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  1. A colourful day

    what i should do if i am potential color blind person ?
  2. do you mean to list on picture? on that shelves in my house i have all wagons renamed with dates of when kingdom was existing (copied from chaos kingdom history), and the same info i added to or the version with desciption, if like it better :) other disbanded kingdoms not added graphics, and two new kingdoms not added yet if my info is up to date
  3. for there are no overview for different kingdom wagons here is a screenshot of full collection sorted chronological by time of founding kingdom: ps: sorry for posting in pretty old topic, found new later
  4. Rite of Death

    if you missing people to get 300 favor, pm me in game (same name as here), i can come with my priest
  5. [01:52:50] <Kgorski> do someone else notice hitched hellhorses with "[01:42:53] It is a tough bugger." are much more aggresive to user than without that trait ? [01:53:44] <Kgorski> i mean when embarking/disembarking or just paasing not far from cart/wagon with those animals [01:54:31] <Shydow> No, I haven't noticed that. I have noticed it with "Unusually aggressive" trait though [01:55:44] <Kgorski> " It seems overly aggressive" can be removed by genesis, but "It is a tough bugger" not i have all of them cleaned from negative traits [01:57:42] <Kgorski> have only couple hell horses that are aggresive to me almost every time when i get close to them, and only "bugger" repeats at all of those aggressors [01:58:33] <Shydow> That does seem like quite the coincidence. Maybe post it on the forums to see if its intended? and let's next part of the talk happen here
  6. i want to give you easy tool for vehicle speed calculations, planning to release it later as a website, currently only as a datasheet.
  7. that situation still exist. maybe it is intended ?
  8. sometimes when standing where only rock arround can use shovel and dig, (why try to use pickaxe and mine you get message "surrounding area needs to be rock..), noticed only on chaos and independence, (the only 2 where can find cliff tiles?), and many times can dig with shovel on tile border that separates dirt from rock, which normally shouldn;'tn be possible edit: and of course when dig, getting dirt to inventory
  9. why not to make everything harder? but for serious: many people like if something is easy to do, but many too like when something is hard. making everything easy for sure will make many of them bored. in other word: if you not like difficulty of each skill, you can do other skills, not need to make every skill
  10. i have turned off visibility of non-english help, and after every update/restart of server makes it turned on again.
  11. if paste name and write anything after it and remove that addional anything by backspace. then "apply changes" works.