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  1. found reason and solution it is not about use old/new UI... in "advanced graphics when use "low" option diacritics are invisible, other options works well
  2. i don;t see polish diacritics but only in wurm when using old UI, to the logs files they are written ok i'm almost sure it become bugged when i first time used new UI, and then back to old UI. from that moment they stop displaying in old UI. other people see tyhem on chat when i wirte, only invisible for me. it can't be related to my keyboard if other see, and in any other aplication and wurm with new UI are visible.
  3. Auction 3: 2 x Ebonaura Flag bid: 4s
  4. if rare rope still available, i can offer 20c (if accept, CoD to Kgorski)
  5. shatter protection from metallic liquid still looks like "null 80"
  6. as the topic says, since there are no more player made gods, that event tab message is outdated
  7. there are still nor electrum runes from vynora, magranon, libila and jackal 1. rune that do genesis enchant 2. rune for courier/dark messenger enchant (power of cast depends on your channling, same as casted with priest) 3. currently no idea from me 4. the same
  8. sea serpent is easy to kill with 2 people, and also possible solo. unfortunately it not give any rare loot
  9. or back to old way - hide / scale comes from butchering (and make possible to cut it in smaller pieces to share it
  10. permission "manage map" in roles gives only ability to put marks on ingame map to be visible for village/alliance. that option should allow to see "show village plan" at settlement options, currently it is visible only for mayor
  11. if will be possible to drag and drop item to trade chat, and it will show when move mouse on that item.
  12. it is probably like horned helet, it was unimpable too