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  1. when standing on tile with too many items on it and trying to make anchor i get message: [01:30:07] There is no room in front of you to create the lump.
  2. Albia Roads Map Of Indy

    [05:36:40] You create a pylon in front of you on the ground. [05:36:40] The Hopes Victorial is complete! It has become an Epic focus point! and guard tower is here too
  3. and how section "winding road" counts legendary creatures? says i was on 13 kills.... and of course i have many in achievement window..
  4. Fertilizers

    something new is always good
  5. when trading rare or supreme item which was activated before trade, it is not light blue, but white when place in trade window. another person with who we trade see it light blue. works same on other toons, not only on my.
  6. Horses mysteriously dying

    and looks like "care fore" turning off when player log off.
  7. it means "when slope is currently 40, you can add"
  8. it will be nice, if all demigod priests will use statueetes of their template gods, instead of magranon stattuette for everyone. most nice will be new modles for statuettes for demigods, but it is not necessary another thing is: demigod followers can build only standard colossus, and can't build special colossus of any god, why they can't build thier templates ?
  9. abnormal high slopes

    there is another case when slope can become higher than normally possible: when opening cave entrance from inside of cave, and don't know how it looks outside, can produce too high accidently...
  10. what do you think about different statuettes for demigods priests for black and white light? currently all using Magranons statuette... why blacklighters not use Libilas statueete?
  11. title for 100 prospecting

    [21:54:16] You have just received the title 'I am so Vein'! i think topic can be probably closed
  12. [06:58:48] There is no room in front of you to create the rock shards. it causes when trying to create fountain or other stone item, that normally drop from inventory when created using crafting window, and there is no free speca on tile in front of me.
  13. abnormal high slopes

    i think we only need "slope height check" in code, when opening a cave.
  14. title for 100 prospecting

    i still have 74 titles, so nothing new
  15. abnormal high slopes

    easier will be to copy and paste talk from CA Help chat, then writing everything from beginning: (talk on other topics i replaced by "...") [00:10:17] <Sizar> when opening a cave, sometimes it is possible to make higher rock slope than normally can be done (more than 300 on freedom, and more than 100 on chaos) is it legal ? [00:11:23] <Ostentatio> (Xan) I'm not 100% sure that's possible [00:11:43] <Ostentatio> (Xan) if it is, there's nothing against it in the rules though [00:12:10] <Ostentatio> (Xan) from the wiki: "The maximum height of a tunnel entrance is 270 slope. " [00:12:44] <Sizar> cave entrance slope yes, 270, but above cave can be done more that that, even 5000 [00:13:25] <Ostentatio> (Xan) how would that be accomplished? [00:13:52] <Tomatoes> (Pri) level tile above entrance... ... [00:14:19] <Ostentatio> (Xan) leveling checks slopes though ... [00:14:43] <Tomatoes> (Pri) level borders? leveling them doesnt check ... [00:15:02] <Ostentatio> (Xan) if leveling borders doesn't check skill, that sounds like a pretty significant bug [00:15:24] <Tomatoes> (Pri) no not skill , doesnt check if your standing on flat ground. [00:16:01] <Ostentatio> (Xan) if there's any way to create a slope beyond 300 with level/flatten, that would be a bug [00:16:08] <Sizar> cave entrance has auto-leveling lower and higher tile border of cave, [00:16:25] <Tomatoes> (Pri) oh so if one is off.... [00:16:48] <Ostentatio> (Xan) oh, does the upper corner lower itself now as well? [00:16:53] <Sizar> it is only known for me method to do that, normally on freedom max slope is mining skill *3, and on chaos *1 [00:17:21] <Ostentatio> (Xan) they never used to do this [00:17:26] <Tomatoes> (Pri) yep [00:18:35] <Sizar> so if it is a bug it should not be used, but what about slopes that was made before, for example accidently ? now they can't be modified [00:19:10] <Ostentatio> (Xan) yeah I was unaware that the upper border levels itself now as well [00:19:12] <Oblivionnreaver> can pout concrete at base [00:19:17] <Oblivionnreaver> then mine top [00:19:22] <Ostentatio> (Xan) ^ [00:20:11] <Sizar> concrete can be poured on slopes up to 41 on freedom, and up to 26 on chaos, so there are many situations, where can't use it [00:24:43] <Ostentatio> (Xan) yeah, it's not an ideal situation for sure if that happens [00:25:33] <Amath> Sizar, I suggest to report on forums and perhaps ask your question there as well. Even if it doesn't get immediate answer, it would be considered ... [00:29:38] <Sizar> my main is Kgorski, but i can't write on CA help from chaos :P, but thatnks for advice, i will post that "probably bug" on forums [00:30:15] <Amath> thank you Sizar [00:30:47] <Amath> Kgorski undercover ...