiles?), and many times can dig with shovel on tile border that separates dirt from rock, which normally shouldn;'tn be possible edit: and of course when dig, getting dirt to inventory
  3. why not to make everything harder? but for serious: many people like if something is easy to do, but many too like when something is hard. making everything easy for sure will make many of them bored. in other word: if you not like difficulty of each skill, you can do other skills, not need to make every skill
  4. i have turned off visibility of non-english help, and after every update/restart of server makes it turned on again.
  5. if paste name and write anything after it and remove that addional anything by backspace. then "apply changes" works.
  6. if left stylish shoulder pad 75ql still available, i offer 1,5s if accept, please CoD to Kgorski
  7. shield was just dispelled, and it still says there is enchant, but examine in event tab shows it has no enchants
  8. found reason and solution it is not about use old/new UI... in "advanced graphics when use "low" option diacritics are invisible, other options works well
  9. i don;t see polish diacritics but only in wurm when using old UI, to the logs files they are written ok i'm almost sure it become bugged when i first time used new UI, and then back to old UI. from that moment they stop displaying in old UI. other people see tyhem on chat when i wirte, only invisible for me. it can't be related to my keyboard if other see, and in any other aplication and wurm with new UI are visible.
  10. if rare rope still available, i can offer 20c (if accept, CoD to Kgorski)
  11. shatter protection from metallic liquid still looks like "null 80"