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  1. if there will be buttons for "sacrifice" and "get price" will be very helpfull, especially when using "no_world_render", as current version force us to play with comfortable binds only with rendered world, so we need to use more elctricity to feed graphic card, or by right click menu, so 1 unnecessary click every time , and our mouse will die fasteer xD
  2. when crossing server/relog/use portal to epic it sometimes gone completely, but if not gone completely and still vilible in status effects, it not works until you not bite one more time
  3. ~40°C on CPU and ~60°C on GPU here with usualy 2-3 clients, maybe i just oversized radiators xD and don;t worry, soon will be winter, and cooling will work better
  4. Kgorski, same in game and forums
  5. all enchants seems to be sorted by id, but there is something more bugged with enchant order: BotD and Essence drain have different order, if casted in opposite order
  6. 90 AH here, 40+ hellhorse offspring every week, and not get even single draft on them
  7. big gratz m8 - Armadillo ?