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  1. it is even worst, food affinities not give you skillgain bonus even if thier icons are visible after server travel or relog
  2. good idea it can be possible to sleep using rolled bedroll
  3. i think it is just tile with salt (old one, or just collapsed after mined ou a rockslat vein) happened to me many times, always possible to open from inside, and never from outside. the same probably will happen to wall with flint. try to analyse shard mined from nearby tile and analyse it, you will brobably get message like that: [07:35:29] You spot a trace of salt (northwest). seems tile with salt or flint is recognized as a vein, so definitely a bug (or is it a feature? xD)
  4. this is about crafted bedroll, but christmas gift bedroll gives 100%
  5. the same if lava spread to another tile, it not damages items on that tile until server restart or until somebody touch that items
  6. something like that is on independence, but it is rock tile (possible to be made by ignite and snuff lava). if someone will drop dirt on it it will become the same dirt spike.
  7. it sorts correct, by "alphabetical order" to have sorted it by value try using "001" and "013" ...
  8. can't be too much pepper, even if it is pepper with chicken
  9. there is also second simillar issue, with "non-english help" chat, when i turn it off in profile settings, i will not turn off again until i log in on other computer, after loging on other computer it always come back to on. (i think it is similiar as that option is also stored by server, not by client)
  10. this was happening to me on any server. everything was as set to none titles, and when i crossed from xanadu to celebration, again my titles came back to [00:02:02] You are currently using the titles [I am so Vein] [Hand of Libila]. (those are just titles what i was using before changed them to none) (that server crossing was today, after yesterdays post)
  11. some time ago friend has problem, he was unable to turn off titles, (after relog they come back). some time ago the same happen to me, so i started search for solution. first: problem can't be on my computer, as info about what titles are on/off is hold by server, checked on couple toons, and i realised it happens only when i set 2 titles from any to none, the was always set on after relog. so i first turned off 1 title, and leaved only one on and relogged, and then turned off last one. this time it works. this is temporary solution, but not comfortable as it should be
  12. it was first days of october 2020, my priest Wiha has about 95 shattering skill, and i've got suicidal idea, to grind it to 100 and now, after about 10 months it finally happen [23:27:35] Channeling increased by 0,000008 to 100,000000 huge thanks for everybody who helped me in that travel (too many people to write evrybody individually) a piece of curiosities: it takes from ~95 to 100: 335 sleep powders, used sleep bonus from Rite of Death 20 times, participation in 93 missions, and sleeping in bed everyday so in total about 650 hours of sleep bonus only last tick takes 44 hours and 15 minutes of enchanting I understand that I can now choose a title for that skill, so i would like to choose Volkhv (if want to know from where it comes: )